Fatlock 30 Day Challenge: Day 29

Tummy Rubs.

“Mmph… God…”

“Good?” asked John, grinning and tossing his jacket aimlessly into his arm chair. They’d been out to dinner, trying a new Indian restaurant that had just opened. Sherlock had insisted that they needed to sample several dishes. And of course the detective had managed to do more than just sample. The result was that Sherlock was now really quite full as he slumped down in the center of the sofa, wriggling to get his trouser waistband away from his overfull tummy.

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The Most Brutal 30 Day Challenge Ever

29. Has the series, music or fandom changed your life in any way? Share even if it’s just as an improvement on your art or writing.

YES! It turned my life upside down. To list every change would be too long, so I pick my favorite thing, because it’s art-related:

I wanted to draw Dethklok members playing their instruments, but I was so disappointed, because it didn’t turned out the way I imagined them, so I forced myself to study hands. :D

Besides of drawing my own hands I watched tons of youtube-videos and photos of guitarists, observing their poses and hand gestures and doodled them…

So I tried to bring all that into my fanart…

… even in stylized form XD

Corrected lots of mistakes in older Metalocalypse fanart of course…

I’ve gone crazy with hand anatomy, copied every drawing from the hand-chapter of Bammes’ book “Die Gestalt des Menschen”, trying to understand how arm muscles work, how the bone structure looks like and all that stuff.

No one can say to me now that drawing fanart is useless (as long as the artist doesn’t stay in his/her comfort zone)! >:D


30 Days One Piece Challenge

Day 29: Favourite song or theme music (youtube-link is with the gif’s)

Oh, I really LOVE Opening 14 (Fight Together). I love it so much, because it sounds awesome. But there are also so many emotions in that song, because it’s the one after Ace death and with the flashback of Luffy’s childhood. And the pictures, oh the fucking pictures of this song… It’s just perfect, okay? ♥

Now Bink’s sake… Well, I don’t know why I love this song, but I just do. It’s fucking catchy and sounds great.

We Are! is always good, in every version. But I like the one who’s sung by the Straw Hats the most, because everyone love singing anime characters. It’s also a theme song who’s used everywhere in the anime, ‘cause there are so many versions of it.

And Opening 13 (One Day)… Well, it’s the opening of Ace death, so it’s so emotional… It’s not as cheerful as the other ones but it’s great anyway!

Opening 11 (Share the World!) is cool and really catchy. And I like the used pictures.

God, I love the music of One Piece!

And I love this One Piece medley/musicalthing:
Please wtch that shit and don’t forget the Making Of. It’s hilarious although I can’t understand Spanish.

Title: I was sure we could see a new start
Summary: Sasuke never really knew Sakura had a thing for mementos, until now.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Souvenirs
Rating: K+
Warning(s): Some angst. Not overly so, though.
Comments: Idk I just like the idea of Sakura having a thing for keepsakes and mementos and things. I just see her as that type of person.

He didn’t really mean to find them.

He had just been looking for her stash of kunai and shuriken, to use in their impromptu sparring match, and had accidentally stumbled upon them as he opened a large drawer of a worn desk in her closet. Having seen her ninja outfits above it only moments before, Sasuke simply assumed she kept her training gears there.

Instead, he found a bunch of random objects—no, souvenirs—neatly placed in lines, grouped, and… organized—from old to new.

Almost as if they were forming a timeline.

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