The Nishigori girls would TOTALLY bet Yurio a hair makeover that he loses at ~ambiguous card game~ but it seems like he would secretly kinda like the attention. LOOK @electricbluepinwheel I drew more Yurio I hope you’re happy.

a concept: neil josten becoming obsessed with sunglasses so all the foxes buy him a pair whenever they’re out. they range from black aviators from allison to bright pink gas station sunglasses from nicky. andrew thinks the whole thing is stupid until one day he finds a pair with little cat designs on the frames. when he comes home and tosses them at neil with a muttered “230%”, neil smiles and adds them to his collection. they are also not so secretly his favorite pair.

“The Chantry dictated where it should have inspired. It spoke of judgement instead of acceptance. It should encourage the good in everyone, rather than rebuke us for our sins. No one should be turned away from our doors. No one is without worth. Whoever you are, whatever your mistakes, you are loved. Unconditionally. ‘In your heart shall burn an unquenchable flame.’”

Leliana || Dragon Age Inquisition

Leliana: @amaleighcosplay
Chainmail: @dreamcherub
Photo: @jayuna

one day virtual reality gaming’s going to get to the point where you can emulate smell and taste and then inevitably some dev’s going to make some sort of puzzle or arg in their game where in order to proceed you have to find some sorta mundane object with a particular flavor and then we’re just gonna have gamers going around licking all the virtual walls and floors en masse


AU WEEK @miraculous-weeks
Day 3: video games (late creation) AMNESIA AU
Which route would you choose if they were part of an otome game like Amnesia?
From top to bottom:
💙Chat Noir(Adrien)
💛Chat Noir(Felix)
(P.S. I couldn’t decide which background to use so I used the three of them 😂 can you guess which one was my favorite to draw?)((based on an image for Amnesia: Crowd))


kingdom hearts appreciation week
↳day three// disney vs original worlds