I have really been working on this block lately. So my interpretation for warm & fuzzies, is the post yoga burn that I feel after doing these blocks repeatedly. I am really trying to change up my routines and focus on some of the poses that I haven’t always loved doing (including lifting one leg in my down dog, which is quite difficult for me still). I think it’s easy to get comfortable with the poses that you know you can do well, so sometimes I try to challenge myself out of that comfort zone :).

Day 10 “The Rebel” Doin today’s Inktober a tad earlier today since I have a lot on my plate today. Back in the day (and I mean in middle high and highschool) I drew a lot of manga. However in the latter half of Highschool till now I changed my style to be more animation style. However, my style still has influences of anime in it from back in the day. #inktober #day10


Day 10: favorite drake music video
Diced pineapples- rick ross ft drake