161112 BTS 3rd MUSTER Agust D Tony Montana SUGA focus

You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible
A centerfold, a miracle, lyrical
You’ve saved my life again
And I want you to know baby,
I love you like a love song, baby

Constantly, boy you played through my mind like a symphony
There’s no way to describe what you do to me
You just do to me, what you do
And it feels like I’ve been rescued
I’ve been set free, I am hypnotized by your destiny
You are magical, lyrical, beautiful
You are, and I want you to know baby

I, I love you like a love song, baby - Love me like a love song

#Victuuriweek #Day1


“Eyes moving up the arm that just dropped his bag Levi was met with a fever dream. Immediately he thought that there was no man in front of him was real. Grey sweatpants riding low on his hips and a matching long sleeved, thermal the man was at least warm but no warmer than Levi had suddenly felt from looking at those spellbinding eyes. He’d never seen a pair of eyes quite so enrapturing, a shade of tantalizing turquoise that gleamed so warmly. How’d he gotten so lucky as to be saved by this man?”

ERERI WINTER 2016 - Day 1 & 2 “Warm & Blankets”

This is a scene from the fic A Series of Fortunately Unfortunate Events by the magnificient @justapansexualfanficwriter (iloveyousomuchlove). IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD, GO CHECK IT OUT Y’ALL NERDS!!!!!!