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So I wanna be a vegetarian and maybe someday full vegan but I am 17 and still live with my parents. Every time I manage to get through a day without eating meat makes me feel super happy though!

Many vegetarians eat vegetarian to reduce the suffering of animals. Some do it due to culture and lower meat eaten in their culture (Look at India with 40% of the population vegetarian). Hi there Anon!

Good on you! Keep pushing :) you can do it!

 I also had some troubles with my parents when I went vegetarian. I decided to finally make the switch after going to University (after many years of telling my mother I would too). My parents at first didn’t know what exactly Vegetarian pertained to or even if It was a healthy or safe choice. Knowledge is your tool here. I had to sit down with my mother and explain that I could get all the vitamins and protein from a vegetarian diet and that it isn’t a dangerous or unhealthy thing to do. Even now when I visit my parents I still get the “We’re having Fish with the stir fry, what is your protein?” Usually, I have to bring out the comparisons of how chickpeas or soybeans are just as good as a meat.

Often you just need to sit down and talk. Discuss what is the fears or worries and educate yourself and your parents. I had many months of  “Yes beans are a protein mum. No, they’re not just carbs. Yes I won’t die if I’m eating non-meat protein.” Understand that food has a major place in culture and in social structure. A change to this can be looming for some families. Learn how to cook your alternatives, make it a bonding experience with whomever usually cooks meals and you. 

Some info that helped me was:

-  A mere 1.5 cups of lentils contains just as much protein as a 3 oz chicken breast. Lentils also contain the dietary fibre, copper, phosphorus, and manganese that you can’t get from meat. (Source: X)

- Eating beans and other legumes reduces the risk of many cardiac diseases including stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure/high cholesterol (Source: X, XX

- All meat products (with a slight exception of some less caught fish) have a high carbon footprint and the scale of animal farming contributes extensively to Climate change. Lamb, Cows and Pigs are some of the worst offenders. (Source: X, X, X,)

- Cooking your own vegetarian alternative is not only what you want to do, it also a learning experience for when you move out, or head to school. It will help you get the skills you need to feed yourself away from home while learning from whomever cooks most of the meals in your house.

- I also wrote this post on why I went vegetarian and why some people go vegetarian. Feel free to use any of that, but I didn’t list most of my research there, unfortunately.

- Beans and Lentils are much less expensive than that of a meat-based protein. You can actually save quite a bit of money even just switching over a few meals a week to plant based.

- Always remember that food is something people cherish, even if they don’t know it consciously. Validate their concerns. Explain your point of view without removing the validity in theirs. Listen and try to educate. Most people will listen to reason if you don’t try to push them away from what they like. 

-  Many vegetarians and vegans eat plant-based diets to reduce the suffering of animals. Some slaughtering practices are very inhuman but people don’t realise as the product on the shelf is disconnected from the animal it came from.

Inherently, Food can bring people pleasure, and know that some people really can’t enjoy what they eat if they don’t have meat. It’s the same that some people don’t feel good about what they’re eating if they have meat. As a person, you should enjoy life, and if that means Bobby needs a steak once in a while then that’s how he enjoys his food. Educate but don’t reprimand. Food is just as much a part of a person as religion.

I enjoy Vegetarian and Vegan food. It makes me feel good when I eat it.

Best of Luck and feel free to reach out!

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