day without meat

Me: it is important to acknowledge that not everyone can live off of a vegan diet and it is disrespectful to those people to claim everyone must go vegan.

Some rude radical vegan: there isn’t a single person who can’t go vegan sorry sweaty :)

Me: what about people in areas where there isn’t a single farm or supermarket within hundreds of miles? What about people with disabilities or other health conditions that come with dietary restrictions? What about those with allergies? What about mentally ill people that happen to have worsened symptoms if they don’t consume certain high amounts of substances almost only found in animal products?

Some rude radical vegan: people who have to hunt don’t exist and people with health conditions don’t matter. Also I have depression so try again sweaty :)

Me: I have several disorders that severely worsen if I go several days without eating meat.

Some rude radical vegan: you being healthy isn’t as important as me pushing my agenda and guilting you even though you would be unable to properly function!!!!!!