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Days of the week: Sunday

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Reader X Jungkook 

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*knock knock knock*

The knocking on the door made you jump. You looked at Tae as if you were asking him what it could be but his face was more confused than yours. Any of the boys who were there knew you both were fucking.

  “Get off, I’m busy here” he yelled at the person in the other side of the door.

You had barely rested, and so had Tae. You both were busy. You wanted to sleep. The knocking kept going and Tae got up angrily.

 “Cover yourself” he said before opening the door.

“Jungkook? What do you want? Can’t you see I’m kinda busy here?” he said, hiding himself behind the door. Jungkook?

You couldn’t hear what Jungkook was saying. But what could it be?

 “No, she is tired. However, it is still Saturday. Wait for Sunday” Tae said. You still couldn’t hear Jungkook’s answers, but you heard steps appearing and then, he was gone. Tae closed the door and went back to bed without saying a word, not telling you what Jungkook wanted. You would ask, but before you knew, you fell asleep.

 Wake up. Wake up, baby girl. You have slept enough.

 A sweet, deep voice was echoing through your asleep mind, pulling you to your hot reality. Your eyes snapped open and you were blessed with a sight of Taehyung beside you, full dressed, waking you up. You smiled at him. Gosh.

  “You slept all day. It’s night already, look” he said, pointing to the window. The sky was dark. Shit, have I slept this long? The college. Oh my

 “Huh…I… I gotta…” you tried to say. Shit, I’m so

Your phone buzzed.

   *Where tf are you? Shit, you can’t disappear like this, Y/N! You missed another class, for fuck sakes*  

  This was just one of 6 messages from your friend. Well, sorry but I am busy.  

  “Why don’t you take a shower and come have dinner with us?” Tae said. You looked at the clock.

 “Huh… It’s almost midnight. I have slept for almost 1 day, it’s almost Sunday. I really have to go home” you said.

You really needed. You weren’t sleeping at your dorm and were skipping a thousand classes. Besides, you had slept for almost 1 day, you were freaking tired and needed some time to yourself.

 “We’re leaving this town on Monday. We would like to spend this last day with you.”  He said simply. Your heart almost stopped.

 “Oh… right. Ok”  that’s all you could say.

   “This pasta is really good, Jin. Oh my God” you said. Jin really cooked well.

Everybody was there, just talking while you were eating, except by Jungkook who was taking a shower.  It was Sunday. Jungkook’s day. Honestly, you weren’t expecting much. He was a god in stage, his hips didn’t let him lie, but in personal, he was so shy. He had barely talked to you in that whole week. Actually, you hadn’t seen any dirtiness in him. He would be…vanilla? Or was he just letting you think he is something he wasn’t just to make you surprised?

 You wanted to keep thinking about but the next sight made you stop everything and look. Jungkook left the shower and walked to the living room – where everybody was – only with a towel around his waist, water drops falling on his entire body, his wet hair falling on his forehead. Shit. Shit shit shit. Your body reacted by the sec you saw him that hot. He looked straight into your eyes and then looked away.

 “Hyung, where’s my facial mascara?” he asked.

 You couldn’t hear anything. All you could think was about how much you wanted to lick all those drops out of his perfect abs. When he left, the boys talked again but you were still amused.

  “Try not to drool, Y/N” Yoongi said, noticing your amusement. Bastard. You came back to your pasta but before you could eat, a voice called you.

 “Come here, Y/N” Jungkook called you from your room. What? No way. You stood up slowly, still confused. Did he really call you?  You got closer to the bedroom he was and knocked on the door. “Come in and lock it” he said.

  He was standing a few centimeters away from the bed, still naked except by the towel. Your heart started to rush, your blood started to burn and your core was screaming for that towel to fall.  

  He walked towards you and suddenly, randomly, he picked you up getting up as well and pressing you against the door, your legs around his waist. Unhappily, the towel doesn’t fall off.

 “I know you think I’m shy. But I’m not. I just like to proof things at the right time, which is now” he said. You were still in a hoodie and underwear only, and you could already feel his huge bulge pulsing against your clothed pussy. Cheesus Christ. He kissed you, his soft lips moving against yours in a delicious way. His kiss was the best one till that moment just because of his lips shape. You opened your mouth and his tongue explored it, biting and sucking yours. His hands roamed your ass greedily; you could feel him pressing his hard on cock against you. You didn’t expect that at all.

 He stopped kissing you, making you whimper, and let your feet touch the ground. He walked towards the bed let the towel fall. Oh, my… The sight made you stop breathing and you could just stare at his dick. His big, delicious dick. He sat on the edge of the bed and did spread his legs.

  “Get on your knees and suck me” he said simply. You didn’t argue, you didn’t think, you didn’t assimilate, before you knew you were kneeling in front of him and taking his dick on your hand. You pumped it a few times but once the pre-cum came out, you started to blow him. He growled the erotic sound making you want to be fucked already. He was now holding a fistful of your hair, controlling your speed. When you gagged and tried to pull back, he didn’t let you.

 “Take it. I’m not done” he said. You could feel your amusement making your panties get wet. Really wet. He stopped you and told you to strip. When you quickly did, he started to stare at your naked body; you felt the necessity to cover yourself but avoided this feeling.

  “You are so hot, Y/N. I’m gonna fuck you all night” he said and you died in anticipation. “Lay” he said and you obeyed. He positioned himself between your legs and kissed you again. Going to your neck, he looked for your sweet spot and once he found it, he sucked at it. Then, he kissed each of your breasts, his tongue swirling around your nipples, making you grab the bed sheets. You could feel his erection against your thigh; you just wanted to feel him inside you already. His hand trailed down your thigh and pushed one finger inside you, making you gasp. He smirked at your reaction and pushed another finger deep inside you, pumping it in and out, wet sounds echoing from your pussy. His finger moves in and out of your walls, the sensation is fucking good.

“Your so fucking beautiful.” He said and pulled away. You whined. He clasped his teeth on your panties and pulled them off slowly, teasing you. “You are so fucking wet for me” he said. Biting his lip he positioned his dick at your entrance and pushed himself all the way in without warning. You screamed.

 “I wanna make you scream my name” he said, thrusting harder and louder. “I’m gonna fucking show you that I am not a kid”. You started bucking your hips against him, your bodies slapping against each other, trying to get some extra pleasure on your clit. He was so big and felt so fucking good inside you.

  “Oh my God, Jungkook” you screamed and digged your nails in his back.

 He stopped moving, but only long enough to bed you over and start to take you hard and quick from behind, the pressure inside you driving you completely insane. He kept thrusting inside you, and before you knew his hand was slapping against your ass cheek.

  Fucking with Jungkook was being completely delicious.

  “Do you like it? You still think I’m a kid?” he asked, pulling your hair.

 “Fuck, Jungkook” you said.

“No one else will ever fuck you this good, Y/N, not even my hyungs” he said. Wow. You couldn’t even answer; you were immersed in your pleasure.

  With all those cursing, screaming, skins slapping sounds, you were losing it. You felt Jungkook gripping your waist tighter and soon, you felt his releasing inside you. It pushed you towards the edge, and your walls clenched around his stone hard dick.

You opened your eyes, finding yourself in an empty bed, but before you could recognize where you were, the bedroom’s door snapped open.

 “We are leaving on Monday. However, you are one of the best girls we have ever fucked” Namjoon said. The room was silent.

“And… some of us fucked you, like, 5 days ago. It’s a long time” Yoongi said.

 “So…?” you asked.

  “If you want, you can choose one of us to fuck you one last time before we leave. Or all of us” Jungkook said.

What the fuck?

A/N: That’s it! I hope you like it and thank you for all the support. And no, there’s no part 2 or group sex


Detective Conan Week 2017- Day 1 —-> Scarlet (Favorite Character)

Shuichi Akai 

(you all know my fave is Jodie but since the prompt was scarlet and there was another prompt during the week that suits Jodie a lot I decided to use this for Shuichi ;) ) 

It’s already the 21 in Italy, so happy begin of Detective Conan Week 2017 to everyone! ^-^ 

Ninoir Week - Day 1: Gay Chicken

I still have a migraine but fuck it. (The first one is two, I cheated. Also I firmly believe Nino calls his parents māmā and bābā. Also also, it kind of turned into a reveal fic? I know reveal is a prompt later this week but I guess you’re getting something different that day? Also also also: it’s an ass day, I guess? Or Nino is definitely an ass man, either way.) 

Title: Five Times Nino and Chat Noir Played Gay Chicken (And One Time They Were Just Gay)
Summary: When it started was still up for debate. (In which Nino flirts with a superhero, neither Chat or Nino really knows the meaning of Gay Chicken, and Alya is the bane of Nino’s existence in the best of ways.)

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Minor housekeeping crap - I’m behind on everything at the moment, writing - comments - asks etc. (If I haven’t replied to your ask, it’s because I’m behind and probably not because I didn’t get it). This virus/cold is now in like day 11 and is showing no signs of abating (it’s gotten worse) and has eaten into my whole work schedule. Going to be taking some days off to properly recover and if that doesn’t work I’ll probably need antibiotics.

Anyway, that’s the state of me, and I apologise for not getting a TGA chapter out this weekend!

Day 1 - Dylan O’Brien Appreciation Week 2017

Favorite role (TV or Movie)

So, I gotta say, this is ALWAYS the hardest choice to make. Because I love everything he does so much. Every character he plays is an extension of himself, and he puts his heart and soul into EVERYTHING he does. I love every character with all my heart, but I guess if I had to choose the answer is…




Stiles Stilinski. 

Honestly, not the first character I ever saw him as. I didn’t start watching Teen Wolf until this last November. But Stiles has grown so close to my heart. He is the reason I grew to love Dyl as much as I have. Stiles is LITERALLY me. 

I love everything that Stiles is and everything I wish I could be. It was Dylan’s first role, and it started him on a brilliant track to make a name for himself. I love his sweet nature. I love his determination. I love his intuition. I love his friendship, and desire to do anything he can to help those around him. I love that he never gives up. I just want him to be happy. He has gone through so many hardships that he deserves something to go right. 

I could never think of someone better for Stiles. So, thank you Dyl, for giving me this amazing character to love and to cherish. He will forever be in my heart, just like you.

Note to Self #13.

When you are kicked around like a football, don’t despair, they are just edging you forward, to reach your goal faster with determination. (Just hang in there and enjoy the ride).

—  ЯR
supercorp week day 1

Should have figured it out sooner

Out of all the ways to realize that she had a crush this was by far the most embarrassing, in hindsight she should have seen it coming. Then again she also should have seen the cupcake coming, but despite having an infinite of type supervisions, she did not. A cupcake to the face usually does not end with realizing feelings for another person, but apparently anything can happen when supergirl is said person. So she had ended up in the middle of a food fight justs standing having a her bisexual awakening. Maybe she should have listened to Maggie when she said that she seemed to have feelings for Lena.

She continued to get pelted by assorted baked goods as everyone continued the food fight, Lena had frosting on her lip that was just begging to be kissed away. Pushing the thought from her mind she grabbed Lena by the arm and got her to duck under a table, in order to avoid the barrage of food headed their way. This was not how they thought that their lunch would go but low and behold they ended up in a food fight, thanks to a bunch of highschool boys who had thrown the first pastry.  The whole place had joined in after that, and there was no doubt that all of their bills were going to be astronomical after this.

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Review Week Has Begun!

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this week’s drained me so i haven’t got much will to write longer things — however, i wanna throw some things out there so like this for a SHORT LYRIC STARTER. no cap  /  selective. please specify muse though or i’ll be less likely to write anything.

oakley just got her rabies shot yesterday but since she was overdue and also since she’s such an avid hunter, she’s being quarantined and has to stay inside for /10 days/
ive got her watching a video of birds tho on the tv and she’s hooked on it so that’s a plus