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For the fluff HC yuuri is actually a terrible swimmer he know how to he just dosent like it so the first time he takes victor to the beach he clings to victor like a koala which victor of course loves untill a huge wave knocks them both over and yuuri has to pull them both out of the water to shore victor is now swooning like a damsel in destress at his hero they spend the rest of the day cuddling on the beach with victor insisting on constant mouth to mouth

V: Yuri, I’m dying! I need mouth to mouth!
Y: Victor…you’ve been breathing normally for thirty minutes now
Y: *chuckles and obliges*


Can there please be a scene in Battle for Mewni where Marco is looking at that beach day photo of him and star?? Like we already see that he’s miserable without her. So like. What if he sees the photo like on the counter or whatever and he just stares at it. He stares longingly at the happy, carefree Star in the photo. But his eyes shift to his own face, and he scrunches his brows in confusion. He looks so deliriously happy in this photo, and he remembered how happy he had been that day. It was just a relaxing, fun day at the beach, but it had been one of the most fun days he could remember. He realizes that since Star came into his life, there have been a lot of those kinds of days. Almost every day with Star was one of the best days of his life.

and now I’ll never see her again…and all those special days will be gone forever.

Looking at the photo, Marco had never realized just how he had always looked at Star. He had always looked at her with such happiness, in a way that showed the world that this girl was the most important girl in his life. Looking at his own happy face, he realized he never remembered being this happy; he never remembered a time in his life where someone had made him feel quite the way Star did.

Marcos eyes widened in realization. Oh my gosh…

Suddenly, Marco jumps up and bolts upstairs to his room to fetch his scissors.

“I spent the day at the beach today and kept catching myself looking at other women and wondering why my thighs met in the middle when theirs didn’t or why their bums looked proportionate to their waists and why nothing jiggled when they ran to catch the frisbee like everything of mine does…and then I gave myself a stern telling off. Fair enough I’d like to be a bit healthier but that doesn’t justify comparing myself to every other woman I come across. I’m happy (and kick-ass) the way I am.”

updated masterlist


-airport fashion (inspired)

-casual day

-lazy day

-inspired look


-movie date

-lazy day

-inspired look


-picnic date


-lazy day


-beach date

-lazy day


-inspired look no.1

-movie date

-cafe date

-lazy day


-grunge look

-semi fancy dinner

-lazy day


-simple date

-lazy day

10 Essential K-Beauty Products You Need To Stay Fresh This Summer

10 Essential K-Beauty Products You Need To Stay Fresh This Summer

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With sweet summertime upon us, ’tis the season for days at the beach, outdoor barbecues with friends and family, and catching up on your summer reading (and K-drama binging!). But hot summer weather can also cause a lot of changes in your skin. If you’re looking for some products to update your summer K-beauty routine, here are some products to help your skin look and feel fresh, even in a heat…

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Day 4: Dex and Whiskey

These are some headcanons @smhatthesmh and I came up with for Dex and Whiskey’s relationship, so we hope you enjoy them.

Dex and Whiskey: a day at the beach

  • Sunscreen, sunburns, and aloe vera
    • So Dex is usually really good about putting sunscreen on, because that boy be white and he burns easily
    • In his excitement though after setting up a spot on the beach with Whiskey, he casts off his shirt and makes a break for the water without a care in the world
    • Barely even 15 minutes later, he goes back to their spot on the beach looking a bit pink
    • Whiskey just laughs and chirps him about how he should have put sunscreen on from the start
    • Whiskey then proceeds to help him put sunscreen on so he won’t burn any more
    • He also has to go out the next day to get aloe vera to help soothe Dex’s sunburn
  • Sand castles
    • What is a trip to the beach without building at least one sand castle?? A horrible trip, that’s what!!
    • They take their sand castle building rather seriously and go all out
    • Well they aren’t those super awesome professional ones people build for sand castle contests, but for amateurs their sand castles aren’t too shabby
    • They stand on the inside of their sand castle walls and declare themselves kings of the beach
    • Getting out of the castle afterwards is the fun part…why did we dig this impressive moat??
  • Tide pools
    • They wander over to the rocky cliffs and climb about them, being careful of where they step and how they step
    • Whiskey finds a nice tide pool with a starfish in it, and they ever so gently touch it
    • Don’t worry, these boys follow “aquarium rules” where they touch it gently with two fingers, they don’t poke at it, they don’t try to pick it up, and they’re done to leave it be
    • They look about for other tide pools and watch the different ocean animals living in them
  • Splish, splash
    • Again, what’s a trip to the beach without playing around in the ocean?? Exactly!!!
    • It started after Whiskey helped Dex finally get some sunscreen on, and he really wanted to go back into the water
    • He grabs Whiskey by the hand and drags him over to the water
    • He lets go and runs right into the water, while Whiskey just stands there laughing at him
    • Cue Dex splashing water at Whiskey to try and get him to get in the water
    • Having gotten splashed causes Whiskey to walk a little bit into the water and splashes Dex right back
    • A water war ensues…splish, splash, water fight!!!!
  • Lazy stroll
    • They take the quintessential stroll along the beach
    • They are walking in the wet sand at the water’s edge, toes squishing in the sand and waves rolling up to just barely meet them
    • They’re holding hands, talking about anything and everything, laughing, without a single care in the world at that moment in time
    • Oh they so totally kiss as the sun starts to set, the glow of the remaining sun absolutely beautiful
Fusion Mom and Son Beach Day


“Steveen… Steeeveeeen…”

Garnet didn’t have any duties on Homeworld to attend to that day. Knowing that, she decided to dedicate her free time to spending the day with her son. It was a bit past nine in the morning, and she was dead set on waking him as gently as she could. Oh, she couldn’t wait. Ever since the events leading up to Steven admitting that he had always wanted to call her his mom, she’d wanted a moment like this. Now she had the time. She couldn’t afford to waste it.

“Wake up, Steven,” she cooed. Garnet was kneeling down by his bed and ready to just start smooching him awake if she could. She’d do it, too. No one could stop her from doing that much, she was sure. For the time being, though, she’d wait to see if Steven woke up just from her gently calling his name.

“It’s a beautiful mornin’,” she said, “and you don’t want to miss out on it, I’m sure.” Just a few moments more, she decided. Then she’d try to get him up with the smooches.

mood/feelings song asks

🌧 - song for a rainy day
🌚 - song for when i’m feeling nervous
🔥 - song that pumps me up
🍂 - song that helps me calm down
🌊 - song for a day at the beach
⭐️ - song i’ll listen to on repeat
🌠 - song that’s special to me
☂ - song for when i’m feeling sad
🙂 - song that makes me smile
💔 - song for a heartbreak
🎉 - song to party to
🚶 - song for when i feel alone
👯 - song that reminds me of someone
💪🏽 - song that helps me be strong
🏋 - song to work out to
☄ - song for when i feel lighter than air ☀️ - song for a sunny day
🌲 - song that reminds me of nature
💤 - song i fall asleep to
✌🏼️ - song for when i feel fabulous
🌪 - song for when i’m angry
🎤 - song i’ll sing out loud
✈️ - song for when i’m feeling nostalgic
⚓️ - song that keeps me grounded
🌇 - song that inspires me
⏰ - song for when i’m feeling stressed