“Yes, you’re right.
Let’s fight together”
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Terima Kasih

Kepada yang masih setia untuk tetap tinggal,

Terima kasih mau mendengar celoteh di tengah pagi buta atau pada malam-malam yang terlalu pagi
Terima kasih masih bersedia menjadi baik di tengah hal-hal menyebalkan yang mengganggu
Terima kasih untuk waktu yang rela dibuang percuma untuk menanggapi ke-random-an satu anak ini
Terima kasih untuk telinga, mata, mulut, dan seluruh raga yang masih mau direpotkan manusia super aneh seperti ini

Terima kasih atas do'a-do'a yang masih dipanjatkan pada setiap kening yang menyentuh sajadah
Terima kasih untuk bahagia yang tak pernah sadar telah kalian semaikan padaku
Terima kasih rela berbagi senyum, tawa, sedih maupun tangisan denganku
Terima kasih karena telah mengajarkan aku banyak hal dalam hidup
Terima kasih telah membuatku merasakan hidup yang benar-benar hidup
Terima kasih sudah mau memanusiakan aku

Terima kasih untuk segala hal yang tak mungkin diuraikan satu persatu
Terima kasih untuk terima kasih itu sendiri

Dan yang pasti,
Terima kasih karena masih bisa percaya, dipercaya dan memercayakan sesuatu kepadaku
Terima kasih untuk segalanya

Semoga Tuhan selalu mempermudah langkah kalian untuk menjadi baik, menebar kebaikan, memetik bahagia dan membagikan bahagia
Segala yang baik dari yang terbaik di dunia yang baik ini untuk kalian

Hujan Mimpi
Tangerang, 10 Februari 2016

Kepada yang Kerap Kali Lupa Diri

Ada beberapa hal sepele yang kerap kali tak kita hiraukan;
Memaafkan diri sendiri.

Karena pada faktanya, kita lebih mudah memaafkan orang lain, dibandingkan dengan mengampuni diri sendiri. Dikecewakan dan dipatahkan berkali-kali, namun tetap saja, berkali-kali pula kita memberi maaf dan kesempatan.

Katanya, setelah benar-benar merasa lelah, manusia tidak akan lagi mempunyai rasa cinta, lekat dengan trauma, menolak kehadiran orang baru.
Tapi tunggu, itu tidak berlaku bagi sebagian orang, mereka tetap bertahan dengan fase nya, menjadikan rasa sakit dan cinta menjadi satu. Pada akhirnya, tetap saja rasa sakit yang menjadi dominan, mengalahkan segalanya.

Aku beri tahu,
People change, so don’t expect them to stay the same forever. We lose and we gain people in our lives. Because maybe, there isn’t enough space for too many people in our hearts.

Banyak orang bilang, menulis itu menenangkan. Tapi tak pernah benar-benar menyembuhkan

At the end of the day, no words can actually heal a broken heart. We heal because we’re just supposed to.

Day 11: My fitspiration is this guy - Arthur Boorman. If you don’t know his story, he is a disabled veteran who, not only regained his ability to walk, but lost over 100 lbs and was able to RUN after using yoga to transform his body and his life. I have always been fascinated by this story. It reminds me that ANYTHING is possible if you are willing to put forth the effort.


30 Day Challenge, Day 10: Now introduce the conflict./

Day 11: How does your character try to solve the conflict?

Angered by the imprisonment of his criminal father, the boy goes to the Great Demon Emperor’s palace to beg for his father’s release.

However, the Emperor refused his plea and being unable to contain his fury, the boy insulted the Emperor. As punishment for his insolence, the Demon Emperor took away his mouth.

Now, the boy travels to Ren Lake, where man-eating demons keep their most prized human parts, in search for a new mouth.

The boy hopes his blue wig will make the trip a little easier.

(it’s a short tale so, his father ain’t getting out of prison anytime soon. In case you were wondering.)

… à suivre

Day 11 - Favorite quote about/concerning them but not by either of them

(gif credit: lil-dingle)

The first quote we chose is this one from Chrissie because we can all relate! 

And as a bonus we chose this second quote from Victoria, because besides the fact that she is Captain of our ship, she is also the only woman in Robert’s life who’s opinion matters to him more than anything else in the world


I themed this week’s Inktober around Xenoblade Chronicles because IT NEEDS MORE LOVE DAMMIT!

Day 11: Sharla and her little brother Juju. I get the feeling Juju is annoyed with his older sister’s antics, but puts up with it anyway to make her happy <3

Day 12: Poor Fiora…I actually like her quite a bit, not hesitant about jumping into battle at all

Day 13: Angsty Shulk is angsty.

Day 14: Angsty Dunban is angsty.

Day 15: I think the patterns on Melia’s outfit are really interesting, but I am never drawing them again oh gosh were they are annoying to draw. And how she styles her hair like that I’ll never know :o

Picnic/Making The Other Blush

Sin??  Idk but it’s still garbage.

I was super busy yesterday, so I smushed 10 and 11 together.

Technically not related to my previous drabbles.  Day 9: x  Wattpad: x

For Adrinette April Days 10 and 11:

    Late afternoon sun shone on Marinette’s balcony, highlighting her and Adrien’s picnic.  They had wanted to go somewhere more romantic, but Marinette’s home was one of the few places Nathalie and the Gorilla wouldn’t follow.  It was a small price to pay for privacy.

    “Can you pass the water?” Adrien asked.  Marinette nodded and grabbed the pitcher.  She held her arm out at the same time Adrien adjusted his leg and water soaked his lap.

    “Oh no, I’m sorry!” she gasped, and covered her mouth with her hands.  Her face heat up as she realized where she’d spilled the drink.  Adrien let out an awkward laugh.  His cheeks were tinted pink as well.

    “Ah, uh, it’s alright.  Um…  I’m gonna go get cleaned up,”  he said, before he disappeared into her house.

     Marinette sat in her own mind, replaying the accident.  She’d spilled water all over Adrien.  All over his lap.  Oh, how she wished she could’ve melted into the floor.

    As she continued to agonize over her embarrassment, a wicked little voice pointed out that Adrien had blushed.  Well, of course he had blushed.  But Marinette found she thought it was kind of… cute.  That wicked little voice wanted to make Adrien blush again.  Marinette wanted to listen.

    “Hey,” Adrien said when he returned.  “So, uh…?”

    She just stared at him.  Now that he was back, she lost some of a her confidence.  What was she going to do?  She usually wasn’t the romantically forward one.  She looked down at the city as she wracked her brain.

    Adrien sat down.  Marinette could feel his nervous gaze on her.  She needed to say something, but her mind was blank.  Adrien let out a breathy laugh.

    “Cat got your tongue?” he asked, trying to lighten the mood.

    Marinette swore she wasn’t in control of her actions in that moment.  Next thing she knew, she turned to him and smirked.

    “Do you want tongue?”

    As soon as the words were out, Marinette clamped a hand over her mouth.  But they had their desired effect.  Adrien was beat red.