Days until... July 31st 2017

September 🍃🍂 32
Autumn 🍂🍁54
October 🦇👻62
Halloween 🎃 🕸️👻92
November 🎄 93
Thanksgiving 🦃115
Black Friday 🏷️💳116
December 🎄❄️🦌123
Winter ❄ 🦌🐧🌨️🌧️🌬️144
Christmas Eve 🤶🎅🦌🎄146
Christmas day 🎁🎄147


Their touch
Is all in my thigh
Making me rub it constantly when they’re not around
Her touch
Is grazes against my hands never to meet
Making me touch myself all over wanting more of her
His touch
All around my neck
Because I want him cutting off the air supply or the blood flow to my brain
It’s his love that’s the most unique
It’s his love that’s above it all
Cause baby all I want is when you tore my skin
Bruised me purple any inch of skin you could find
Pushed me to the floor and watched me struggle
Because I crave not being loved
I know I’m useless
I know I won’t amount to anything
I know my life is pointless
Let me be your toy
So you can finally have your fun