day11 study

07/11 Today I feel like Elle Woods. All of these pink elements were not meant to be on my desk, seriously. This pink lamp is obviously beautiful but not mine. My own lamp was stolen (not really :p, just taken) by my parents because they needed one downstairs and I’m always in my dorm room so I don’t need one that often. But today I really needed a lamp to study so I took another lamp from downstairs. :’) And the pink drink was just a coincidence, a very tasty coincidence. ;) But it actually looks pretty, my pink desk! I’m slightly bothered because it’s much darker in my room with their pink lamp. It looks cosy to you guys, but it actually is quite exhausting to study in this dark place. But it’s just temporary. ;) I studied very well today yessssssssss! #day11 #100daysofproductivity