Familiar - Day 15
#Inktober still happening! More to come. Btw, does anyone have any suggestions for inktober drawings? DM me things that scare you

💥🎉ANNOUNCEMENT🎊💥 My @etsy shop will be opening this week!! Finally…. I’ll be listing some old prints and also some new stuff. So excited!! Keep a look out in my posts to find out the time I’ll be launching!

A few things I know to be true.

1. It’s always the boys you don’t like who fall in love with you.

2. The day you wear a white shirt is the day you will spill the coffee. 

3. You will get a window seat in an empty row on the 1-hour connection, but a middle seat between twin body-builders on the 6-hour flight. 

4. If you can’t remember if you need toilet paper, just buy it.

5. The dream job offer, clear across the country, comes as soon as you start to settle into your current life.

6. People will snack on the food if you make it. 

7. No mascara is waterproof enough for your best friend’s father’s funeral.

8. When someone is treating you poorly, it usually has more to do with them than with you. 

9. If you can’t remember if you need wine, just buy it. 

10. Being human is messy and imperfect, but good. So good.