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so I've seen the others,,, but what about SAERAN'S FIRST KISS?? show him some love please!!!!

 Author’s note: SAERAN!!! SAERAN!! SAERAN!!


  • He was being a brat
  • SPECIFICALLY, he was being a brat about his hair
  • The last time he went and got his hair cut, there was a bit of a misunderstanding
  • He still doesn’t know how they mixed up ‘a little off the top’ with ‘take off a lot’
  • “Saeran, you NEED to go get your hair cut.”
  • He pushed his long emo bangs out of the way to look at you
  • “No.”
  • You sighed and sat down next to him, playing with the little ends of his hair that had started to curl up
  • I didn’t know he had wavy hair…
  • “I HAVE AN IDEA!!!”
  • He turned to look at you, one eyebrow raised
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Let me do it.”
  • “…What?”
  • You stood up and clasped your hands together
  • “Let me cut your hair!!”
  • He laughed
  • “You can’t be serious!!”
  • he looked up at you straight face
  • “…You’re serious?”
  • You nodded and took him by the hand, dragging him to the bathroom
  • “I’ve seen, like, three videos on how to do it, PLUS my aunt used to be a hair dresser!!”
  • “But-”
  • “It’ll be great, trust me.”
  • You let go off his hand to pull a chair into the bathroom and then pointed
  • “Sit.”
  • Saeran rolled his eyes and slowly sat down
  • You turned on the sink and began washing his hair
  • As soon as the warm water met his head and he felt you run your hands through his hair, he let out a subconscious groan
  • “A-ah… sorry.”
  • “That’s okay,” you smiled at your blushing boyfriend
  • You spent the next ten minutes in silence, trying to focus
  • Saeran watched as you hustled around him, her nose always scrunches up when she concentrates… so cute.
  • “…And, done!!”
  • You blew on the back of his neck to get off the stray hairs
  • He shivered, “W-What are you doing?”
  • “Cleaning you off,” you moved around and kneeled in front of him
  • “And now,” you ran your fingers through the sides of his damp hair, “I’m checking to see if it’s even.”
  • Saeran closed his eyes, “MC…”
  • You smirked, leaning in closer, “What? Am I too close?”
  • He opened his eyes and you saw something new flicker in them
  • “Not at all.”
  • He moved forward and closed the gap between his lips and yours
  • The kiss was soft but forceful, with a tiny bit of desperation
  • After a minute, he pulled away and stood up, helping you up as well
  • He turned around and looked at himself in the mirror
  • Very nice, MC.”
  • Kissing the top of your head, he walked out
  • “Oh,” he called out behind him, “and the haircut is good too.”
  • You could practically hear him smirking

December 6th 1865: 13th Amendment ratified

On this day in 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified by the states, formally banning slavery in the United States. Ratification does not require unanimous approval, and some states rejected the amendment; Mississippi only ratified the 13th Amendment in 2013, 148 years after the amendment’s passage. The 13th amendment marks the first of the three so-called ‘Reconstruction’ amendments, which secured civil and voting rights for African-Americans after the Civil War. The amendment was proposed by the Lincoln administration following the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation - which was a temporary war measure abolishing slavery in the Confederacy - to assert that the ban on slavery was to be permanent. Lincoln did not initially intend to free the slaves, and always prioritised saving the Union, but emancipation became intriscially tied to Union victory. This was due to the actions of slaves, who fled to Union lines and tried to enlist in the army. The Reconstruction period that followed the American Civil War was largely a contest over the implications of the 13th Amendment and the emancipation of four million slaves. Radicals in Congress pushed for equality of the law and opportunity, while white Southerners, with assistance from violent groups like the Ku Klux Klan, sought to maintain racial subordination and white supremacy. Reconstruction ultimately failed to truly implement freedom for African-Americans, and it was not until the Civil Rights Movement one hundred years later that America again tried to come to terms with the legacy of emancipation.


🌴🌺 [ENG] B.A.P - One Fine Day in Hawaii 🌺🌴

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