PG-13, 350 words, teacher!blaine really wants to check the homework

“Stop, Kurt.”

The command doesn’t have the desired effect, because Kurt continues to nip at Blaine’s ear, with small and seductive bites.

“I’m checking the homework,” Blaine says, weakly, “I need to grade all the… Ohhh”

Kurt licks at the shell and Blaine can practically feel him smirk.

But he’s not going to fall victim of seduction so easily this time. Blaine is determined to check all the quizzes, after all the kids will be eager to know their marks.

He puts a cross near the wrong answer, trying to do it as steadily as possible.

At the same moment, Kurt kisses the spot where his jaw meets his neck, and Blaine can’t help but whimper. This is too cruel, because Kurt knows his body too well.

Blaine still grips tightly at his pen, as Kurt continues licking down the column of his neck, sucking lightly at the skin there, as if it’s the most delicious thing that he ever savored.

After another cross, Kurt suddenly bites down, and Blaine’s eyes automatically roll back. He feels the skin of his face flush hot with pleasure.

“Kurt, please, I have like 5 papers left…” Blaine pleads, but he knows he’s already surrendering.

Kurt stops kissing for a moment, to smile in satisfaction at Blaine’s obvious discomfort. Then, he continues licking Blaine’s neck. He tugs at Blaine’s shirt, and exposes his shoulder, begins to kiss it too.

Blaine’s hands are shaking, and he’s struggling to think. He re-reads the answers too many times and still doesn’t understand the meaning, because all the words blur behind his eyelids.

After a particularly weird cross, Kurt parts his lips from where he’s working at Blaine’s shoulder, and blows some air at the wet red skin, immediately making Blaine shiver and tremble.

“Oh god, Kurt”, Blaine moans, and surrenders completely, turning just in time to smash his lips against Kurt’s in a wild kiss, glasses askew and hands gripping furiously at each other.

“Jesus, I thought you never going to give in,” Kurt laughs breathlessly, and dives in for another kiss.

Thursday 28 October 2010: Day 220

with nearly a full week of decent 70 degree weather, it al apparently is coming to an end with 40 degree weather tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes

got my classes for next semester, and they seem to be pretty interesting, i dont have any day offs anymore, which i dont mind, keeps me busy so that i dont have too much time on my hands


THIS EPISODE MADE ME FANGIRL SO HARD, MY CHEEKS HURT! I was grinning the whole time and my respect for the animation company went up slightly because LOOK AT HIS FACE. THE DETAILS. THE ANGLE. THE BLUSH. AND JUVIA IS JUST SO FREAKIN CUTE, I CAN’T EVEN- AND THE BODY PILLOW SCENE- I LAUGHED SO HARD! On the inside . 10/10 Even the filler parts were cute~!