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A Growing List of Female Fictional Characters That I Adore (Spoiler alert)
  • Tessa Gray Herondale Carstairs: she transformed into a freaking angel, literally.
  • Catarina Loss: even Magnus Bane looks up to her. Raised a Herondale baby by herself as her own, knowing the grave punishment of her actions.
  • Emma Carstairs: Braved through the death of her parents and didn’t give up on the hope of getting justice for them. Would do anything to protect the Blackthorns.
  • Clary Fairchild: Her world was flipped upside down at the revelation of what she really was. Her transition from being clueless to one of the most badass characters is truly admirable.
  • Cecily Herondale: She stayed strong for her parents at the time of her sister’s death and her brother’s abandonment. Did not stand for Will’s shit whenever he would act like she was still a child despite the fact that she single handedly slew her future father in law’s demonic worm form.
  • Cristina Mendoza-Rosales: she has one of the purest hearts, even Kieran saw that. She is brave and compassionate beyond words, despite the fact that she had been lied to several times by two people that she trusted greatly.
  • Charlotte Branwell: proved to all the men in the Clave that she is strong and absolutely fitting to head the London Institute. Became The FIRST female Consul.
  • Isabelle Lightwood: whip-carrying slay all day vibe 24/7. Supported Alec in his struggle to come out of the closet.
  • Helen Blackthorn: is being treated unfairly because of her faerie blood. Still compassionate and kind as ever.
  • Aline Penhallow: stood by her girlfriend's side, even during her exile to Wrangel Island. Married her, even. Suck on that, Clave.
  • Lily Chen: Headed the New York vampire clan at the loss of her dear friend Raphael Santiago. May act tough on the outside, but is actually very good with handling babies.
  • Maia Roberts: victim of racism, abused by her brother, lost her boyfriend, nearly her entire wolf pack. Came back like a bad-ass and is now the leader of the New York werewolf pack.
  • Ruby Daly: her transition from fearing her abilities to controlling them is empowering. Got hurt WAY TOO MANY TIMES MAN.
  • Vida Connor: "a charming young woman with a mouth that could give a sailor a heart attack."
  • June Iparis: the prodigy babe of the Republic. Graduated college at fifteen. Headstrong and selfless as fuck. Taught fighting tactics even when she was sick.
  • Kaede: skiz fight & flying queen. HIJACKED A COLONIES PLANE LIKE U GO GIRL.
  • Penelope Bunce: fought side by side with Simon in all of his missions. Hermione Granger of the Carry On universe ❤️
  • Adelina Amouteru: She had darkness inside of her and she feared it greatly. Despite her flaws, she held a deep, unbreakable love for her sister. Sacrificed her own life to bring her back to the living world.
  • Violetta Amouteru: The Gentle™ Sister. Loved Adelina despite the darkness inside of her. She loved her sister even if everyone saw her as a monster.
  • Kady Grant: SPACE HACKER PRINCESS. Went through a zombies-in-space shitstorm and defeated a whole-ass battle ship by teaming up with a slightly crazy AI.
  • Hanna Donnelly: Heimdall’s “spoiled rich kid” wHO CAN FREAKING KICK UR ASS.
  • Gemma Salvatore: Our dainty fauna princess. Friendly and filled with optimism. ALSO DESERVED BETTER
  • Maeve Corrigan: Brave and beautiful Beldish queen who didn’t need a man to rule (bc she’s 1000% lesbian for Lucent get it?)
  • Lucent: Fiercely loyal, sarcastic-ass bad bitch who can sweep you off of your feet (literally and figuratively).
  • Emika Chen: Our rainbow-haired, tattoo cladded bounty hunter princess who is also another bad-ass hacker. Can definitely dethrone Hideo from his own game.
  • Hamilton Jiménez: Phoenix Riders’ stealthy thief. Extremely witty and is a loyal teammate/friend.
  • Alice Ulapala: literally my favorite player in the whole series. She has such a pure heart and only killed when it meant that an innocent child’s life was at stake. SHE DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER
  • Sarah Alopay: Cahokian princess. Although she obviously had the least training out of all the players, she could still kick their asses.
  • Etta Spencer: got shoved into some time traveling mess but handled herself gracefully. Stood against wrong principles, and believed in equality no matter which century she landed in.
  • Ella Malikova: Our little spider. Master of the art of giving nicknames. Tech savvy princess who saved the survivors of Heimdall station with her skills, fiercely loyal and protective when it comes to her family
  • Shari Chopra: also one of my favorite players in Endgame. Taught me that having people that you care for isn’t necessarily a weakness, but can be something you can draw strength from. She would walk through hell to protect her daughter.

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High lords of Prythian from a court of thorns and roses series by @sjmaas 

Rhysand (night court)

Helion (day court)

Thesan (dawn court)

Tamlin (spring court)

Tarquin (summer court)

Beron (autumn court)

Kallias (winter court) 

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Things everyone in the Legend/TYE fandoms agree on

•Day shouldn’t have lost his memory
•Thomas is gay for Metias
•Methomas should’ve happened
•Tess is a cinnamon roll
•Raffaele deserved to be happy
•Enzo is bi
•Raffaenzo should’ve been canon
•Day and Magiano are walking memes
•Magiano deserved better
•Metias deserved better
•Adelina deserved better
•Kaede deserved better
(Except Giulietta, she can choke)

Feel free to add more :D

  • The Legend Trilogy: *Has two POC protagonists*
  • Legend: *Has a cast of mostly POC*
  • Legend: *Has badass gay characters*
  • Legend: *Deals with many real and usually unaddressed problems such as police brutality*
  • Legend: *Has kickass ladies that are not sexualized*
  • Legend: *Has intriguing plotline and raises questions about militarism vs capitalism*
  • Legend: *Is simultaneously funny and dark*
  • Legend: *Has complex characters and deals with gray morality*
  • Everyone: All YA books are the same