Countdown to Mockingjay Pt. 1: Black and Whites of Josh Hutcherson-Day 011/325

Having five classes in one day makes time pass by so slowwwwwwwly.

My math teacher appears to have just graduated, and she’s not the best professor I’ve had, but I’m hoping she gets better with time.

My physics teacher is pretty dope, funny and teaches well.

My econ teacher is pretty.

My cat teacher is super charismatic and enthusiastic.  His first assignment was to write a paragraph as poorly as possible.

I actually had a hard time with it, like a nail was being shoved through my grammar-hardened heart. x.x


March 30, 2012 (Day 011): THE FACULTY PLAY THAT IS HELD EVERY 4 YEARS WAS TODAYYY!! I had an extremely good day today (: Hehe. Started off my morning with a bumpy start because some little bitch face on the road decides to tell my mom off. After she said whatever she said, bitch immediately rolled up her window and drove off as fast as she could. Fucking pussy shitttt. I wish I could’ve smacked that hoe lol. So dumb -.- After I got to school, my day got a WHOLE lot better, I swear. :DDD I went straight to Mr. U’s room to get him to hand @lilysan a note ^w^ LOL talking to Mr. U was fucking hilariousss man, he asked me for a delivery fee… omg just L-O-L. So then I just kept talking to Mr. U until Jill cameee ^__^ Mr. U pointed to the door and said, “Why don’t you ask that girl?” And then Jill came in… LOL. I was like, “That GIRL?” Hehehhe. Once he came into the room and saw me, he was like “BRAH” sooo loud. It was so loud, that @amberrrrrrx3 and Maggie could hear from the stairs. Smh these two, as soon as they heard him, they ran to the door and started eavesdropping! LOL :3 So so so funny. :) Oh and Kelly came in too! LOL!! So then me, Jill, and Mr. U were having a very loud conversation LOL. Then Kelly joined in and all three of them went against me, those fakas! -o- Hahahaha, it was too funny, definitely one of the best mornings on a 246 day :D So the bell rang, and I didn’t wanna go to my period 2, which was Algebra 2. I just wanted to stay there lmfao. But Kelly told me to go to the health room for my broken finger, so I was like YOU SMART COOKIE. ;D Ahh so Jill left the room, and I waited a moment, talked to Kelly a bit more, like for a few seconds only and then left. Saw him coming back in and gave him a hug before I left. ^__^ Hehhehehehe. LOL I was like “Smell my finger!” (Because my mom applied cooked ginger on it, I have no idea how it’s going to heal a broken finger but she applied it anyways…. lol.) And he was like, “Tf, no thank you! LOL” Then we went our separate waysss. I went to the health room but it was closed! -.- Fuck that shit is ALWAYS closed. I was then forced to go to my period 2 :( Period 4 was alright (Thank you Calvin for letting me borrow your sweater ^3^ Was fucking freezing my butt offfff!). Ms. Hu actually gave us time to mess around o.o Well not really mess around, but we did anyways LOL. I didn’t have to go to my period 6!! :D Yayayayay, instead I had to go Nakata’s photography room. Just chilled there with the YB chicks. Oh and I made two new friends in that class today, “SAMANTHA AND GLORIA!!” ROFL ;) ♥ And then comes the faculty play, I watched both shows! The first show with the seniors was so much more funnier :D The second show was alright, not as funny seeing it a second time ‘round. :P After school, I hung out with Marry ;D I love this girl man, my lucky charm!! Hahaha! x) I met up with her at A building, and walked through the girl’s bathroom way to get to Wards. Then I saw Jill againnn, hehehehe. And hugged him AGAINNN :DDD Marry was speed-walking past us ahahahha x)  I said, “Oh you have lunch detention?” Then he said, “…. YEAH I HAVE LUNCH DETENTION LOL” At first I didn’t get it then I was like, “OHH WAIT. AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION LOL” Then I left after Marry and lol this girl was getting all jelly on meee x) Ahahhaha! Left to Wards with her but we turned back because we decided not to watch movies. We went back to the gym to use the bathroom and was on our way to A building, when we saw Jill… again LMAO. :3 Marry was like, “Oh there he is again, I’m going to let you two have your moment!” And walked off agan. I was tying my hair and quickly finished so I can hug him mwuahahaha. We had a little conversation and left each other again. But oh my god, THREE hugs in ONE day LOL. ♥ Baby, I’m on a rolll (; It was definitely more than I expected! Hahaha (: So yeah best day ever. ^__^ Oh and me and Marry went to Aloha sushi for food and bubble drinks and headed to downtown for yogurt. Talked A LOT with this girl ^^ ♥ After we finished, we stopped at this spa to check it out. Went in, grabbed a pamphlet, and dawg we are sooo going to go there one day :D And THE ENDDD. Extremely good day, today. :]

The Advice You Give

Day 11/12: the worst/best advice you’ve heard or received

Sometimes advice is solicited and sometimes it is recommended. No matter what it is, the advice you give, or receive should help you succeed.

For me, the worst advice I ever remember receiving was from my (late) high school tennis coach on how to play. His ideology was just keep the ball in the court, even if that means just lightly tapping it over the net… an entirely easy shot for your opponent. Not only does this give the upper hand to the person across the net from you but it means that you are not trying your hardest to win. What if you took this idea of just playing to make sure you stay in the game? Sure you are at least in the game but you are playing the most mediocre game of your life. If it were a job and you were just doing enough to get by and keep your job, your bosses would see you as ordinary. A mindless worker ant not excelling at anything. Where as if you try your hardest and do all you can even if that means hitting the ball way out of the court, well then at least you gave it your all and can live without regrets. And plus even if you lose, you’d know that there was nothing more you could’ve done.

On the flip side, the best advice I’ve ever received would be not to care what other people thought of my drawings because once you do that, your drawings suddenly get loads better. I know it seems obvious “well duh, you shouldn’t care what other people think ANYWAYS!” but sometimes you just do care all the time but really the only way I’ve improved my drawing this far was to just let others see my drawings and take whatever they say as feedback and learn from it and go on.

moloosh said: Post the paragraph! I wanna read it!

Sigh, I can’t write badly well.

Ayo, so dis on eday, dis girl and me was like trying to write badder than each other in competition, so I came up wit dis.  “To do the writing of bad are not very EZ, but to not do da writing at all is badder then to do the writing of bad, because writing forms more writing, like practice.”

Her paragraph said, “That fucking fuck fucked with that fucker, so that fuck got fucked up.”

She won.