For the next part of season 3 (or maybe even on the special) all I want is a moment of this:

Star: Now, here we are! A 15 year old princess and her 14 year old squire! I’m older than you! haha

Marco: 15.

Star: Wait what?

Marco: I’m 15.


Marco: Uh, it’s been a while. The day we were at beach actually.

Kelly: Oh yeah, after midnight when the sun rised there! I remember!

Star: *horrified intelligible noises*

The 5 Best Romantic Destinations for Couples

This list of the Most Romantic Destinations for Couples in the World is ideal for amorous adventurers, whether you’re looking for a sweetheart honeymoon or exciting couple’s escape.


Fortunate to be spared by the bright lights, casinos and congestion that hamper other Caribbean islands, Anguilla is a great place for a secluded escape. With a total land area of just 35 square miles, it’s one of the smaller inhabited islands in the region; however, there is no shortage of fun attractions. Take some time to explore the 12 miles of coastline and 33 pristine white-sand beaches where you’re sure to find a private enclave. Day sailing and snorkeling trips are available for adventurous couples, but be sure to pamper yourself at one of Anguilla’s luxurious spas after a long day at sea. Beach bars are popular spots for rum punch and sand-mashing (dancing) any time of day, while a wealth of elegant restaurants and casual-chic bars are ideal for romantic, island-style dinner dates once the sun goes down.


A playground for the rich and fabulous, Aspen offers more than just good celebrity spotting. Yes, this is a star-studded skier’s paradise, but it’s also a year-round romantic destination with its stunning scenery, top-notch hiking, superb accommodations and busy nightlife. Whether you choose to curl up in your lodge in front of a roaring fire, book a spa day or head outdoors, it’s all here in Aspen.

Bora Bora

Turquoise lagoon waters, lush mountains and miles of quiet, pristine beaches make Bora Bora a picture-perfect destination. True romance here means an overwater bungalow — a thatched-roof hideaway offering all the amenities and services of a first-class resort. Take a romantic cruise around the islands, enjoy myriad water sports and be sure to indulge in a Polynesian-style couples spa treatment featuring flower baths, body wraps with banana leaves and fresh fruit masks.

Catalina Island

Although it’s only 22 miles off the Southern California coast, Catalina Island feels hundreds of miles away from the mainland. Upon boarding the Catalina Express, the hustle and bustle of daily life slips from sight as you sail away to a piece of paradise in the Pacific Ocean. Avalon is the pulse of the island, with an array of attractions for couples to enjoy, from the Romance Promenade at the Casino to exhilarating zip line tours.


Tucked away in the Andean foothills of Northeast Peru, Chachapoyas has long been overshadowed by hot spots like Machu Picchu. But that just means you’ll have the magical place all to yourself. The former colonial settlement is now a little market town shrouded in clouds. The area is just dripping with beauty; the rainforest is rich with colorful bromeliads and ferns, and dotted with pristine waterfalls.

So, yesterday I managed to accomplish a lot of work, and decided to give myself a break from drawing at all today, which I’m surprised that I have 0% guilt of doing. I gave myself the opportunity to catch up on some fanfics.

My love for @buttsonthebeach‘s Body of Knowledge was no secret. I have fallen in love with Solas, Ellana and Ashara, have read the whole fic over and over again that I literally lost count. So today, I prepared myself to read the sequel of Body of Knowledge, Awakened.

And oh boy, did I binge-read the whole thing in a day.

Beach, I’ll start off by saying thank you so much for writing both Body of Knowledge and Awakened. They both made me laugh, both made me cry, made me think, made me wonder and it left me feeling bittersweet; just like I experienced in everything I loved and enjoyed, ending. I loved Ashara, I loved Lucius, I loved Claudia. I of course, loved Ellana and Solas a whole lot more. I find myself relating to Solas a lot in Chapter 23, which makes it hard for me to read from all the tears. And reading how the pain was resolved, somehow made me feel at peace.

You have a way with your writing in making your readers unconsciously interact with your characters. Like suddenly I’d mutter “I agree”, or “You said it, Ellana!”. I learned a lot about feelings and caring for another, intimate, sentimental things, unspoken words and languages between lovers, parents and friends and it made me appreciate the characters and their story even more; and it made me want. Want what, I’m not sure, but I guess I’ll find out in time. 

Simply said, after reading both fics, with everything emotionally, physically and mentally draining that happened to me recently, I felt a spark inside me, a warm spark that tells me to keep living. I might not be able to keep this mindset for long, but it’s something, and I’m holding it tight.

Again, thank you for writing them. I’m sorry this appreciation post turned sappy hahah but I’ve been feeling sappy for the past few days, so it’s kinda inevitable.

I look forward to read more of your work. ♥

dawnsoda  asked:

coffee or tea? werewolves or vampires? blue or green? ocean or space? night or day? sunrise or sunset? beaches or hills?



Scamp would like to announce the winners of his beach coloring book giveaway!

Congrats to @annearachne @otakusotakuseverywhere @funnyfangirldreams @lavendermatrix and @lettucechamp !! You will receive a message from rinfeet for more details! If you don’t see it by tomorrow morning, feel free to message Scamp or rinfeet and we’ll go from there!

Even if you didn’t win, feel free to save this mercorg page from Scamp’s book! You can print it, share it, color it, do what you please!

Thanks to everyone who participated!!

aerihead  asked:

new pun!! genji: 'so what's your plan now mr smooth?" hanzo: "I play to just smile and /wave/" genji: FU-

BOOM *finger guns* 

Thanks @aerihead! Back at it again with the salty puns! 

At this point, I’m tagging these all ‘pun lord shimada’

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A Day at the Beach | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell based on the request below. I hope you like it and let me know!

“Dan! Come on!” You pulled your boyfriend’s arm jokingly as he stood in front of the mirror checking his hair. You knew how self-conscious he’d always been about it and deep down inside you wished he’d stop straightening it all the time. Today, the two of you were getting ready for a day at the beach and you knew he was more than a little worried about his emo-locks turning into a curly mess once exposed to the salt and moisture of the sea air. “My fringe is going to look so messed up…” Dan mumbled to himself and let out a loud, exaggerated sigh. “Self-pity time can wait, I want to swim!” You yelled, pulling him away from the mirror and he could just grab the hotel key before you pushed him out of the door. The two of you had arrived in Florida yesterday and from the moment you set foot on American soil you had wanted to do nothing more than go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine. This was your first holiday outside of the UK with your boyfriend and also you’d loved the short trip you had taken to Brighton last summer, Florida beaches were on a whole new level. Dan was well aware of your overflowing excitement and he mainly considered it to be cute, edging on concerning. “You have to take mermaid pictures of me when we get there.” You told your boyfriend as the elevator went down, and he let out a soft laugh. “Sure love.” He answered, pulling you towards him and pressing a soft kiss to your temple. In a few months you would celebrate your two-year anniversary and you were lucky to still be head-over-heels for each other.

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Being able to control the elements and going to the beach with the Avengers would include:
  • You being the control maniac you always were
  • (get it because you control the elements)
  • Planning the whole trip all by yourself
  • You telling everyone not to worry about the weather
  • Freaking out when something was missing
  • “Y/N, you have towel number twelve on your hands”
  • “Oh, right. Sorry!”
  • Everyone being excited as hell 
  • Except for Bucky. He didn’t like being seen in public.
  • Pietro forbidding Wanda to wear a bikini
  • Her taking one with her anyways
  • Tony ignoring your begs to go on a road trip instead of on the jet
  • Flying all the way to the beach 
  • Leaving early so you can stay the whole day at the beach 
  • You planning on telling everyone your super plan during the flight
  • But you end up sleeping almost the whole flight
  • So they take this chance to make your schedule disappear magically
  • “Maybe you just forgot it on the table, Y/N. Relax, this is our day off!”
  • “Shut up, Steve. I NEED THAT AGENDA!”
  • Everyone trying not to act suspicious
  • Nat hiding in on her bag because, nobody touches Nat’s bag. Ever.
  • Tony, Clint and Natasha taking pictures of you and everyone else who’s sleeping for blackmail
  • Bucky looks just SO CUTE when he sleeps
  • Finally arriving to Tony’s beach house 
  • Tony and Steve getting everyone on their rooms
  • Pietro, Wanda, Vision and you sharing a room
  • Steve, Bucky, Natasha and Sam sharing a room
  • Tony and Clint sharing a room
  • Peter and Scott sleeping on the living room
  • “We don’t want any insects in our rooms!”
  • “Aw, Tony, c’mon. There are enough rooms for everyone!”
  • “FINE. Just get ready and everything so we can leave.”
  • You winking at Peter
  • Him smiling and looking down
  • Scott and Peter sharing a room
  • An hour, a bottle of sunblock and three girls getting ready later, finally getting to the beach
  • Pietro not approving Wanda’s bikini
  • The twins, Peter and you running straight to the water
  • Well, Pietro actually zooming to the water
  • Yelling, as the water was cold
  • “Kids these days are out of control”
  • “Cap, do you realize you just sounded like an eighty-year-old grandpa?”
  • Clint posting the pics he took of you on twitter
  • “Aw, little Y/N’s pout when she sleeps”
  • Having 10k+ retweets
  • Pietro getting angry at how Vision was staring at Wanda
  • Pietro getting angry at how everyone was staring at Wanda
  • Bucky wanting to go on the water so bad but being kinda shy
  • You trying to convince him 
  • At last, you literally pull him into the water
  • Him screeching cause the water is cold
  • You using your mutation to mess with everyone
  • Splashing water over everyone
  • Even Vision. He is not pleased.
  • Steve messing around with Natasha, and Bucky being a bit jealous
  • Sam and Peter digging a hole to bury Scott all the way up to his neck
  • “Cap, look! I’m a mermaid!”
  • Making a campfire
  • Eating marshmallows and sausages
  • Wanda stealing all of your marshmallows when you’re not looking
  • Telling alien stories around the campfire
  • “Y/N”
  • “Yes Nat” 
  • “I have your agenda”
  • … yoU PIECE OF SH…”
  • Throwing sand on her sausage
  • “Hey Y/N, why is #Y/Nslittlepout a trending topic on Twitter?”
  • Clint glaring at Peter
  • You checking twitter on your phone
  • Throwing sand at Clint

‪reputation + alcohol

‪🍹 But you can make me a drink

🍸 Whiskey on ice, sunset and vine‬

‪🍻 Drinking beer out of plastic cups‬

‪🍷 I’m spilling wine in the bathtub‬

‪🥂 We’re so drunk‬

‪🍾 Swimming in a champagne sea‬

‪🍺 Cleaning up bottles‬ on New Year’s Day

‪🍷 Drinking on a beach, with you all over me‬

🥂 You’re the toast of the town babe

🍸 I knew it from the first old fashioned we were cursed

My friend and I went to the beach and we both looked fine as hell. ;P

We spent a lot of time in the water, jumping waves and sometimes getting hit by them. Our original plan wasn’t to swim, maybe to just get our feet wet but we got so into it we both ended up completely soaked lol.

It was so much fun! We were laughing and swimming and just letting go of stress. We also came up with a MTMTE beach idea to collaborate on between our blogs so maybe y'all see that. :D

I feel so relaxed now that we’re home and I’ve showered off the sand. I haven’t had that much fun in such a long time!!

Thanks for the great time hun. 💖💖💖