Imagines #101-144

101-Imagine how much telling thorin that you trust him would effect him

102-Imagine dwalin and Balin both getting drunk and telling you embarrassing stories about Thorin, Fili, and Kili when they were younger and the three Durins attempt to stop the drunken story session every way they can think of

103-Imagine ending up with the role of “group mom” in the company

104-Imagine Thorin playing with your hair and finding a strand of gray hair

105-Imagine during Botfa you fall into one of those comas that you appear dead in, while trying to save the line of Durin, and you wake up after three days of being entombed

106-Imagine Thorin or Dwalin awkwardly attempting to explain their kinks to you

107-Imagine learning that Thorin’s number one sexual fantasy is to fuck you on his blacksmithing anvil

108-Imagine Fili and Kili thinking it’d been hilarious to sneak up on you

109-Imagine a Modern!AU where you meet thorin at the grocery store where he’s yelling at the self check out machine

110-Imagine that during his dragon sickness, Thorin piles so much jewelry on you that you have a hard time breathing

111-Imagine being the reason why thorin smiles like an idiot to himself when he thinks no one is paying attention to him

112-Imagine having a husky named thorin and he comes on the quest with you

113-Imagine having the stomach bug and your husband thinking you’re pregnant and secretly preparing a nursery for you.

114-Imagine that when you’re being  obstinate with someone outside of the company they ask Thorin to, “Control his wife”

115-Imagine the company learning that you’re not afraid to verbally challenge them

116-Imagine finding a slang word that exists in our culture and dwarvish culture except they have different meanings

117-Imagine learning that to finalize a dwarvish courtship the couple bathes each other, but only after you and thorin bathe together

118-Imagine calling Thorin out when he’s intentionally being a hardass

119-Imagine your husband tightening the lids on all the jars in the house so you have to ask him for help opening them, and so he gets a kiss for opening it

120-Imagine that from the moment you tell Thorin you’re pregnant he starts working on his dad jokes

121-Imagine Thorin measuring and recording the growth of your baby bump

122-Imagine Fili and Kili low key giving Thorin father’s day presents.

123-Imagine that when you fall into middle earth you are in cosplay

124-Imagine the Dwarves all come down with an exclusively Dwarvish strain of the flu, leaving you and Bilbo to take care of them, and they’re all so dramatic about it

125-Imagine that when you fall into middle earth you’re wearing lots of body glitter and Thorin thinks that’s just how your skin is

126-Imagine Thorin insisting that you take an herbal painkiller for cramped muscles, but instead of it working like a painkiller it works like an aphrodisiac for humans

127-Imagine the company more or less harassing thorin to ask to court you

128-Imagine learning that in dwarvish culture that commenting on the size of Dwarf’s hands is on par with saying something about his dick

129-Imagine being the only person ever that is able to tickle Dwalin

130-Imagine Thorin accidentally calling you his wife

131-Imagine being able to save fili and kili, but not Thorin and the company not knowing how in love with Thorin you are until they find you at the bottom of his tomb, holding his hand, and dead from a broken heart

132-Imagine discovering that it was not Ori, who drew Bilbo’s portrait, but that it was Thorin

133-Imagine Thorin trying to stealthily give you a first kiss but his nose gets in the way

134-Imagine playing D&D with the company

135-Imagine Thorin being very nervous about introducing you to his sister, but he ends up ruining it, by misbehaving with you, in front of her on accident

136-Imagine Dis taking an instant liking to you

137-Imagine Dori taking it upon himself to attempt to teach you to be a proper court lady

138-Imagine finding a dwarfling on the quest, who instantly takes a shine to you, and it makes your favorite dwarf realize what a good mother you’ll be one day

139-Imagine being Thorin’s wife during his days as a blacksmith and you sneak box lunchs into his back pack everyday, because you feel he’s not eating enough.

140-Imagine a modern AU where Thorin is a soldier and fireworks trigger his PTSD but he still tries to take you out to see a fireworks display

141-Imagine Thorin getting frustrated with you for walking around so quietly and sneaking up on him (on accident of course)

142-Imagine Thorin trying and failing to write poetry about how much he loves you

143-Imagine Thorin making you jewelry and stuff from video games, tv shows, and movies

144-Imagine being one of those people that can talk for hours without divulging any information about themselves, and it takes the company ten months to figure out that they know literally nothing about you


The company Jealousy headcannons

The great loophole debacle of 2940

Day 139 - Something you can't wait for?

There’s so many things but probably the thing I’m most looking forward to is November 8th because that means all of my exams are over and high school is over and I can finally just relax because from now until my last exam on November 7th my life will pretty much consist of only school, study and work.