This chapter of 19 Days was kinda nostalgic imo. It just had the same feeling to it as the very early chapters except that this time around, there is a more serious tone to everything. I love it.
Also, I really appreciated that panel of He Tian, greeting Jian Yi - those two have been (weird) friends since the very beginning and I’m glad that that’s not forgotten.

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Juvia is on a mission that takes a long time to complete. Meanwhile, in Magnolia, Gray misses her. Gray still has that Juvia body pillow from the 413 days omake (anime episode 220) The rest of the drabble idea is for you to decide ;) (if you choose to accept it)

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Gray closed the door behind him and threw his keys on the bowl next to the door. He took a few steps in, the usual feeling sinking on his stomach. He was alone.

The silence was deafening.

Groaning, Gray went to his kitchen to get a glass of water to stall and pass the time, more than thirst. Most days he’d spend as much time in the Guild as he possibly could, leaving late, walking home in a slow pace.

His apartment was always quiet and before, he didn’t mind the silence when he got home after a day of loud noises at the Guild, but since he and Juvia started to date – since she started to stay over – he hated the silence.

Whenever Juvia was around, there wasn’t silence. She was always doing something in his kitchen, giggling about something, trying to get him to talk about his day, sharing what happened in hers, humming a song to herself. Even when she slept next to him, Gray could hear her soft breathing.

It was silent, though. She wasn’t there – Juvia persuaded Gajeel to go on a mission with her, after a few months with him and Juvia herself just taking jobs with their significant others and she had missed her friend.

Now he was the one missing her. Stupid Gajeel.

Gray snorted. “God, I’m freaking lost if I’m feeling jealous Gajeel’s on a mission with her instead of her being here with me.”

Deciding he’d better get ready for bed, Gray hopped inside the shower, put his boxers on and brushed his teeth. Having nothing else to stall him, he sighed and went to bed.

He looked to the empty space next to him and sighed, knowing full well that if Juvia had been there with him, she would’ve been waiting for him (if she hadn’t joined him in the shower, of course), on her stomach, her elbows supporting her weight and wearing one of the (many) scattered shirts he left around.

She would smile to him, wait for him to get comfortable before sliding close to him, wrapping herself around him like a freaking octopus and then proceed to tell him what her plans for the next day were, while he hummed in agreement and enjoyed her warmth and proximity.

That night, though, the bed was empty.

“Shit.” He whispered and put his forearm over his eyes, already predicting a sleepless night. He had gotten used to have her there. Just the week before, she had spent five nights out of seven with him. They stayed over there because Juvia still resided on Fairy Hills and men weren’t allowed.

After half an hour trying to sleep, turning and moving until he was more and more annoyed by the second. It was too quiet, the bed was too empty and he couldn’t sleep like that.

“Screw it.” Gray reached to the window next to his bed, opened it just a bit, got up and opened the door of his closet. It wasn’t too hard to find what he was looking for: a large body pillow with his girlfriend’s picture on it.

He couldn’t help it but to snort with it even after years of having the pillow. Sure, it had helped him through some lonely nights, but now that he had had the real thing, the pillow had been forgotten. Except in nights like that one.

Throwing the pillow on the bed and lying back on it, Gray hugged the pillow and was suddenly hit by her perfume (he was almost sure she knew he used the pillow and sprayed some of her perfume on the pillow once in a while) and it was quite effective to calm him down.

He would rather have her there, of course, but at least the bed didn’t seem so big anymore and with the crack of the window opened, it wasn’t so silent, he could hear the city’s sounds.

“I’m ridiculous.” Gray muttered to himself and looked to his girlfriend’s printed face on the pillow. “See what you reduced me to? Hugging pillows.” He scowled. “Great, now I’m talking to myself. I’m ridiculous and crazy.”

Gray closed his eyes and for a moment he thought he heard Juvia giggle with his words and his own lips curled up a bit with it. He’d manage to sleep that night, but he would need to talk to Juvia about missions without him. That wouldn’t do.

Maybe he’d mention it was a waste for her to pay a room in Fairy Hills when half of her things were in his apartment and when she spent almost all her time there anyways.

He’d figure it out, when he woke up.

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