in this house on the corner

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For some reason she hadn’t actually considered the fact that moving in meant seeing Bellamy every day . Early in the morning over coffee before he went into work, on lazy weekends when they both slept until 11:30 before stumbling into the kitchen to find something to quiet growling stomachs, when he would stumble back home from late shifts or nights out at the bar with Miller.

Every day.

With bags under his eyes and freshly showered and messy hair. Stretched out on the couch or reading a book at the kitchen table.

There was a slight possibility she hadn’t thought it all the way through.

Just moving in with an old friend, she’d told herself, over and over and over again. It made sense. He didn’t want to sell the house and she needed a place to live. And she didn’t want him to sell the house either.

But her stomach felt like lead and she knew, no matter how much she could never admit it, no matter how much she tried to ignore it and deny it and pretend the worry was all for nothing, she knew it was probably a bad idea. It wasn’t just moving in with an old friend. They were never friends. That’s not ever what they were and they certainly weren’t anything close to friends anymore.

She wondered exactly what she’d gotten the two of them into now.

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The studyblr community tends to look a bit to perfect sometimes, I mean I dont know about you, but I think that the idea that someone would take all of their classic pretty highlighters and felt tips to uni is a bit much. This is what I actually take to uni. (most of the time, some days I only take 1 pen)

And if I am being completely honest, majority of it sits in my bag all day (except my calculator #engineeringlyf ). My main pen that I use religiously is the BIC Atlantis, and this stays in my pocket as I move around from class to class. 

However the other little beauties are mainly used for my structural analysis class, to differentiate coordinate systems from one another. They include; 

- Paper mate Inkjoy ( you can buy these in a pack of 15 with soooo many colours on the cheap!)

- Paper mate Gel Roller II ( my backup pen )

- Standard HB pencil and eraser 

So go on, I invite everyone to share their #realisticstudyblr

i wasn’t in a great mood and i went to the corner store to get cereal and the very sweet man inside put my cereal in a bag and said “have…a nice day!” and turned the bag around to reveal a smiley face and it was just so precious i couldn’t help smiling 

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 7.4.14

the daybag in coal waxed canvas & upcycled WWII leather by pegandawl

i’m featuring this pegandawl bag on independence day specifically because the leather straps are made from upcycled world war two gunslings … RAD. this style, the daybag, is one of several that include this type of detail. happy 4th of july all! USA! USA!


What’s in my backpack ? (First day of school)

•Backpack: from “jansport” i think it’s cute, comfortable and also big!

—–Front pocket: 
• A mango & pineapple smoothing hand & nail cream (it smells delicious😍) Remember to take care of your skin. 
• 432 ballpoint pens “staedtler”, they are very comfy & the colours are fine 
• two pens & two pencils, I have these in case of an emergency. You’ll never know when you’re gonna need them, maybe when you forget your pencil case !

—–Big pocket: 
• My pencil case. 
• A notebook “scribe”. I use this the first week of school because I can write what the teachers want for their subject. 
• A weekly planner “Blueline”. To write the homework, projects, birthdays, presentations and all that kind of stuff.

& that’s all cuties 💕