A lil sad poem the day before Valentine's Day about my stupid lil crush

Unrequited love?
Not quite.
Not quite how I’d imagined
Not quite love, not quite lust, but a dull ache
A futile pain for a futile person
Temporary tears for temporary moments
Pity fell
Pitiful pitfalls fell on me
The power of suggestion
Too powerful not to succumb to
Too present Not to submit to
Every single glance a love poem
Every single glance away a poem of heart break
Attempting to still a fast beating heart
Still my heart beats fast for
His greed
My eagerness to please
A deadly combination resulting in thick ropes
Stringing me along with hope
Thinking that we could be anything more than friends
But all of it was just a means to an end
An end more tragic than Juliet and Romeo
At least they loved one another, but I am just filled with woe
Thinking that I was anything more than just another hoe
Silly hoe.
How foolish of me
To think that we could ever be
Kiss one another and say “oui”
How silly.
Kind of like this crush
This swelling of emotions
Deeper than a fucking ocean
All the fucking commotion
That you caused within me
I was on cloud 9
Doing just fine but then
8 thinking we could be together how great
Then 7, thinking maybe I’m still in heaven
6 getting real tired of your shit
54321 none, then I was done
Done with this superficial shit
Done with these stupid fucking hints
Attempting to cleanse myself of natural human feelings because the way we fit was unnatural
Not innate
It was apparent and inherent that we were not
So fuck that, fuck this, fuck you
Doesn’t take away this stupid fucking ache