day well spent c:

[ 28.08.16 • 10/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY ]
wuhu some geog notes on plate tectonics that I did last week in preparation for my time trial the second day after c:
but well the day was well spent I suppose, 28/8!!aka birthday so there was cake the night before and then it was just studying straight on haha ;-; I completed my essay assignment though, on the reduction of gender inequality through education wew all that in-text referencing really tires out your eyes :’) hope everyone had a gr8 day though!!!


please watch this 9 second video

i have spent the entire day doing nothing but claiming lionesses and sacrificing them on both accounts. i have leveled up my impression at least 2 times today per acc, and i fully look forward to wasting the next two days exactly like i did today!

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hullo, im in desperate need of some really fluffy corny supercorp. so fluffy and sweet that it’ll be like eating cotton candy, do you know any or many one shots?

Okay, well I have spent the last few days binging on @c–and–b ‘s fics cause they are super adorable and fluffy and I highly recommend them!!! Especially the Fake Dating AU!!!! So have some cotton candy!!

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dyceps what are your core values and what do you constitute as a well spent day

//My c*re values? My dear, the m*st imp*rtant things t* me are… Making the w*rld a better place, and w*rking in the church. I’d say th*se are my c*re values.\

//A well spent day is *ne where I spend a quiet day at hive, *r in my w*rksh*p attached t* Religi’s little sh*p. I d* whatever w*rk I need, and bef*re the day’s end, Religi c*mes by t* inf*rm me *f the news *f *ne *f *ur pr*jects.\