Run with me like run on sentences that never stop for breaths as heavy as metal on my chest about to explode from my spilling blood pumping so fast and furious pulling my hair choking my throat dry from all the heaving so loud noises in my head spinning down the sink into the ocean waves climbing high up the mountains so far into space ship falling down to my death calls in 3. 2. 1.

Inktober, Day 15

“In order of winning the war,cherry blossoms must be sent to the depths of fire.”
…..while the fierce hero has to live in Hell, once again, all alone.

My most favorite Samurai Love Ballad character,
Oda Nobunaga

Let’s say the blossoms are all the close people he had to kill and sacrifice.
So sad T_T

How to maintain a good mental health during school


I think that every student experience stress during the school year. Maybe some students experince more stress than other students. Usually when you have a lot of stress, your mental  health has kind of a flu. So here are some tips to prevent a mental health flu.

Break Day:  

Once a week have one day you don’t sudy. Maybe you think now “I’m not going to pass this exam when I don’t study!!” But really just do it, do something with your friends, do something with your family or just sleep if you are really tired. Just do whatever you want, except studying.

Find a new hobby:

Find a new hobby, which you can do on your breakday or whenever you want.

There are so many hobbies out there, you can play a sport, do horseback riding , sewing , drawing and much more. 

Stop schoolwork at:

When you come out of school and you have homework, it’s obvious that you need to do that homework. And after that you study. Set yourself an alarm, for when you stop working. It’s just like with a job, you have a time you work and when that is over you stop and go home. Just be like an working adult there. And after that just have some me-time.

I hope you have enjoyed this little post. Have a great day :)