04.17.17 Net Worth: -$38,203

I bought my first stock today.

I bought 25 shares of Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc (RNN) at $.407 a share.

I bought 5 shares of Apricus Biosciences Inc (APRI) at $1.54 a share.

I know it’s small, but it’s my start and I’m not much of a gambler… yet. I intend on buying and selling often for a profit until I feel confident enough to invest in bigger stocks with high yield dividends.

First day jitters.

First day of #inktober
I’ll be doing the @ochibrochi ’s list “31 witches” 😊
Day 1: Seasonal witch (Autumn in this case) 🍂
I’ve used ink with watercolors, it seems that I’m not able to finish a single inktober with only ink.. 😅
I’m thinking in selling them all afterwards (in November)


Day 1 and day 2 of the Draw Your OTP 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Draw your OTP

Day 2: Draw your OTP kissing(they dont have lips, this is the best they could do)

Yes, I am finally doing the thing. @sansansansansans is already doing the otp challenge with Kustard but this is happening anyways


Hey!! I’m really late for the party and I guess I will not be able to keep up but I wanted to join the @emimikeweek

So this is my small contribution for the first 2 prompts!

3/08 - Day 1: Firsts
first skate, first kiss, first time, etc.

3/09 - Day 2: Language Barrier
one or both trying to learn the other’s native tongue

I imagined that Emil dragged Michele to the hotel’s bar to cheer him up after what happened at the Rostelecom Cup, and that he asked Sara’s help to impress Michele with some words of encouragement in Italian…BUT she knew better and she taught him some wise words in the dialect of Naples (because it’s canon they’re from Naples, Kubo Sensei said it in one interview

@scribbles-and-co (who’s name is Sara and she’s from Napoli as well!) came on the rescue and gifted me this GEM that I leave the real Sara Crispino explain to you! (because yes, I’m Italian, but I’m from the North East, not the South, so I needed HELP and an explanation as well XD)


9th Oct 2017 | 1/100 days of productivity 🌿

Just a casual 100 days of productivity seems a little daunting, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, we shall plough forward and see this thing through to the end. 

Thank you @emmastudies for providing the inspiration for this challenge. 

Use the #emma100dop + join the crew! 🙌 


INKTOBER. Day 1: Maple Leaf.

I’m sure that i won’t make it regularly and prolly won’t finish at all. But I’ll try to make a brief contribution in Inktober! ^^

(and thank you @hansama for helping with it. i’m noob in traditional art ;u;)

Don’t use without permission, don’t repost, please. Thank you! 💛