100daysofsurvivorvictim: Day 12

The pink Easter Bunny is here~!
From the Gmod Deathrun Easter map with Ohmwrecker’s bunny in pink :D

I wanted my own pretty version of Ohm!bunny in pure bishônen style u v u✿
And I was heavily influenced by Black Butler after watching Book of Circus as you can see *A*

He doesn’t get it all.

One of the most annoying parts of any break-up is all the stupid little everyday things that remind you of him afterwards. Inevitably, the longer you date, the more of these things there are.

It can be haunting at first. Turning on the radio in the car is no longer safe, because who knows what traumatizing song the DJs might play. You see his favorite kind of pre-packaged cookie at the grocery store. Someone else orders iced tea at the restaurant, and of course, that makes you think of him. He didn’t even like wine, (really, that should’ve been a clue things weren’t going to work out) but somehow, despite that, the wine section of the liquor store manages to remind you of him. And then it reminds you of that other boy you spent years splitting bottle of Italian reds with, and the thought spiral continues.

The list can go on and on and on. That great breakfast sandwich places you always went to together on Sundays, maybe the entire city where you reunited for a weekend once, maybe the neighborhood he said you two should settle down in, or the park where he told you that he loved you for the first time. Any roads you once drove down together, any of the places you went together, the places you were going to go together… They’re all fair game when it’s haunting season. 

But see, I knew it was time to call a closing on this haunting season when I was weirdly losing it at Chipotle the other night. I went to Chipotle for the first time in high school. It has nothing to do with him. Okay, maybe I went there with him a few times, but c’mon girl. Pull it together.

He can’t have this one. Somehow, that crossed the line. I’ve had at least three very serious boyfriends since the first time I went to a Chipotle. And I’m not going to even try to count how many other people I’ve casually dated and possibly gone to Chipotle with in the past decade. Not that it’s any of your business anyway, but I’m no floozy, and I’d still guess I’ve been to Chipotle with more than 10 boys I’ve been varying levels of romantically interested in.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The real point is, he doesn’t get Chipotle. I’m just not going to let him have it. And I went to that breakfast sandwich place long before I knew him, so I’m claiming that one as my own too. And you know what, that other boy might have been part of the reason I learned to like coffee, but I think I’ve proudly taken over that habit as my own now. I’m claiming that one as mine too. He does’t get it all. None of them do.

That breakfast sandwich place? I went there this morning. The sandwiches are still awesome. Best in the city, if you ask me.

MFM Day 12: My Heart Is Yours

AHEM! This is one of those one shots that you look at and just thing “Damn, this author put in effort! Props to them!” (at least in my opinion LOL)
Rated: G/T
Words: 803.
I hope you’re proud of me @miraculousfluffmonth o.e

[Line Break]

Ladybug’s hair gracefully blew in the wind as she sat on top of a roof top, adoring her view of Paris, she always loved how the lights shimmered, how beautiful the Eiffel tower looked, it was her getaway place.

But of course, cats are curious, and they like to snoop around.

[Line Break]

“My lady?” Chat crosses his arms and has a surprised look on his face, Ladybug’s smile fades and she turns her head around.

“What do you want?” Ladybug groans and rolls her eyes.

“You, of course.” Chat smirks and gives Ladybug a wink, her cheeks turn light pink but she looks away and the blush fades.

“I’m not on the list of things you can want, or get for that matter.” Ladybug gets up and turns around, arms crossed.

What are you doing? You’re in love with him, his stupid puns, his beautiful green eyes, everything! Say it!

Ladybug’s face then matches the color of her suit as her shoulders stiffen.

Chat tilts his head and confusion and walks over to Ladybug, he puts his hands on her shoulders, making them stiffer.

“Is something on your mind?” Chat raises an eyebrow as Ladybug puts on a fake smile.

“Not at all, my mind is clear as day.” Ladybug gives a closed eye smile, clearly forced.

“Well, first of all, its night time, not really clear weather. Second of all, I know when you’re lying. What’s wrong, bugaboo?” Ladybug sighs and Chat releases her from his grip, she then sits on the edge of the building, Chat does too.

“This girl, I don’t want to say her name. But she accidentally dropped my favorite thing in the sink of the public bathroom, while the faucet was one, I might add.” Ladybug rolls her eyes and Chat’s face turns to anger and frustration.

“I’m sure I can get you a new one, my lady.” Chat swings his arms in the air, and Ladybug giggles.

“We cant, kitty. It was a book full of drawings, I can’t remake some of them either.” Ladybug’s smile fades and she sighs once more.

Chat forms a pout face with his mouth and crosses his arms, Ladybug laughs and hides her smile.

“But enough about me, what’s on your mind?” Ladybug smiles and looks at her view of the Eiffel tower, all of Paris for that matter, she always loved being a superhero, she’d get the chance for views like this.

“Well, yesterday I shared some delicious chocolate chip cookies with this amazing girl named Marinette.” Chat’s mouth waters at the simple thought of the cookies.

“Ew!” Ladybug giggles and then lets Chat continue talking.

“Yeah but honestly, she is amazing, talented and beautiful.” Chat says, blushing. He then realizes he’s been rambling to Ladybug this entire time and regrets his words.

“I mean, uh! Not as amazing as you, my lady.” Chat does a finger gun and winks, Ladybug lets out a short laugh and Chat rubs the back of his neck, blushing.

Ladybug grabs Chat’s hand and stands up, pulling him up with her.

“My lady?” Chats voice cracks and Ladybug kisses him, so passionately, their lips lock  quickly, and his eyes don’t close, he’s trying so hard to resist, but the taste of the lipstick, the way her mouth goes against his, he cant help but give up and give in.

Ladybug soon realizes she’s not her normal self and quickly stops the kiss, she puts the side of her hand to her bottom lip and blushes.

“Sorry, kitty.” Ladybug awkwardly looks back and fourth, between the Eiffel tower and her lover.

Chat puts his finger on his lips and blushes, his cheeks matching the color of Ladybug’s suit.

Chat grabs Ladybug’s waist and the duos noses touch, she smirks and moves her head back, to put her finger on his nose, he blushes once more.

“Chat, I’ll make one thing clear in this…moment.” Ladybug smirks and Chat’s face turns to confusion.

“My heart? Is yours.” Chats eyes go wide and he forms a small “o” shape with his mouth.

“Does that mean I’ve won the heart of my beautiful lady? After all this time?” Chat’s eyes light up as Ladybug nods, pink across her entire face.

“I knew you’d give in eventually.” Chat smirks and Ladybug giggles, she gently punches his shoulder and he moves his hands from her waist to the back of her head, his fingers run through her hair as his lower arm end up under her, well, underarm.

Ladybug giggles and Chat releases one arm to move to her cheek, he then kisses her ever so gently, but then the kiss grows more forced, Ladybug eventually gives in and smiles during their kiss.

My heart is yours.

And yours is mine.

And we’ll share a kiss.

Under the moonlight.