The Monsters as things I've said

Nicky: “Fuck me- I mean how are you?”
Aaron: “How do you say "I’m an asshole” in Spanish?“
Kevin: "Maybe if i beat you with a celery stick you’d finally get some nutrition.”
Neil: “How am I? Well I’m not dead, and the cops haven’t found the body yet, so I’d say I’m fine.”
Andrew: “I’m changing my name to "Stabigail” so that i can be known as “Stabby”

okay i know a lot of people aren’t with the whole andreil getting married and having a kid thing but like. andreil adopting a baby. a girl named alina with red hair and hazel eyes. alina grows up into a beautiful gay young woman. imagine her coming home for thanksgiving with kevin and thea’s daughter and going “oh yeah we’re gay” because she can. kevin wants to die. andrew feels betrayed. for once in his life neil won a bet and thea’s just proud


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“What is honor compared to a woman’s love? What is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms or the memory of a brother’s smile? Wind and words. Wind and words. We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.”

ppl rly lost their shit over my andreil hc so here is neil w twitter

  • when allison, dan, and renee first makes neil a twitter he ? doesnt get ? it?
  • “why would i put stuff abt my life on the internet for strangers to read”
  • “ur friends can see it too neil”
  • “im w u guys all the time tho”
  • they ask what he wants his bio to say and he says idk smthg about exy
  • they make his bio “something about exy”
  • neil can’t figure out how to change it for a week and no one will help him
  • but allison follows a bunch of exy players for him and one day he goes on there when he’s bored in class
  • and bc he’s Neil Josten Human Trashcan he starts replying to ppl
  • like this girl might be court but she clearly does not know what she’s talking abt i better tell her
  • he already has a reputation and this just makes it worse
  • kevin puts him on google alert and reads the articles about his twitter fights every day w his daily vodka shot mug
  • “neil u cant just insult pro exy players”
  • so by the time neil makes his “Andrew is my boyfriend.” tweet he has tons of followers
    • a lot of them dont even like exy they are just here for the daily shade
  • the next day, this former Raven who’s now Court tweets about how exy should be a family sport and how the players needs to return to traditional values
  • neil doesnt follow this idiot but so many ppl @ him that he notices anyway
    • (allison has to give him a lesson on what subtweeting is)
  • and man neil josten is not abt to just leave this alone
  • pls
  • “idk i don’t like to take advice from strikers who havent managed to score in their last three games :/”
    • (neil is an emoticon purist he makes own from characters on the keyboard psh who needs emojis)
  • andrew hates it
  • he cant spend five minutes w neil w/out him replying to 40 ppl’s tweets
  • one day they’re on the roof and he. just. takes neil’s phone
  • and throws it off 
  • neil is so Offended
  • “andrew what r my enemies gonna think when i cant reply until i get a new phone tmrw?”
    • “r u trying to make me look weak andrew”
  • he literally leaves the roof
  • andrew takes six deep breaths and downloads twitter so neil can use his phone
  • dan and matt start printing out neil’s most epic clapbacks and taping them around the lounge
  • one of neil’s arguments is trending at least once a week

 Day 8 & 9

Ok, I missed the 8th day. I needed some sleep because my own language sounded like random noise during class. And I’ve been seeing people mixing some days, so why not?

I can’t really draw a fighting scene, and I don’t think @jakei95 would allow any boss fights in the set either.

This is how I think the Underverse set would look like: total chaos.

Video games, Error losing his sight, Edge planning pranks on Cross (“REVENGE!!”), Ink having an argument on the use of light…

And meanwhile, Underswap is having some… difficulties.

Cross sans: @jakei95

Error sans: @loverofpiggies

Classic sans: Toby Fox

The Crossember Challenge: @byutak


photos I have so far of Ignis being 2 fab 4 u
A Very Aberrant Holiday Special - An Adventure for 3rd and 4th Level Characters - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild
A Very Aberrant Holiday Special - An Adventure for 3rd and 4th Level Characters - Krampus is so last year. Let's take the holidays back to their cheerful and giving roots. That's exactly what the S

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A Far Realm entity wants to spread some holiday cheer but it doesn’t fully grasp the details of the traditions it has watched evolve for decades. It’s up to the party to put an end to this sugarplum nightmare.

cheritsundere  asked:

Sleepover friday: if you were stuck in space with only one paladin, which one and why?

kaitlyn,,,, or should i say satan,,,,, this is actually such a difficult question and im??? i have so many questions because i feel like it would depend on the situation?????

but if you mean just chilling casually in space??? my top choice would be allura because i feel like she knows all the top space resorts to hit up for a casual decade out and about the galaxies

if i have to pick a paladin thooooo, i think i’d go for,,,, shiro?? i feel like shiro and i would have a good time seeing all the cool planets and being tourists together,,,, shiro seems like he’d have a whole itinerary planned for Maximum Fun and i’m about that tbh lmfao

thank you so much for this question im,,,,,,, wiejfoiwje

send me an ask for sleepover friday?