Since last year’s 365 days of journaling was so successful here’s a new one to complete in 2016!

Feel free to share and tag me in anything you upload for me to have a nose at - although this is not necessary. Enjoy!

1. Do you believe in New Year resolutions? If so what are your resolutions for this year?
2. Review of 2015
3. How could you help others this year?
4. How can you help yourself this year?
5. What do you want to achieve this year?
6. List ways to succeed personally this year.
7. Your personality traits.
8. List ways to treat yourself this year.
9. Describe your sense of humor.
10. Is your family supportive?
11. List 6 things you love about Winter.
12. Compare your present self to your past self.
13. Would you want to live in a city, suburb or in the country?
14. How would you like to be remembered?
15. Your star sign.
16. Write about a recent adventure or travels.
17. What are your three largest priorities?
18. Write a letter to someone you need to forgive.
19. My goal tomorrow is…
20. My strengths are …
21. Technology – good or bad?
22. What’s your motto?
23. List words you most overuse.
24. What have you sacrificed?
25. Spirit animal?
26. What makes you unique?
27. List the worst books you’ve read.
28. Would you want to grow up in the public eye?
29. How much self-control do you have?
30. What are your best character traits?
31. List ten simple short goals for this month.
32. What emotion dominates your life lately?
33. Who made you feel good this week?
34. I want to always remember….
35. Do you believe in ghosts?
36. What hurts today?
37. In your imagination, what will the world be like in 50 years?
38. List of flowers.
39. List five acts you feel guilty about.
40. Walking in the rain is…
41. Did your parents sacrifice for you?
42. The things that make me laugh the hardest are…
43. How do you feel about your appearance?
44. How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?
45. List of favourite drinks.
46. Have you ever lost something valuable?
47. Ten ways I show those I love that I care are…
48. Do you like exercise?
49. What does forgiveness mean to you?
50. Dream job.
51. Recipe for a perfect night in.
52. List 10 things you love about yourself.
53. What you know about the day you were born? Tell any family stories that were told to you.
54. Summarise today using no more than forty four words.
55. A memory you wish you could forget?
56. Favourite colour?
57. Receipts of things you’ve bought this week.
58. List ten things that scare you about getting old?
59. Where do you escape to?
60. ‘I wish I could’ list.
61. Describe visits to your grandparents’ home.
62. Books or E-Books?
63. How do you feel about commitment in general?
64. What do you think is the greatest invention? Why?  
65. List 5 actresses.
66. Describe your parents’ philosophy of raising children: discipline, rules and outlook.
67. I wish there were no more…..
68. Favourite family story?
69. Do/did you like school?
70. Your proudest moment.
71. 10 television shows.
72. If you had only one wish, what would you wish for?
73. Where is home for you?
74. Favourite restaurant?
75. Five Things I’ve Forgiven People For and Why.
76. List 6 things you love about Spring.
77. How do you like to be romanced?
78. How do you indulge yourself?
79. What is your favourite Saturday activity?
80. What famous world festivals would you like to attend?
81. Are you a wallflower?
82. How well do you take criticism?
83. Did you have a favourite blanket or toy? Tell about it.
84. List 5 actors.
85. Describe a typical day in school.
86. List 3 things that went wrong today.
87. How would you describe yourself?
88. What do you like best about your home?
89. What makes you a good person?
90. What did you most enjoy doing this week?
91. Do you let people in?
92. Tell about your favourite aunt or uncle. Were you close? What do you remember most?
93. How do you stand out from the crowd?
94. Which quality best describes your life–exciting, organised, dull–and why?
95. I want to forget…
96. Write a fan letter to your favourite actor/actress.
97. What historical figure do you most identify with?
98. My worst experience today was …
99. Whose advice do you seek in times of need?
100. Something you have always felt was missing in your life
101. Name one thing you always wanted to do, but haven’t.  What has prevented you from doing it?
102. Helplessness: that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins. When did you last feel like that –- and what did you do about it?
103. Favourite activities.
104. Do you feel lovable?
105. Review a book.
106. Today I overheard…
107. You karaoke/shower song.
108. Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?
109. A list of questions you would like to ask future you.
110. Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.
111. Write about your school life, your grades, what you wish you had done differently.
112. List favourite desserts.
113. How important is loyalty to you?
114. List 15 characters from movies.
115. Your most embarrassing moment.
116. What’s on your calendar for tomorrow?
117. Best decision you’ve made?
118. ‘Things to try’ list.
119. Rainy days or sunshine adventures?
120. What would you do if money were no object?
121. Who do you relate with the most – your mother or father?
122. I’m thankful for…
123. Write about regrets you may have.
124. Create a moodboard that reflects today’s feelings.
125. Ten things you hold most dear.
126. Who was your first crush and what made them special?
127. When have you felt lonely?
128. Your most satisfying victory.
129. Something you have always felt was missing in your life
130. Write a letter to someone who believed in you even when you didn’t believe in yourself.
131. What does being a friend means to you?
132. How would you change the world to make it better?
133. What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?
134. Favourite childhood memory?
135. Are you an emotional person?
136. A-Z list of favourite things.
137. When was the last time someone gave you butterflies?
138. Write about turning points in your life – what would be different now if you had made a different choice.
139. Is physical attraction important to you?
140. Is money important to you?
141. Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.
142. Do you have/want any tattoos? Their meaning?
143. What did you learn this week?
144. Who are your heroes?
145. List 3 things that went right today.
146. How do you feel during a thunderstorm?
147. Do you forgive things easily?
148. Write about lost friendships.
149. My weaknesses are …
150. Favourite emoticons.
151. Are you more like your mother or father?
152. Night or day?
153. List of countries to visit.
154. Describe the area you live in.
155. A secret no one knows.
156. List of favourite languages.
157. List of favourite designers.
158. What qualities do you want in a romantic partner?
159. Research and find a new poem today.
160. List 5 things you hate/dislike.
161. Write something inspired by a recent dream you had.
162. What excuses keep me stuck?
163. Your lucky number?
164. List 5 animals.
165. Tell us about something you know you should do … but don’t.
166. Favourite animation movie.
167. Do you apologise too much?
168. List of things that stress you.
169. Favourite recipe?
170. When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?
171. Favourite places visited.
172. Write about your childhood.
173. If your life had a soundtrack, like a movie, what songs would you include? Why?
174. Optimist or pessimist?
175. Take any poem or short story you find anywhere. Rewrite it in your own words.
176. How do you feel when you’re leaving home on vacation?
177. Open up a dictionary to a random word. Define what that word means to you.
178. List restaurants to visit.
179. Choose an animal. Write about it!
180. Write a celebrity crush list.
181. What are you afraid of? Why?
182. Five things I love about relationships…
183. Close your eyes and imagine the kind of world you would like to see.  What is it like?
184. My best experience today was …
185. ‘Books to read’ list.
186. What does religion mean to you?
187. ‘Rainy day’ list.
188. The biggest challenge you’ve faced?
189. Your favourite instrument (to play/listen to)?
190. List of fears.
191. List of everything you’d like to say yes to.
192. Favourite pieces of art.
193. My worst experience today was …
194. Ten things that scare you about getting old?
195. List the cheesiest jokes you know.
196. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
197. A character that you relate to.
198. List toys from your childhood.
199. What talents do you have?
200. List of unhealthy habits.
201. What is your favourite sound?
202. List things that make you feel safe.
203. Find an image in a magazine that reflects your current emotional status.
204. List 8 music artists.
205. When have you experienced heartbreak?
206. I feel most energized when…
207. List things that make you laugh.
208. Choose – Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games or Maze Runner?
209. List the 5 most expensive things you’ve bought.
210. Receipts from today.
211. If you could become an expert in any subject or activity, what would it be?
212. List of rituals.
213. Favourite authors.
214. List hobbies.
215. So far I’ve learned these lessons about life …
216. What’s the funniest thing that happened to you this week?
217. A moodboard of patterns.
218. Using 10 words, describe yourself.
219. Movie review.
220. What are your thoughts on camping?
221. What’s one thing you’d change about your appearance if you could? What’s one character trait you’d change?
222. What would your perfect day be like?
223. A fictional place you wish you could visit?
224. List of websites.
225. Favourite menu.
226. What are things you can do in 15 minutes or less that improve your mood?
227. Favourite fast food.
228. If you could get the answer to any question, what would you ask?
229. List things you find beautiful.
230. Describe your alter ego — someone who is your exact opposite.
231. 3 pieces of advice for past you?
232. What is your mission in life?
233. If you could go back and relive one day of your life, which day would it be and why?
234. What would you do if you could travel into the past?
235. What is the one thing you feel always brings out the good in people?
236. A quote that inspires you.
237. What relationships matter the most to you? How can you maintain and improve them?
238. What is your favourite room in your home and why?
239. Do you believe in the afterlife?
240. ‘Inside my bag’ list.
241. How often do you leave your comfort zone?
242. I am happiest when…
243. Cold or hot?
244. Do you believe one person can change the world?
245. Describe a time when you were brave.
246. Favourite Games List.
247. I’ve been putting off…
248. List ways to relieve stress?
249. When do you feel underappreciated?
250. Define your personal style.
251. List 8 things that you enjoy.
252. Did a teacher ever have a profound effect on you?
253. Three things I value about myself are….
254. Random Facts About Me List
255. What role do you play in your family?
256. List sports you love/hate.
257. What would the title of your biography be and why?
258. A promise you have broken?
259. List the emotions you’ve felt today.
260. What effect does music have on you?
261. Favourite poem.
262. Doodle here.
263. Favourite piece of jewellery.
264. List 15 characters from books.
265. Are you hard on yourself?
266. Summarise the day in one sentence.
267. If and when I raise children, I’ll never…
268. Write about your first kiss.  Was it everything you wished or hoped it would be?
269. Book review.
270. What does family mean to you?
271. Your favourite photo of you.
272. List of things that annoy you.
273. How productive are you?
274. What was the title of the last book you read?
275. List 6 things you love about Summer.
276. Doodle here.
277. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
278. What did you learn today?  What did you learn yesterday?
279. Shuffle your iPod, list first 10 ten songs.
280. Make a list of 30 things that make you smile.
281. I couldn’t imagine living without…
282. What would you do if you could travel into the future?
283. Quotes that ignite something in you?
284. I really wish others knew this about me…
285. Your biggest achievement?
286. I feel happiest in my skin when…
287. Organised or organised chaos?
288. List of everything you’d like to say no to.
289. Who inspires you?
290. List your top 10 movies.
291. Write the words you need to hear.
292. List your responsibilities.
293. What is your favourite holiday? What makes this holiday special?
294. Why you get up in the morning.
295. Tea or coffee? Why? Favourites?
296. What do you want to know about yourself?
297. List of House Rules
298. The biggest headline of today and your feelings on it.
299. My best birthday was…
300. List of things that make you worry.
301. Land or Sea?
302. My imaginary friend growing up was…
303. List 10 songs.
304. What is your passion?
305. What kind of day have you had, and why?
306. List of favourite subjects at school.
307. Most romantic date you’ve been on?
308. Tell about an event in your life that has caused a change in you.
309. Best thing that’s happened this month?
310. What’s the Most Memorable Thing You Ever Got in the Mail?
311. List of friends’ names.
312. What are your most prized possessions?
313. Favourite type of weather?
314. Who has had the most impact on your life?
315. List of favourite snacks.
316. What song have you listened to today?
317. List 6 things you love about Autumn.
318. Your feelings on war.
319. What are all your thoughts on god?
320. Make a list of 15 escapes you would like to indulge in.
321. What is a mistake people often make about you?
322. What makes you a bad person?
323. How your parents met.
324. What kind of day are you having, and why?
325. Favourite family photo?
326. I was most angry when…
327. List 10 skills you bring to a work environment.
328. What were your favourite picture books when you were younger?
329. A-Z list of things you’d like to try.
330. If you have brothers or sisters, how are you similar to them or different from them? What about with your friends?
331. What song was No.1 when you were born?
332. List of favourite childhood shows.
333. Do you follow fashion trends?
334. Your favourite season?
335. Can you be alone with yourself?
336. List of favourite magazines.
337. Your beliefs about Karma.
338. What’s something you disagree with about the way you were raised?
339. Growing up, what did you really want but never received.
340. Favourite lyrics?
341. Is love at first sight possible?
342. List 12 shops.
343. Have you ever been in love?
344. Favourite month of the year?
345. Do you have any family traditions?
346. Is Christmas a big holiday to you and your family?
347. Favourite Christmas images.
348. Who is someone you miss?
349. List of names you will by buying gifts for this year.
350. What are you planning to buy as a gift this year?
351. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?
352. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
353. When did you stop believing in Santa?
354. Favourite Christmas song?
355. What are your initial thoughts when you hear the word ‘Christmas’?
356. Your Christmas shopping list?
357. Favourite Christmas song?
358. Favourite Christmas memory?
359. What does Christmas mean to you now?
360. How was your Christmas?
361. Do you celebrate Boxing day?
362. Would you change anything about this year?
363. List things you’ve learnt this year?
364. What have you achieved this year?
365. What do you want to achieve next year?
366. Things I am looking forward to next year…

We still talk like lovers. Where do the flowers on your tongue come from if not from between your ribs?
—  still there // abby, day 223
  • Rocky: You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
  • Sanha: Day 223. Rocky tells me I must do the thing I think I cannot do. I do not think I can shoot lasers from my eyes. I've really been trying to do it.
365 Days of Headcanon Prompts

—- Below is a list of 365 prompts, as originally posted by  germanicheadcanons. Apologies for the length and lack of read more, even though I never intend to delete this blog ever better safe than sorry. Enjoy, be inspired, and I look forward to see them ^^


Day 1: Childhood
Day 2: Scars
Day 3: Dreams
Day 4: Nightmares
Day 5: Strengths
Day 6: Weaknesses
Day 7: Crises
Day 8: Loss
Day 9: Desire
Day 10: Clothes
Day 11: Destiny
Day 12: Training
Day 13: Education-
Day 14: Work
Day 15: Profanity
Day 16: Sleep
Day 17: Meals
Day 18: Smile
Day 19: Fear
Day 20: First Kiss
Day 21: Parents
Day 22: Siblings
Day 23: Heart
Day 24: Illness
Day 25: Hair
Day 26: Skin
Day 27: Pet peeves
Day 28: Anger
Day 29: Patience
Day 30: Happiness
Day 31: Grief
Day 32: Death
Day 33: Souls
Day 34: Hesitation
Day 35: Agility
Day 36: Future
Day 37: Lonely
Day 38: Friends
Day 39: Sex
Day 40: Kinks
Day 41: Weapons
Day 42: Health
Day 43: Cooking
Day 44: Music
Day 45: Art
Day 46: Intelligence
Day 47: Social
Day 48: Lost
Day 49: Injuries
Day 50: Fight
Day 51: Love
Day 52: Hate
Day 53: Disappointment
Day 54: Aspiration
Day 55: Admiration
Day 56: Sunshine
Day 57: Ocean
Day 58: Heights
Day 59: Cold
Day 60: Pain
Day 61: Resilience
Day 62: Hands
Day 63: Children
Day 64: Technology
Day 65: Sexuality
Day 66: Adaptive
Day 67: Writing
Day 68: Sad
Day 69: Spiritual Faith
Day 70: Loyalty
Day 71: Honesty
Day 72: Morning
Day 73: Evening
Day 74: Night
Day 75: Phone
Day 76: Sunset
Day 77: Medicine
Day 78: Jewelry
Day 79: Relatives
Day 80: Book
Day 81: Photos
Day 82: Colours
Day 83: Diary
Day 84: Tears
Day 85: Humility
Day 86: Selfless-
Day 87: Movie-
Day 88: Heat-
Day 89: Cake-
Day 90: Money-
Day 91: Fun-
Day 92: Comfort-
Day 93: Waiting-
Day 94: Scent-
Day 95: Voice-
Day 96: Seasons-
Day 97: Handwriting-
Day 98: Face-
Day 99: Storm-
Day 100: Time-
Day 101: Selfish-
Day 102: Sweets-
Day 103: Doctors-
Day 104: Shots-
Day 105: Dominance-
Day 106: Submissiveness-
Day 107: Tact-
Day 108: Alcohol-
Day 109: Party-
Day 110: Horoscope-
Day 111: Instruments-
Day 112: Facial Hair-
Day 113: Animals
Day 114: Popular
Day 115: Eating Disorder
Day 116: Dolls
Day 117: Deadly
Day 118: Transportation
Day 119: Military
Day 120: Drinks-
Day 121: Allergies-
Day 122: Gems-
Day 123: Germs-
Day 124: Clingy-
Day 125: Hometown-
Day 126: Safe Place-
Day 127: Compassion-
Day 128: Hobbies-
Day 129: Video Games-
Day 130: Drugs-
Day 131: Nicknames-
Day 132: Wedding-
Day 133: Jewellry-
Day 134: Gender-
Day 135: Bullying-
Day 136: Logic-
Day 137: Abuse-
Day 138: Headphones or Earbuds-
Day 139: Glasses-
Day 140: Apologies
Day 141: Element-
Day 142: Likable-
Day 143: Community Service-
Day 144: Insane-
Day 145: Mental Disorders-
Day 146: Dance-
Day 147: Garden-
Day 148: House-
Day 149: Children-
Day 150: Forgiving-
Day 151: Weather-
Day 152: Crime-
Day 153: Graceful-
Day 154: Adopted-
Day 155: Masks-
Day 156: Age-
Day 157: Flowers-
Day 158: Tolerance-
Day 159: Enemies-
Day 160: Memories-
Day 161: Assassin-
Day 162: Forgetful-
Day 163: Sensitivity-
Day 164: Government-
Day 165: Addictions-
Day 166: Regrets-
Day 167: Lazy-
Day 168: Superficial-
Day 169:Mythical Creatures-
Day 170: Serious-
Day 171: Belligerent
Day 172: Active-
Day 173: Common sense-
Day 174: Sports-
Day 175: Sense of Direction-
Day 176: Obnoxious
Day 177: Fashion-
Day 178: Passenger-
Day 179: Incandescent-
Day 180: Sassy-
Day 181: Mistakes-
Day 182: Monogamy-
Day 183: Circumcised-
Day 184: Disillusioned-
Day 185: Fortunate-
Day 186: Statuesque-
Day 187: Observant-
Day 188: Wilderness-
Day 189: Abortion-
Day 190: Whimsical-
Day 191: Jaded-
Day 192: Procrastination
Day 193: Bashful-
Day 194: Adaptable-
Day 195: Stereotypes-
Day 196: Panic-
Day 197: Gifted-
Day 198:Multilingual-
Day 199: Eloquent-
Day 200: Nutritious
Day 201: Ebullience-
Day 202: Chaos-
Day 203: Charming-
Day 204: Romance-
Day 205: First Date-
Day 206: Cultured-
Day 207: Jumpy-
Day 208: Meek-
Day 209: Income-
Day 210: Spit or Swallow-
Day 211: Dependant-
Day 212: Stuffed Animals-
Day 213: Macabre
Day 214: Edgar Allan Poe
Day 215: Darkness
Day 216: Angels-
Day 217: Cars-
Day 218: Fancy-
Day 219: Cliches-
Day 220: Cheat-
Day 221: Leather-
Day 222: Bars-
Day 223: Boredom-
Day 224: Public-
Day 225: Cruelty-
Day 226: Dysfunctional
Day 227: Stamina
Day 228: Evil-
Day 229: Holidays-
Day 230: Vacations-
Day 231: Religion-
Day 232: Quirks/Flaws-
Day 233: Mirrors-
Day 234: Sleepovers-
Day 235: Silence-
Day 236: Touch-
Day 237: Forgotten-
Day 238: Listening-
Day 239: Taboo/Forbidden
Day 240: Light-
Day 241: Magic-
Day 242: Test-
Day 243: Laws/Rules-
Day 244: Royalty-
Day 245: Rumor/Gossip-
Day 246: Dishonesty-
Day 247: Emotions/Feelings-
Day 248: Pride-
Day 249: Poverty-March 5
Day 250: Power-
Day 251: Ego-
Day 252: Curiosity-
Day 253: Attention-
Day 254: Hygiene-
Day 255: Torture-
Day 256: Competition/Competitiveness-
Day 257: Nervous habits/Tics-
Day 258: Coping mechanisms-
Day 259: Collect-
Day 260: Skill/Talent-
Day 261: Leader/Follower-
Day 262: Marriage-
Day 263: Superstition-
Day 264: Shopping-
Day 265: Relaxing/Resting-
Day 266: Moving-
Day 267: Traveling-
Day 268: Failure-
Day 269: Reincarnation-
Day 270: Possessive-
Day 271: Revenge-
Day 272: Affection-
Day 273: Time Periods-
Day 274: Hug-
Day 275: Blood/Gore-
Day 276: Giving Speeches-
Day 277: Performing-
Day 278: Playing-
Day 279: Secondhand Embarrassment-
Day 280: Costumes-
Day 281: Castles-
Day 282: Hell-
Day 283: Tradition
Day 284: Orphans-
Day 285: Homeless-
Day 286: Aliens-
Day 287: Outer Space
Day 288: The Universe-
Day 289: Treason-
Day 290: Cleaning-
Day 291: Birth
Day 292: Illusion-
Day 293: Debauchery-
Day 294: Piercing-
Day 295: Tattoo-
Day 296: Fire-
Day 297: Self-doubt-
Day 298: Humor-
Day 299: Riddle-
Day 300: Change-
Day 301: Second Chances/Mercy-
Day 302: Immortality
Day 303: Mortality-
Day 304: Hypocrisy-
Day 305: Control-
Day 306: Trust-
Day 307: Irony-
Day 308: Shame-
Day 309: Survival-
Day 310: Impulsive-
Day 311: Compromise-
Day 312: Morals-
Day 313: Compliment-
Day 314: Commitment-
Day 315: Honor-
Day 316: Weight-
Day 317: The Perfect Date-
Day 318: Perfect partner-
Day 319: Best Friend-
Day 320: Flags-
Day 321: Theme Songs-
Day 322: National Anthems-
Day 323: Betrayal-
Day 324: Secret-
Day 325: Distance-
Day 326: Drunk-
Day 327: Broken-
Day 328: Mental Attitude-
Day 329: Adrenaline
Day 330: Energy Level-
Day 331: Stress-
Day 332: Advantage!-
Day 333: Obsession-
Day 334: Boundaries-
Day 335: Challenge-
Day 336: Reflection-
Day 337: Science Advancement-
Day 338: Opportunities-
Day 339: Judgement-
Day 340: Excuses-
Day 341: Decisions-
Day 342: Luck-
Day 343: Priorities-
Day 344: Respect-
Day 345: Teach-
Day 346: Protect-J
Day 347: Encourage-
Day 348: Advice-
Day 349: Communication-
Day 350: Puzzle-
Day 351: Experience-
Day 352: Consequences
Day 353: Discipline-
Day 354: Motivation
Day 355: Simplicity
Day 356: Instinct
Day 357: Fame
Day 358: Unique
Day 359: Independent/Dependent
Day 360: Discover
Day 361: Legend/Stories
Day 362: Blame6
Day 363: Constellations
Day 364: Struggle
Day 365: Perspective


Finally, two days late, I bring my contribution to @thinkoutsidethelovesquare with a Soulmate AU that was supposed to be a drabble and just wouldn’t quit.

AO3 link here.

Enjoy! <3

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. Now, Nino, you may kiss the bride.”

Everyone cheers as the happy couple share their first kiss as a married couple. It’s barely even a kiss with how much Nino is smiling, but that makes it even cuter. Some of us weren’t sure if he would ever manage to drag Alya to the altar and just like everyone else, I’m clapping and smiling, happy that he finally did it. But unlike the others, I have another reason to be smiling. As I watch them walk back down the aisle, my mind travels back to the day it all began.

It’s the first day of school and five year old me is a nervous wreck. With my mother’s hand in my right and clutching a brand new sketchbook in my left, I walk with my head held as high I can handle into the room of fourteen other children. I try not to cry as my mother lets go of my hand and tells me to be brave. I’ve never been brave, she knows that. She says I’ll make lots of friends. That’s another thing I’ve never been good at.

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