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Snapshots of the couple created for McHanzo Week 2017. Showing off the love two people can have for each other.

Day 1 — Morning/Night = Big Sky Country/Land of the Rising Sun
Day 2 — Canon Divergence/ AU = Criminal Alliance
Day 3 — Undercover / Downtime = Kindred Spirits
Day 4 — Red / Blue = Poker Chips and Epoxy
Day 5 — Traditional / Unorthodox = Libations

Third Wheel (Part 3)

Yo, finally Hunk and Pidge appears.  And some drama happens. Also, i have a surprise for you guys. 

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 4

Lance was hurt. But that didn’t mean he was going to stop helping Shiro and Keith. It wasn’t their fault they didn’t return his feelings. It wasn’t their fault Lance thought they were in a relationship. 

He liked to think it was obvious they were a thing. It seemed he misinterpreted the whole situation.

But Lance was fine. He was fine and he could dealt with it. He wasn’t going to turn his back on them. Even if it killed him from the inside.

Hunk knew there was something terrible wrong with his friend. Since they came back from the celebration, Lance had been quiet. Too quite. He thought at first his friend was tired, but then the days passed and he didn’t looked any better. 

He was still smiling and making jokes, but Hunk knew Lance better than anyone and was able to see under his mask. The happiness he had been feeling these days was completely gone, and instead of the bright smile he used to have, a fake one replace it.

It was awful. Hunk didn’t know what to do. He tried to approach the omega several times but always brushed him off or change the subject. 

“What is wrong with him? He was happy a few days ago.” Asked Pidge in concern. 

“I don’t know! He won’t tell me! You know how Lance is, he keeps everything inside until it becomes to much!”

“Yeah… Do you think it may be something related to Shiro and Keith?” Hunk looked at her confused.“ You know, Shiro… Keith… With Lance. Oh my god, Hunk. Please tell me you noticed.”

“That… actually explains a lot.” Pidge groaned. “Well, they stop hanging out with Lance for a while… But Lance didn’t seem affected by that.”

“Maybe he was faking it?”

“No, i know him. the happiness was real then. Whatever has Lance acting like this, happened after the party…”

“And what if it’s Lotor’s fault? I saw them together, talking and dancing. They even went to the gardens alone.”Hunk raised an eyebrow.

“How it is that you notice all those things?” 

Pidge smiled. “Let’s just say that Rover have many hidden talents.”  

Something was different with Lance, and Shiro was getting really worried. The alpha tried to bring the omega closer, to talk to him more, but every attempted he made end up in failure.

He invited him several times to spend time with him and Keith, but Lance always had something to do. The little times he agreed, he always sat far away from them. Keeping a big distance. 

Lance still appeared at nights. But even when they were having sex, he seemed absent. The alphas became really scared when one night after the finished, Lance simply got up, picked up his things and left. 

“Did we do something wrong?” Asked Keith. 

“I… I think? I don’t know.” 

They stop having sex with him fearing they would make him feel uncomfortable again. And in a desperate attempted make the omega stay they started cuddling with him, making him sleep in the middle. 

Still, no matter how much they tried to make Lance feel like part of them, it was getting harder and harder to reach him. 

Prince Lotor arrived to the castle of Lions to stay for a unknown period of time, and to be honest Lance wasn’t sure how to feel about it. The prince had nothing but good intentions. He was on their side and was their most powerful ally. Lotor had gone to explain them about the Rebel network he built and its branches to offer his full support to Voltron and see how could he be of help. But everytime Lance met his Galra eyes, he remembered their conversation and couldn’t help but bitter.

“Excuse, Blue Paladin?” Lance cursed under his breath. Great.


“I’m sorry, but i’ve been getting the impression that my presence is not welcome by you. Did i do something wrong, by any chance?“ 

"What?! No, God, no! You have done nothing wrong, ok? It’s not you.”

“It is perhaps something related to the conversation we held the day of our alliance?” Lance frowned. Oh, so Lotor was right.  “I must tell you, Blue paladin, that it was never my intention to intrude in your personal live.” 

“Nah, dude. It’s ok. I mean, if it weren’t for you i would still had the stupid illusion we were something else. Not your fault, really.”

“It is not stupid to hope the ones we love, love us back.” Lance sighed, looking defeated. Honestly? He was tired and confused.

Keith and Shiro had been trying to get his attention and to be beside him all the tme. He was sure Keith even tried to scent him one time. It was… Weird. Before we would’ve feel on the clouds, but now? He was not sure. 

Lance didn’t want to fell more for them. That’s why no matter how many times he felt tempted to accept their invitations or look for them he never did. He was only trying to protect himself. 

“Would you mind accompanying me for a walk around the castle?” Lotor suddenly asked, trying to distract Lance of his own worrying thoughts. The omega looked at him in disbelief. 

“A walk around the castle?” 

“Well, we could try to go to the nearest planet is you prefer.” A small smile appeared on Lance’s face.

“No, thank you. The castle’s fine.” He said, grabbing Lotor arm. “Ok, pretty boy. Lead the way.”

In a matter of days, Lance went back to his happy-self. Lotor showed to be not only a good diplomant and leader, but a good friend. They became really close, and would often flirt with each other (mostly as a game, Lance liked to think). Whenever they weren’t creating plans to defeat Zarkon’s empire or training, they talked about everything. Lance felt so comfortable with Lotor he told him everything he had been happening with the alpha couple, feeling much lighter after doing it. He would have told Hunk, but he never did because he knew his friend would totally confront Shiro and Keith about their little arrangement and that was the last thing he wanted.

What if they couldn’t form Voltron after that? He prefered to avoid fights and to keep enjoying of this blossoming friendship he and Lotor had.

But the war was inevitable, right? 

The end of the little time of peace they were living came quick and without warning. The Galra attacked in the middle of the night taking them by completely surprise.

The awful sound of the alarm filled the castle and Lance ran through the red halls. Before he could reach the bridge, he was intercepted by a galra soldier. He was shocked, the were inside. Holy fuck they were inside and he didn’t have a weapon or armor to fight back.

He was about to run away, when he noticed the Galra had Pidge with him. She was badly hurt, and seemed to be struggling to breathe. He felt anger grew inside him and with the adrenaline running through his body he ran towards the galra soldier, avoiding to get hit until he got closer enough to knock him down and steal his weapon.

He shot without thinking twice, then lift Pigde in his arms and quickly ran towards the med bay. His friends could defend the castle without him, right now what mattered was her.  

Just before he could arrived to his destiny, more Galra appeared and surround them. He hold Pidge tightly hurting her a little, trying his best to shield her with his body. 

The soldiers lifted their arms and he closed his eyes, waiting with fear to be shot. A bang was heard, and when he opened his eyes, Lotor was all he could see. 

“Are you ok?”  

"Fuck.. Yes… Thanks, buddy. ” He sighed in relief when he saw all the fallen Galra. “We… We don’t have time to waste. Pidge, we need her on the pods." 

Lotor nodded as he took Pidge from Lance’s arms and head to the med bay. He put her on the table, grab a weapon a went back to hall to make sure no Galra attacked them while Lance was preparing the pod. He truly felt grateful for speding tons of hours cleaning the pods with Coran. Once he was finished and Pidge’s vitals stabilize , Lotor approach him and hug him.

He melt at the touch and closed his eyes enjoying the sensation.  

“You did well, Lance…” 

“Thank you… If it weren’t for you, Pidge–”

“She’s ok now, you did good. You have nothing to worry about now… “ The prince said and Lance sighed. The alarm was still on, they weren’t safe yet. They needed to join the battle. But he wanted to stay just like that a little longer. He missed this, he missed having this kind of physical contact. He hugged Lotor back, and gasp when he felt how the prince began to scent him. He shivered, and felt the tears sting in his eyes. The omega couldn’t believe this, he was overwhelmed by the alpha’s action.

Lance opened his eyes, and through the tears he could see a Galra was pointing his weapon at Lotor’s back. He got paled at the sight and his mind went blanck for an instant, fuck. He pulled apart from Lotor as fast as he could and throw him to he ground, taking the fatal blow directed at him without thinking. He fell hard and felt all the air leave his lungs. Someone called his name, but he quickly faded.

When Lance woke up and got out of the pod, Hunk was there to catch him. 

“Lance!” He said with a big smile and tears in his eyes. “You’re awake!” 

“Oh my God! Lance’s awake!” Screamed Pidge, looking much healthier and stronger than before.

“Hey, Pidgeon.”

Hunk and Pidge hug him and nuzzle him for several minutes, refusing to let him go. A few meters from them, everyone else was waiting their turn to get closer to Lance. Once the betas were finished, Allura and Coran were next. Coran hugged him as Allura thanked him for his bravery and patted his head like if he was a little child. When Lance was free, everyone expected Shiro and Keith to be next. But Lotor couldn’t wait and took Lance in his arms, kissing his temple. The omega blushed and laughed by the action and just before he could say something, the alphas yanked Lotor away from him. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, huh?!” Keith looked beyond pissed. “That’s our omega!” 


“Bullshit!” Oh, God, Lotor looked angry too. “He’s not yours! You barely pay attention to him!”

“We’ve been mating him! He’s ou—”

“You’ve been fucking him!” Said Lotor, interrumpting Shiro.”You both only want him to warm your bed!” 

“That’s not true! We’ve been trying to court him all these time! We want Lance with us!

“Oh, really? You could’ve fooled me if it weren’t by the selfish way you both are acting! Lance is a fucking person, not a hole for you assholes to be fucked!”

“We don’t think of Lance that way! We truly want him and care about him! We would never do anything to hurt him!”

Lotor was still not convinced and draw his claws out. Shiro and Keith growled, baring their teeths. The princess quickly ran towards Lotor’s side, grabbing him by the arm trying to stop the prince from fighting her paladins as Hunk, Pidge and Coran went to stop the other two. Meanwhile, the omega was static in his place seeing the whole scene unfold before his eyes. 

-“Is… is true what you’re saying?” Lance asked, looking between Keith and Shiro with uncertainty. He looked nervous and about to cry. “Please tell me you’re not lying. Tell me you guys are serious right now because i wouldn’t be able to take it if you’re not.  Part 4

-“Are you guys serious right now?” Said Lance, drawing everyone’s attention to him and shocking the alphas by the hostility on his voice. “Oh my God, you guys are serious! No, this is bullshit. You can’t pretend i don’t exist, think only about each other and then claim me as yours. Do you know how fucked up is that?!” Part 5

—- DID YOU LIKED THE SURPRISED My BeaUTIful PECADORES????!!?!!! Not only you guys are divided by Lancelot and Shklance, i am too. So i’ll do two endings. Because i can, and because i love lancelot with good lotor and shklance because it’s a clasic.

This is the perfect solution for my shipper heart (and for my followers dispute) Oh and i warn you guys. The following chapters won’t be updated as fast as the others. Why?

  1. Because they need to be updated the same day
  2. I want to rest.
  3. I want to draw.
  4. I may be getting sick, so now you know. 
royal arranged marriage au

february 15 | “family”
(Here’s the overview for an AU with all of the tropes because why not.)

Royal Arranged Marriage AU with supernatural fantasy elements. Gabriel is a wraith who’s the literal Prince of Darkness, equally loved and feared by everyone in Blackwatch, his city. Overwatch, a nearby kingdom that Gabriel’s always been wary of, approaches him one day, seeking an alliance. They offer him their Prince’s hand in marriage in exchange for Gabriel’s help defending against Talon, an insurgent force seeking to usurp them from within. 

Gabriel is irritated but agrees to meet his potential husband-to-be, since he’d apparently accompanied the envoy anyway. He’s surprised when the handsome, scarred vampire he’d assumed was a bodyguard steps forward and introduces himself as Jack, the Prince of Light. 

BONUS: Jack and Gabriel had already met the night before out in the city while avoiding their royal duties and being Grumpy Old Immortals. Neither had realized that the other was a Prince.

anonymous asked:

Please please please some angst for feysand just really angsty - like unresolved fights etc xxxx please and thank you

A/N: I have to say, writing angst for these two was a challenge, especially with the tone.

- - - - - - -

They had return to their rooms after a long day of negotiations for an alliance between the Night and Summer Court. It was an exhausting day of court politics. Rhys would barely look at me and his cold silence was killing me. He stripped, readying himself for bed.

“Rhys, please don’t shut me out.” The words came out somewhere between a plea and a demand.

“Fine, you want to know what I am feeling. I’m feeling ashamed that you are using your body instead of your brain.”

I met his glare, how dare he judge me. “Don’t you dare judge me, you whored yourself out for 49 years to a monster to protect our court. We need this alliance and if it means I have to flirt and stroke a few egos so be it.”

His voice was lethal calm, “I think the difference is, you enjoy it.”

What?! How could he not see this for what it was? A mask. I felt nothing but anger and shame flooding the bond. There was not an ounce of love intermixed like all the other times we had fought. The feelings were slowly breaking my heart and it physically hurt.  It felt like the bond was punishing me. I felt the need to protect myself, protect my heart.  I sealed my end of the bond, and before I could say another word, I walked out.

I didn’t know if I should feel relieved or angry that he did not follow me.

I walked to the beach. The sound of waves breaking were normally a comfort for me, but tonight they fed the anger roiling through me.

I’m not sure how long I sat in the sand before I felt a gentle caress against my mental shields. Fuck him! Who was he to think he could say those words to me. Who was he to think he could judge me. After everything we had been through. I strengthened my shields, adding layers of fire and ice.

I loved him. No matter what mask he donned, I could see beneath it. I could see the man that would sacrifice himself for the things he loved. Once again I had fallen in love with a male, that I loved more than he would ever love me.

It hurt to know that no one would ever fully see me and love me for every broken and imperfect piece. Who couldn’t see though the masks I wore to protect the things I loved.

true to form, i was trying to write something else and this story wouldn’t leave me alone. ao3 link.

Summary: During the Reaper War, Calvin Kosta reflects on his relationship with his son. 


It is two months after their son leaves for Andromeda that the Reapers descend on Earth. Blame is cast, fingers pointed, neither lasting long. Silence soon descends on the megalopolises and London is disconnected from the world.


“Do you really have to go?” Joelle asks, hugging her son, her child, her only child so fiercely it’s as though she believes the embrace will change his mind. “It’s so hard, just—knowing we’ll never see you again.”

They’ve had this conversation a million times, but it still doesn’t mean Liam doesn’t cry. He knows what this means to his parents – especially to Mum – but he has to do this. The opportunity to make  a difference, a real difference, is too much to pass up. “They need me,” he says, finally pulling back, but it doesn’t stop Joelle from making her last stand.

“I need you,” she insists, and Calvin sees his opportunity to intervene. Places a hand on his wife’s shoulder, claps a hand to Liam’s.

“She’ll be safe with me,” he promises, flint-brown eyes focused on his son’s face. “You know what you have to do, son. There’s a whole new galaxy out there.”

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A/N: So this was written in like, 15 minutes? Maybe 20? After seeing a post by @emerilx and wanted to give them credit for the idea. Unfortunately I’m on mobile and can’t link the original post this is inspired by! Disclaimer: Voltron is not mine, even if I wish it was. Claimer: Hyxora, Xorans, Kamien, and Prince Lykan II are of my creation, and belong to me.

Lance once had very severe depression - it was before they were launched into space and declared saviors of the universe, so no, it wasn’t his team’s fault. He’d always had self-doubt, doubting that he was Hunk’s best friend when Pidge was obviously better and much less annoying. When they were launched into space, though, Lance realized he needed to get better, to be a better Lance, for a lack of a better phrase. So whenever he had a good thought, he wrote it down and kept it in a jar that he opened and read when he was upset or feeling peculiarly depressed and alone. It was working, and he was slowly feeling more and more like apart of the team.

That doesn’t mean he still doesn’t struggle - or relapse into hurting himself - not in obvious ways, but when he was angry at himself, he’d pinch his wrist, or his thigh. It wasn’t healthy, he knew, but it was netter than leaving lasting wounds on himself. He’d thought about killing himself only a handful of times since being in space, and each time Blue had helped him through the moment.

Voltron, at the moment, was landing on a planet called Hyxora, they were meant to be making an alliance with the native species - the Xoran. They were walking towards the castle when Lance noticed her - she rushed by them with tears in her eyes, and it caused Lance to stop suddenly and turn towards where she was running, “Lance, come on! Stop trying to flirt with the natives,” Keith snapped, causing Lance to flinch forward and start walking again. It hurt, what Keith said, but he didn’t take it to heart. It was obvious they were stressed, so Lance let them all say whatever to relieve the stress. They snapped at each other, too, so it wasn’t like they were singling him out. His thoughts didn’t stray from the Xoran that had ran past them. He wondered if he was the only one to notice she was crying.

When they arrived in front of the castle, the Xoran’s chosen spokesperson - Prince Lykan II - met them at the court yard. “Hello, Paladins,” Lykan said kindly, and then Lance zoned out, knowing he wouldn’t be acknowledged. He let his gaze wander, and that’s when he noticed the girl from before. His eyes widened as she walked up to the edge of the bridge that lead to the castle court yard. Suddenly the world seemed to slow and Lance was running towards the girl, leaving his team watching him with slight frustration and confusion.

The world blurred as Lance ran towards the girl, he watched as she let her body sag forward and fall off the edge. Lance shouted and followed after her, grabbing her as she rocketed to the ground. He caught her, using his rockets to slow their fall into a safe speed as they hit the ground.

Voltron and the Prince watched in awe as Lance ran after the girl who fell off the bridge. They rushed to the edge and watched as Lance saved the girls life. “Is he always this caring and reckless?” The Prince asked, but the others didn’t answer, too focused on the pair sitting on the ground 100 ft below. Sound carried differently here, they figured out, because they could hear every word they exchanged.

The girl - Kamien, Lance had learned - sobbed into his shoulder, “I-I’m sorry! Eve-Everything’s just been going wrong and I just couldn’t handle it, and -” Lance listened as she rambled on about her life struggles, and smiled at her.

“I understand, Kamien. It’s suffocating, isn’t it? The feeling that the entire universe is out to get you, and unable to control anything in your life? I understand,” Lance told her, and hugged her tightly.

Kamien looked up at him, “You do? It’s so great to hear that even a Paladin of Voltron feels the way I do!” She sobbed in obvious relief. She took a deep breath, smiled a watery smile, and stood up.

Lance laughed, standing with her. “Surprising, isn’t it? Well,” he said and leaned up to her ear level, “if you promise to hold up, I promise to, too.” He leaned back down and smiled as she blushed and nodded. “Good!” He beamed and turned towards where the others were. He stopped at the sight of them crying, and frowned slightly. He carried Kamien up to the bridge and she waved before walking off, a weight lifted off her shoulders.

“Have you really felt that way?” Shiro asked, frowning. Lance blinked, surprised that they heard him, and shrugged before nodding.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Pidge asked, tears welled up in their eyes.

“Because I’m getting better by myself,” Lance told them with another shrug, “so it didn’t seem important.”

“Not important?” Keith asked incredulously, “Lance, we’re a team. We could have helped,” he seemed offended that Lance didn’t ask for help.

“I didn’t need it,” Lance said with a light laugh, “I’m better now, or getting there. Some days it’s harder, but I’m getting there.”

Hunk let out a wail and hugged his best friend, “I’m so sorry I didn’t notice! I’m so proud you’re doing better!” He yelled, making Lance laugh and hug him back.

“It’s okay, I love you still,” Lance paused and looked at his team, “All of you.”

It wasn’t perfect, but they were getting there. Lance still had bad days, but they were out numbered by the good days. His team landed the alliance, and they went back to the castle. If Allura and Coran noticed anything off about the team, they didn’t say anything. They were just glad that their team was more of a team than ever.

Starbursts Part 1: Aria

Aria Ryder was born without a Soul Mark. In a world where everyone has a Soul Mate, she’s an anomaly, an outcast.

She never expected to find hers 600 years away in Andromeda.

Jaal x Ryder, Soul Mate AU. Currently a Oneshot. No longer a oneshot. Minor Angst. The muses wanted it to be written and I know better then to ignore them. Also on AO3.

Aria Ryder was born without a soul mark.

It wasn’t entirely unheard of, but it was rare; an anomaly in these days of space travel, where multiple species had been discovered and now lived amongst one another.

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anonymous asked:

What are the benefits of having a ward, such as Jon Arryn did with Robert and Ned, or Hoster Tully with Baelish? I suppose it would be different with hostage wards, such as Theon, but Baelish being fostered at Riverrun was an honour for his family, so what does that honour entice? Are wardens ever consulted regarding marriage prospects of their wards? Do they arrange a possible squiring? I just don't see a point of having your children raised away if nothing comes out of it long term...

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Well, fostering can certainly lead to marriage alliances. Samwell Tarly was supposed to become a page to Lord Redwyne of the Arbor; young Sam did not impress the Redwynes enough to stay, but he is told later that if he had, he would have been betrothed to Lord Paxter’s daughter. That’s a pleasant arrangement for Lord Paxter: in taking Sam as his ward, he ensures that the next Lady Tarly will be a Redwyne, and the next Tarly heirs half-Redwyne - offspring who might then favor their cousins of the Arbor in alliances and other matters. Likewise, King Harmund II Hoare was fostered in his youth at Casterly Rock, and eventually wed his foster kin Princess Lelia Lannister; the marriage and fostering were part of King Harmund’s general program of peace and trade between the Iron Islands and the greenlands. Similarly, Myranda Royce presumed that Harry the Heir, fostered at Ironoaks, would eventually wed one of Lady Anya’s granddaughters, and while it’s not stated outright, I can imagine Lord Anders Yronwood took note of his daughter’s fondness for his foster son Quentyn Martell with the possible idea of betrothing them one day.

But beyond direct marriage alliances, there’s also the question of prestige. By taking in a ward - especially a ward from one’s liege family - a lordly House receives an invaluable sign of favor; that House is being singled out, trusted by the liege to raise its scion. In as personal a political system as feudalism is, these individual signs of favor involving the persons of the ruling House are so crucial to raising the status of one family over others. So, for example, the Crakehalls would be able to boast that they had been entrusted with then-heir to Casterly Rock Jaime Lannister, squire to Lord Sumner (even more important a boast in the Westerlands, where anything that gains a House closeness to House Lannister is eagerly seized). It’s the same story for the Dustins of Barrowton (who fostered then-heir Brandon Stark), the Gargalens of Salt Shore (who fostered Prince Doran), and the Qorgyles of Sandstone (who fostered Prince Oberyn); indeed, the Gargalens and Qorgyles are apparently still close to the Martells, as Lord Tremond Gargalen and Ser Arron Qorgyle accompany Prince Oberyn to the capital for Joffrey’s nuptials.

Sometimes, however, a ward is taken as a return of favor - obligation for obligation, so to speak. So, for example, in return for the fealty of House Frey to Robb’s cause, Catelyn agreed not only to betroth Robb and Arya to Freys, but to take in the two Walders Frey as Winterfell’s wards (a boon for House Frey, having two of its grandsons fostered at its new liege’s royal seat). Family ties also occasionally play into fostering choices. Merrett Frey, for one, squired for Lord Sumner Crakehall alongside Jaime, as Merrett’s mother Amerei was born a Crakehall. Cynthea Frey is currently a ward of Lady Anya Waynwood, as Cynthea’s mother, Carolei, was born a Waynwood (the same reason her brother Sandor is a squire to Ser Donnel Waynwood). Harry Hardyng was presumably made Lady Anya’s ward in no small part because his mother had been a Waynwood and Lady Anya’s first cousin (and his father was a Waynwood bannerman).

Ultimately, what any hosting family “gets” out of a fostering relationship is a form of kinship recognized among Westerosi. Even without the legal alliance of a marriage, foster kin are considered part of the family (hence why Theon is so scorned for seemingly killing his “brothers”, Bran and Rickon). A foster father or mother is put in a position of key influence over his or her ward in that ward’s formative years, with the ability to mold the ward’s views to match the fostering House’s. In the future, then, the fostering House can hope, and indeed expect, that its ward will remember his or her foster kin when making political decisions. We see this with Jon Arryn, with both Ned and Robert recognizing their foster father as a shrewd statesman and following his lessons (and Robert trusting him to be his first and nearly only Hand).

You mentioned Petyr Baelish; he is something of a unique case in fostering, as Hoster’s choice to bring him to Riverrun was purely personal. What honor his family would gain … well, House Baelish’s “Drearfort” is poor and politically isolated, with few opportunities for the Baelishes to mingle with their social betters and advance farther. By coming to Riverrun, young Petyr had the opportunity to live side by side with a Lord Paramount family, and to meet the sort of esteemed visitors Lord Hoster would entertain as a matter of course. Being the foster brother of the daughters Tully, Petyr may have expected as well that he would be made an officer of one of their households when they married the high-ranking nobleman Hoster arranged for their betrothals; it might have been natural for a Tully daughter - especially if she recognized Petyr’s early cleverness, as both seem to have done - to recommend to her lord husband that her foster brother serve their household (as indeed, Petyr had little to return home to in the Vale).

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

10 Days Of LawLu 2K17, Day 1: S is for…

We return with another ten days of LawLu, my One Piece OTP *Feels the furious look of her other otps* I love you too!

Notes and Warnings: The other option was Sadness. But this is not sad so jokes on me!


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Hero: 4

Author’s Note: Updating now as my sister will be in town this weekend, so I’ll not have time. The update schedule for this is going to be out of whack for a while as I actually don’t have a free weekend until July. I’ll update when I can, but it might slow. Sorry! Also, enjoy a political, PCY POV chapter because we all deserve it <3

Song for this chapter: Come Near Me - Massive Attack

Genre: Vampire!Chanyeol; thriller; horror; suspense; drama; eventual smut

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Rating (this chapter): R (mostly for graphic depictions of wounds?) 

Warnings (this chapter): graphic depictions of burns; wrist cutting; swearing

Word count: 3,571 (literally the fastest 3K ive ever written wth)

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |


Finally alone in his bunker, Chanyeol presses his back against the closed door and finds himself gasping for breath. He’s starting to feel choked in his collared shirt, sweating and gagging for release, and when he reaches to loosen his tie he’s caught off guard by his hands. There’s a twitch in his fingers he hasn’t seen in centuries, the kind that comes with the outrage and disappointment of unfulfilled promises. All his self control has been exhausted, and he feels young. He let himself get drunk on the human and now he’s craving everything he could possibly take from her. Tugging at the silk around his neck, he takes a breath and damns himself.

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Theory about Loki’s adoption.

First of all, I’m hella sure you ALL READ 10000 fanfcis discussing this topic, whether it be that Odin A ++ parenting version or ,,Loki we are your family lets all hug, ta-daaa rainbows.’’ I WANT TO TALK ABOUT ACTUAL CANONIC FACTS THAT I THINK I REALLY ARE UNDERESTIMATED. 

okay. firstly, I need to quote ALL THE SCENE THAT we all know by heart. yeah the ,,TELL ME’’ scene. 3:)

ODIN; In the aftermath of the battle, I
          went into the Temple, and I found a
          baby. Small for a giant's
          offspring -- abandoned, suffering,
          left to die. Laufey's son.
          Why? You were knee-deep in Jotun
          blood. Why would you take me???

          You were an innocent child. LOKI
          You took me for a purpose, what was
          it?          Tell me!

          I thought we could unite our
          kingdoms one day, bring about an
          alliance, bring about a permanent
          peace... through you. But those
          plans no longer matter.    ^tried to cut it short to what’s important
SO lets get to it. 

this is temple of Jotunheim. In the middle of the City.

these are the city gates where Thor and the company fought Laufey. ^the building on the lett side. you can see the two-arcs f the temple in the background. It’s INSIDE the city. IN FACT, IT’S IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY. 

anyone, does leaving a child in such place make sense to you? 

moving on. 

Jotunheim attacked Midgard, but as the movie says, 


,,Once, mankind accepted a simple truth: that they were not alone in this universe. Some worlds man believed home to their Gods. Others they knew to fear. From around the cold and darkness came the Frost Giants, threatening to plunge the mortal world into a new ice age. But humanity would not face this threat alone. Our armies drove the Frost Giants back into the heart of their own world. The cost was great. In the end, their king fell, and the source of their power was taken from them. With the last great war ended, we withdrew from the other worlds and returned home at the Realm Eternal, Asgard. And here we remain as the beacon of hope, shining out across the stars. And though we have fallen into man’s myths and legends, it was Asgard and its warriors that brought peace to the universe.

Our armies drove the Frost Giants back into the heart of their own world.


The cost was great.

In the end, their king fell,

and the source of their power was taken from them.  (DO YOU SEE LAUFEY AND ODIN IN THE BACKGROUND, ON THE RIGHT CORNER?)

With the last great war ended, we withdrew from the other worlds and returned home at the Realm Eternal, Asgard.




The movie always made me wonder, how the hell did Odin even know Loki was Laufey’s Son, or how did he even knew his Name?  Odin said he was ,,an innocent child’’ and that’s why he got all paternal over him right away. riiiight -_- because he demolished the whole city, went to the most sacred place where the heart of Jotunheim as kept and did not see a single child in whole process? need i remind you that Utgard is the strongest city of Jotunheim and probably that’s where all the old, women and kids were being kept during the unexpected Aesit assault and Odin got all the feels for LAUFEY’S SON? 

So you have to agree, Loki was IN FACT war hostage, which Odin took from HIS FATHER, AFTER KING OF JOTUNHEIM WAS DEFEATED. 


there, I’ve said all this at last. 


also might interest you; THEORY ABOUT THOR’S CAPE


Yesterday was the Day of Silence. This was the first time our school has participated and we had over 40 students signed up (we have somewhere between 800-900 students, so that is pretty good).

Our GSA was so excited about this event. Students were supportive. Teachers were supportive. It was a meaningful experience for everyone. Next year we are hoping to make it even bigger (since students will already understand the purpose).

Any suggestions #educhums?

nobody said it was easy

Headcanon: Scott gets bad nightmares, and always has, and when a terrible one strikes in the middle of the night after the turian ark, no one can wake him.

(Scott/Gil, AU Scott is a teammate, his sister Sam is the Pathfinder, read here on AO3)

Gil stirred in his sleep, blinking awake into the darkness of the crew quarters. The solid roof of his bunk was above him, and the silence throughout the rest of the ship told him that it was the dead of night; or whatever version of night that they used in the middle of space. He tried to close his eyes again, feeling the heavy tug of sleep, but something else in the room other than Suvi’s gentle snores caught his ear.

It was Scott’s voice.

He shifted, hanging his head over the side of the bunk, half expecting Scott to be sat up reading, mumbling the words quietly to himself under his breath. But his little overhead lamp was off, there was no blue glow of a datapad, and as Gil’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw that Scott appeared to be asleep.

But his sleep was fitful, his head turning from side to side, his blanket on the floor from where he had kicked it off, muttering things to himself in his sleep.

“Scott,” Gil whispered, hoping to stir him enough to knock him out of his dream and send him back to sleep, but it didn’t even earn a reaction. He thought about just leaving him to it, knowing that it would likely pass in a moment or two. He lay in the dark for a while, listening out for the evening out of Scott’s breathing, but it never came.


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Wanderer 1

Okay, so this is Misha, a clone kid, and his journey through the Rebellion, this is post Yaven, pre Hoth.  And guys, I would absolutely adore some reviews/reblogs/yelling in the tags to tell me if I should keep this up or not.  I’m having a bad brain day.

Getting into the Alliance was at once the hardest and easiest thing that Misha had done in a while. Easiest thing in that Master Kara’s cousin on Ilan had some people in the Alliance as representatives and observers. Hardest in what he was living behind. First was his buir, Zip, who had trained him to fight dirt side with all the skill of a GAR trooper.  Second was his ba’vodu, Swoop and Jumper, who had trained him to be as much a stick jockey as they were, not to mention their daughter Glider.

Third though, third was Master Sofi, who had taught him to be a Jedi.  She was the closest thing he had to a mother, and leaving her was almost as hard as leaving Buir.

He was leaving within the hour, he knew, his vex-class ship was waiting on the landing pad, loaded with the gear the aliit had shoved on him before letting him go.  There was just one last thing to go through.

Master Sofi was every inch a Jedi.  She’d been a Padawan when the Order came down, on her way from Coruscant to the troops in her fighter when everything went crazy.  The Force gave her warning enough to drop out of hyperspace prematurely, and she’d managed to escape the attention of the clones who had already managed to kill her Master.

Rescued by Master Kara and Master Jaran, Sofi had come to the Refuge to complete her training under the tutelage of Master Jaran and was Knighted shortly thereafter.

Now, she stepped before him, lightsaber lit, green blade creating odd shadows in the pre-dawn setting.

“Who comes before us?” Master Kara asked, her voice rolling through the pre-dawn like a cannon blast.

“I do,” Master Sofi announced, “and I bring a petitioner.”

“Speak,” Master Jaran said.

“This is Padawan Misha, my student,” Master Sofi said, “he has passed his Trials and stands strong in the Light of the Force.”

“Who speaks of his blade?” Master Kara asked.

“I do,” Master Don said, “for I escorted him on his journey to find his kyber crystal and stood witness to the creation of his light saber.”

“Who speaks of his heart?” Jaran asked.

“I do,” Master Ta said, “for as I taught his feet the movements of the Forms, so I saw his heart move on the way of the Jedi and never has it strayed.”

“Who speaks to his mind?” Kara asked.

“I do,” Professor Jensen said, “for I have overseen his academic career all his life, he is a well and able student with a strong and knowledgeable mind.”

“Padawan Misha,” Kara said.

Misha stepped forward and bowed.

“I have heard the testimony of your teachers, and seen your resolve in the Trials,” Kara said, and reached out, gently pulling the strand of beads from his hair.  “It is my honor to see you and acknowledge you as a Jedi Knight.”

Misha closed his eyes as the sun breached the horizon, flooding the area with light.

“Be strong, be wise, be true,” the four Masters said in unison.

Master Sofi rested her hand on Misha’s shoulder, “May the Force be with you, little one.”

“And with you Master,” Misha said.

There was a long moment of silence, then Jaran clapped, “Congratulations Misha.  Welcome to the ranks.”

Applause rang out from the small group of observers, and Misha turned to accept the hug his buir yanked him into.  Then he was being passed around the ba’vodu who had come to witness the ceremony. His aliit was passing him around for hugs and then he was facing Master Sofi again.

“Master,” Misha said, tugging on his short jacket.

“Call me Sofi, Misha,” Sofi said with a laugh.  “You’ll be fine out there, you know.”

Misha smiled, “Yeah I will. You taught me that.”

Sofi rested her hand on his shoulder and pulled him down until she could press a kiss to his forehead, “You already knew how.  I just helped you figure it out.”

Misha nodded and stepped back, turning to look for his buir.  Zip was talking with Master Kara, with the stern but fond this is my General.  There is no one like her, she’s mine, expression that he always got around her.  Misha shook his head slightly, he could practically see the new rumors brewing in Uncle Bang’s mind as he watched them.


Misha turned and smiled, “Uncle Chip.”

“Congratulations,” Chip said, pulling him into a hug.  “Are you leaving soon?”

“Soon as I say goodbye to Buir,” Misha said.  “No use in a long goodbye now.”

“I guess,” Chip said. “Be careful out there, I don’t want to have to explain to the Captain that you got shot down, okay?”

“I will,” Misha said with a grin, “I was trained by the best.”

Chip smiled, then glanced over Misha’s shoulder, “Kara’s heading over to Jaran with that look on her face.  You go see your buir, and I’ll keep them from causing any more trouble.”

Sixteen years of observing Master Kara and Master Jaran interacting leant a speed to Misha’s stride as he barreled through the gathering and into his buir, who laughed and just hugged him.

“Master Kara’s going to start trouble,” Misha muttered as he rested his head on his buir’s shoulder.  

“Of course she is,” Zip replied with a soft laugh.  “It’s what she does.  You about ready to head out.”

“If I say yes, how many of my ba’vodu are going to follow me?”  Misha muttered.

Zip hesitated a moment, “Wait five minutes and let Kara get started, then go.  They’ll all be watching the General.”

Misha smiled, because no matter how many years since the war stopped, no matter how many times Kara cajoled his buir to simply call her Kara, Zip’s first instinct was still to call her his general.

“All right everyone,” Kara called, “I know it’s way too early for our usual party, so instead, there’s breakfast.”

“Did you cook it?” Chip called.

“No, but I’m paying for it,” Kara replied with a laugh.

As the mix of Jedi and Vod’e headed away, Misha gave his dad one last hug and headed for the landing pad where his ship waited.

Part Two, Three, Four