100 Days of Productivity

Day 06/100 07.21.17

So school is coming up in a month and ahh I’m excited!~~~ I decided to get my supply and clothing list done so I can start buying things little by little. I start on August 21st. How about you guys? I’m also going to buy my first Leuchtrum within the next 2 weeks for school so super excited for that too! 

Lastly I really want to start interacting with you guys so I’m going to leave questions and you can answer either answer in the comments or message me! Truthfully I really want to start talking to more studyblrs out there so don’t be shy and send me a message!

Supplies Used:

  • Crayola SuperTips
  • Uni-ball Signo 0.7 (black)
  • Staedtler triplus fineliner (Black)
  • Faber Castell Pitt artist pen // size B (Black)
  • Striped Washi (from Micheals)
  • “Notes” Sticky Notepad (from Target dollar section;))

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I did mean performances but thank you for your time, really! It would be great if you could add those too at some point. Thanks again!

I’m so clumsy GAH! 
Here are the reactions to the performances with ENG SUBS:

  •  170225 Show! Music Core (Not today + Spring Day) (52:07) HERE
  • 171224 Show! Music core (BST) (36:05) HERE 
  • 161105  Show! Music core (BST)  (55:12) HERE
  • 161022 Show! Music core (53:38) HERE (This one was hectic, it’s the famous ‘low angle’ ‘V handsome man’ and ‘Jhoooooope’ one)
  • 161015 Show! Music Core- (21-century girl +BST) (42:00) HERE

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Find BTS reactions to their music videos HERE

“Once Zarkon is defeated, the universe won’t be needing Voltron anymore. It will be the day that we all can finally go back home to live in peace and leave our duties as defenders of the universe behind.

But it will also be the day our names … will be remembered throughout the galaxy forever.”

Shallura Week 2017 Day 07: legacy; revolution

( Reminder: This is only an UNOFFICIAL FANART Voltron poster. The artist intended to follow the official format of the series aim to add ‘realistic’ impact to its viewers only. Just so we don’t have confusions. )

17/07: day 3 | prompt: alternate universe/crossover

katsudeku week!! missed 2 days due to irl matters and disinformation aaaaa

i love tsundere katsuki eyezoom


I’m sorry. I kinda just sat here for the last three minutes completely slackjawed.

This scene, uh

holy shit

Greatest. Food fight. Ever.

My god it was only half way over


Look, that was kinda impossible to do a play-by-play liveblog. It was, errr

Seriously. Go scroll back up or whatever and click that link to watch the episode. It needs to be seen. Even if you’ve seen it already, go back up and watch it again.

This sequence was better than the entirety of Volume 1 combined.