vikkstar123 appreciation post. hello vik, i really love you. i love you when you are smiling and happy. i love you when you have bad luck. i love you when you have weird shit all over your face. i love you at your highs. i love you at your lows. and overall and most importantly, i love you even without a daily video or a daily stream. vik, please take a well needed rest and make sure that you are okay both physically and mentally. i would rather you feel great and miss a few videos than you feel tired and burnt out, but still have daily uploads. it’s okay vik, you take your rest. the viewers will be okay with it. i love you itsmevikkstar123 

don’t steal credit on vik appreciation day pls

“sunsets always made me sad before, but sometimes it’s nice to know the inevitability that everything, from lovers, to pain, to the last ray of light from a star, everything ends” // a story a day #255 by d.yang

anonymous asked:

Do you just root for the minority only? I feel like that's who you usually like. Like seriously, Jocasta? She was irrelevant to the game last season.

My blog has only existed since week one of BB17. 

Who are you to know who I usually like?

I’m having two conversations right now. 

One (in english) with a friend who’s really excited about writing and rusprus.

One (in french) with a friend who’s really excited to meet me and spend time with me.

And I’m sharing both their excitation.

No need to tell you that I’m really excited tonight, and also really happy (because being all excited with someone about your OTP and stuff is awesome, and having someone so excited to meet you feels so great), and that I need all my attention to not mess languages in one of the conversations xD