Just pointing out that the Day Care Man in his youth looked really similar to Professor Elm. It would make sense for Elm’s research specialty to be Pokemon eggs if he grew up in the Day Care Center. Of course, game canon does not apply here or else the Day Care Couple would be Crystal’s grandparents and this in turn would make Elm her dad.

Although it’d be hilarious if he started dating Crystal’s mom or something.

September 23, 1988, 4:25 pm – The day that a 300-pound, 7 foot killer whale was born in San Diego.

She was named Orkid, after her father.

An incredible whale that has lived an incredible life, she is known as the most intelligent whale in captivity.

Adding to this record, on October 3rd, 2013, she officially became the oldest captive born whale to have ever lived.

Today marks the day that Orkid passes yet another milestone; 

Orkid is now the very first, the one and only, captive-born killer whale to have lived 10,000 days in the care of man.

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Why is this significant?

This is significant because it has never happened before – not once. This is history, being made

Why is this important?

With Orkid’s achievement today, past limits are being wiped away. Today she set a record, but with every second she lives and breathes she is pushing the limit further. She is only the 12th whale to reach this milestone, and the first born in captivity – this signifies how far captivity has come, and how far it will go in it’s continuing mission to improve killer whale care. When killer whale breeding began in the 70s, the average life span for a calf was 13 days; and now, Orkid has surpassed 10,000. In two months, Kayla will do the same. Kyuquot will follow in three years. This is a new era for the captive whales.

Why should I care?

You should care because this will not go away. This is not a fluke, this is not a one-off event. Whales are living longer than ever before in human care. The progress that led to this will not be reversed. Corky II has lived 46 years under human care; nothing is stopping her from exceeding that, and nothing is stopping Orkid and other captive borns from meeting and exceeding that number as well. 




I don’t know how or why, but suddenly I just love my 8th period; they are a handful and hard to tame, but my god are they just flipping hilarious.