day two: trust


#goD these two #peggy’s literally on the edge of her life #running away from people she works with #some of which she probably even trusted #who are after her for crimes she hasn’t committed #and they don’t even bat an eyelid #all of them instantly go to find her so as they can lock her up #they don’t even think about if Peggy is actually not guilty #even though Peggy has done countless of things to prove herself trustworthy #and then here’s Angie #precious cinnamon roll Angie Martinelli #(who doesn’t even fully know about her friend’s double agent ‘job’ #and the reality of Peggy’s life) #deciding at this very moment #that she is going to protect Peggy #she’s going to lie to FEDERAL AGENTS #put her life and job and home at risk #because Peggy is in trouble #and she’ll be damned if she’s just gonna watch that happen #if Peggy’s life is on the line #then so is hers #Angie Martinelli is Peggy Carter’s shield just as much as Peggy is hers #and I love it so so much

nothing to lose, pt 2

[PART ONE HERE; collab with @pipedream]

summary: andrew minyard and nathaniel wesninski meet on the titanic in 1912. neil’s a rich runaway who’s finally being made to atone for his crimes against the family, and he feels like there’s nothing left to live for- until andrew promises to show him that there’s more to life than just survival.

word count: 5444 / 11836

trigger warnings: major character death, homophobia, suicide, guns, knives, violence, murder, death

  • there are voices approaching the cabin, so with a quiet question, neil takes andrew’s hand and leads him to the elevators, running to evade the valet
  • he chases them, no doubt on orders by riko, through the halls and down elevators
  • neil feels lighter in a way he’s recognizing only proximity to andrew makes him feel
  • he tightens his grip on andrew’s hand as they make their way through the ship’s incinerators and when andrew glances back he looks years younger than usual
  • somehow, they make their way to the cargo, and neil is done with running. all of his life, he’s been running, and even though it’s different with andrew by his side, it’s time to stop, just for a while
  • he sees andrew’s eyes catch on a car, one more expensive than andrew would probably ever be able to afford, so neil slides into the back of it with as much pomp and circumstance as he can muster. it’s the closest thing he can do to granting andrew permission to get into the car
  • andrew looks around, as if checking they haven’t been followed, then seems to concede that the back of a car isn’t a bad place to hide for a short while, and he climbs in next to neil
  • the silence isn’t tense, but it’s heavy, and neil doesn’t want to waste a second with andrew if they’re numbered
  • “tell me about your family,” he says, because they’re the only thing he really knows about andrew, and he doesn’t know enough
  • andrew doesn’t seem offended by the question, but he gives neil a considering look nonetheless. “what will you give me for it?”
  • “are we doing a truth for a truth again?” neil says, the hint of a smile on his lips. “anything you ask.”

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I’ve always hated the “I killed this person to avenge someone, but I didn’t bother to verify their guilt” trope. And I just realized this is also why I hate that so many people do not verify sources or consider a bigger picture before they throw themselves on the angry, righteous dog pile. Because Othello kills Desdemona over lies and we elected Cheeto Voldemort.

So, I’m working on a prompt for @lostcauses-noregrets and it involves the “Care to Dance” eruris, but younger, pining Erwin is hard to get right. While I fumbled with the vibe of that drabble, this verse was born. And so technically this goes with “That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard,” but… it’s so out there I feel weird tagging anyone in it. Consider this gross self-indulgence.

Have a bit of a Robin Hood!Erwin set in the fictional Wild West, my friends?

23. “That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”

[~1.8k, Mature, guns and depictions of violence, blood, Western AU]

Erwin adjusted his suspenders once more in the cloudy mirror and made sure the bolo tie hung straight before flashing Levi a grin over his shoulder.  Levi had glowered at his back the entire time Erwin dressed—slipping his too-long legs into too-tight pants, donning shoes they couldn’t afford and a shirt so white it reminded Levi of bleached skeletons in the desert.

“These are pretty comfortable, actually.  You should try wearing them sometime.”  Erwin’s lips curled into a suggestion and he turned all the way around, playfully snapping the suspenders. 

“Don’t,” Levi snarled. “This is, without a doubt, the worst fucking—” he paused to suck a sticky breath because the tremor in his voice made him sick.  He swallowed.  “Erwin, this is the worst idea I’ve ever heard.  And you’ve had some bad ones.”  

Erwin’s grin pulled wider like the accusation pleased him endlessly and fuck, it probably did.  Levi ignored how good he looked in civilian clothes, keeping his gaze far above the way the trousers pulled taut over Erwin’s thighs.  Levi knew all the little fibers that knitted bodies together—where to stab, where to bruise, what to carve on an animal and what to chuck—and Erwin’s body was made of the same easily torn gristle, nothing more.  Levi told himself that again and again.  

“You’re not even carrying a gun.”  Levi’s hands curled into desperate fists at his side.

“Well Lobov wouldn’t, would he.”

Fuck Lobov.”

Erwin laughed.  “That’s exactly the point.”  His eyes were bright with that manic energy his presence shivered with before a raid.

Levi looked away.  “How am I supposed to protect you if you refuse to protect yourself?”  He could hardly hear himself over the adrenalin flooding his brain, rushing behind his eyes.  He closed his lips against whispering, What if I’m not fast enough, Erwin?  What the fuck then? He’d asked before and he didn’t want to hear Erwin’s answer again.

A warm finger tapped his chin, risking Levi’s gritted teeth, coaxing until Levi was looking at eyes that matched the bolo tie he’d stolen for Erwin two days ago.

“I trust you.”  Erwin’s voice didn’t catch in his chest the way Levi’s did.

“They’ll never buy it.”

“I’m persuasive.”

“You’re a suicidal bastard.”  Levi nudged his face up and squeezed his eyes shut, forehead pressed to Erwin’s lips hard enough to bruise.  He felt Erwin smile.

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Protection// Im Jaebum(Part 1)

Originally posted by got7kings

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Supernatural, Vampire

Summary: After being saved from an absolute stranger, you find yourself in a different world; A world you never knew existed, a world where you find yourself less protected than before.

Author’s Note:This is the first part of my new mini-series! I hope you all enjoy~

xoxo Sara


You sat in the back room of the small coffee shop you owned with your old co-worker, waiting for her to arrive to work as you flipped through the pages of the latest book you bought. As an avid book reader and writer, you owned well over two-hundred books, which were good contributes to the small coffee shop. Once you had finished reading them, you’d place them in the shelves in the walls for the patriots of the coffee shop to pick up and enjoy while they sipped on their coffee.

“Yah, (Y/N),” Your co-worker, Tiffany giggled, “Snap out of your daydream. Your shift starts in ten minutes.”

“Yours started fifteen minutes ago!” You shouted, whipping your apron at her before slipping it on, “Don’t tell me to get to work!”

“Listen, there was a lot of traffic okay?” Tiffany tied her hair up, slipping a cap on over it, “I’m sorry I’m late. But i’ll close up today, okay? So don’t worry your pretty little head~” Tiffany tapped your head softly as she tied her apron, smiling at you before she left the room.

“I practically live here, I always close up,” you murmur to yourself, a small smile playing on your face as you bit your lip.

Your life had seemed simple enough. You have lived on your own for as long as you can remember; your mother and father had gotten a divorce when you were little, and your mother had passed away just a year or so afterwards. You lived with your grandma up until this year, when you had saved enough money to buy an apartment down the block from a little space that you had been eyeing for a long time, which was also up for rent. Agreeing to go half-and-half on the space, you and a person from your old job had bought it and turned it into a small—really small—coffee shop, something you had always dreamed of doing since you were a child.

Walking out into the small space, your eyes scanned over the people who sat in your coffee shop. There were few people who came here frequently, a small set of girls who came everyday after school, along with a boy who seemed to be there more for the books than he was for the actual coffee. Today, though, you saw new faces that you have never seen before; three men, with hair as light as the sun and skin so pale you were positive that it was their first time going outside in a while. Regardless, you served them with a smile, giving them their coffee the way they ordered it; black, with no sugar nor sweetener added to it.

You noticed the three men staring at you as you went back to work, serving the other customers with smiles although your mind was wandering somewhere else. Why were they staring at you so much?

“Hey, TIff,” you murmured softly as you went behind the counter, gripping your co-workers arm slightly, “I know you said you’d close up today.. But would you mind it if I just, stayed with you until then?”

“No, I don’t mind,” Tiffany said cautiously, putting her tray down as she raised an eyebrow at you, “Why? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” you nod, showing a soft smile, “i just, didn’t want you to lock up alone, is all. It sucks having to walk home alone.”

“Alright,” She smiled, patting your head once again before lifting up the tray, “We can lock up together.”

Smiling at her, you nodded as you went back onto the floor, waiting for someone to raise their hand to take their order.

You sat at the front, waiting fro someone to order, when out of the corner of your eye, you saw a hand shoot up. You looked over to see the boy with black hair, raising his hand, his eyes staring into yours as you slowly stood.

Walking over, you smiled at him, leaning down to see the book he was reading.

“Poetry?” You hummed, taking out your notepad with a smile, “I love poetry. Shel Silverstein was one of my favorites when I was younger.”

“I can tell,” he murmured, “You have every book he’s ever produced here. Are these all of your books?”

“Yep, all mine,” you smiled, gesturing to the large shelve filled with books, “But I’ve read them all and i didn’t want them to collect dust. So I brought them here! Now, what can I get for you, sir?”

“Can I have a small cup of coffee, black? No sugars or anything in it,” he said, putting the book down as you nodded.

“We are also having a sale on pastries, freshly made. Would you like to try one?”

“No thank you, I only have money for my coffee really,” The boy smiled, wiping his hair from his forehead slightly as you nodded.

“Okay! Coming right up,” you smiled, walking to the small counters in the shop where Tiffany stood, handing her the order you had just received.

“That boy is cute,” Tiffany giggled, giving your hip a little bump, “He comes here everyday, have you noticed?”

“I have,” you hummed, sorting out the pastries in the small display glass, “He comes to read everyday. This is the first time I’ve seen him order anything, though.”

“I bet he was waiting for you to serve him,” She giggled, sliding a couple of coffees onto a tray, “He stared at you all the time, but not creepily. He’ll just peek over his book.” Winking at you softly, Tiffany left the area, making a blush rise onto your cheeks as you finished the boys coffee. Sliding a pastry into a small paper bag, you walked over and handed both of them to him.

“I sai-“

“It’s on the house,” you smiled, “And don’t worry, the owner won’t get mad. She wants you to eat, you come here everyday for six hours at a time and you never eat.”

The boy smiled at you softly, nodding his head as he slid the pastry out of the bag, “Well, tell her I said thank you.”

“No problem,” you hummed, walking away from him and to the small area you were standing at before he ordered.

The rest of the day went along smoothly; the group of men from before staying at their table, staring at you until closing, the boy from table three leaving a tip for you along with the pastry, a note attached saying that you would enjoy it more than he could.

The next day, the same people were back; the boy from table three, and the men who sat and stared at you. Walking over to the boy who sat reading a book, you placed a coffee in front of him.

“Thank you,” The boy said, a soft smile on his face as he squinted at your name-tag, “(Y/N).”

“Of course…” You said, your sentence lingering as you raised an eyebrow at him with a smile.

“Jaebum.” He said, putting his book down to take a sip of his coffee. “Im Jaebum.”

“Well, Jaebum,” you said, tucking your notepad into your pocket, “I hope you enjoy your coffee.”

“Wait,” Jaebum said, looking around softly before leaning in close to you, “Those guys at table seven… They’ve been staring at you. And they’re bad news, so stay away from them, okay?”

“Why are they bad news?” You asked softly, “Do you know them?”

“I know of them, yes,” Jaebum said softly, “And they’ve been staring at you for two days. Don’t trust them. Let your friend serve them, or someone else.”

“Why are you warning me of this?” you asked, “Should I call the police on them?”

“No no,” Jaebum shook his head softly as he licked his lips, “The police won’t be able to do anything. Just, be careful.”

“Alright,” you said hesitantly, fear plaguing your mind as you slowly backed away from Jaebum’s table. How did he know of those guys? Why was he warning you?

Walking to the back room, you slipped off your apron, “I’m going on a break,” You told tiffany, “i’m going to sit out in the back.”

“Be careful!” Tiffany giggled, patting your head as she slid out her phone from her pocket.

“I will,” you smiled, waving at her as you opened the door that led to the back patio. You sat in a chair with a book in your hand, reading it for what seemed to be fifteen minutes, before you heard a whistle.

“Yoohoo,” you heard softly, your head snapping up to see the three men who were perched at table seven moments ago, “Miss?”

“Hello,” you said, slowly standing up, “I’m sorry, but this is a private back patio. You aren’t supposed to be here.”

“But we have a few questions,” another said, eyes glued to you as you backed yourself away and near the door, “Would you mind answering them for us? It’s about your shop.”

“I can get my associate to answer them for you,” you said quickly, “My break just ended. I’m sorry!”

Quickly, you pulled yourself through the door and locked it, letting out a long sigh as you felt your heart beat speed up. How did they get back there? You looked at Tiffany, who stood while taking orders. Should you maybe close up the store early and go home?

“Tiffany,” you said softly as she came behind the counters to make an order, “The guys at table seven. They were on the back patio.”

“What?” she asked, filling a cup with green tea, “How did they get there? No one knows the code besides us and your grandma.”

“I don’t know,” you murmured, “But it’s making me paranoid. Do you think we should close up the shop?”

“No, no,” Tiffany shook her head, “We never close this early. Stay in the back room for a little. If you still feel uneasy about everything, then go home, okay?” She patted your back softly as she placed the tea on the tray.

“Alright,” you nodded, smiling at her before slipping into the back room, locking the door behind you. You sat there for a good hour, unable to even look if the men were still back there, waiting for you, or to see if maybe they went to sit back inside. Your mind raced as scenarios flowed through your head. You didn’t know what to do.

Grabbing your bag, you left the back room and hugged Tiffany. “I’m going to go home now. Lock up, okay?”

“I will,” Tiffany said, looking around the coffee shop to see if anyone was watching you, “Get home safe,okay?”

“Thank you,” you smiled at her, waving goodbye as you slowly exited the coffee shop, the bell above the door ringing loudly as you stepped outside.

Looking behind you constantly, you made sure no one was following you. You made quick steps to the next block, and then the next.

Once you past the corner to the block going to your apartment, you looked at the bench that sat near the bus stop. There were the three men that usually sat in your coffee shop. You locked eyes with them for a moment, but quickly sped up your steps, hoping to lose them and get to your apartment.

Your hopes were lost as you saw them crossing the street quickly, hot on your trail. You sped up your steps yet again, almost to a jogging pace, but they were still close behind you, getting closer to you with each passing moment.

Soon, there was nothing to do but run.

All you could do was run. At some point, your feet became so numb you couldn’t feel them anymore, the pins and needle feeling spreading from your toes all the way to your legs. You were unsure where you were running to, because you had nowhere left to turn. No friends, no family, no one to save you. You were alone in the world, and you were scared.

You couldn’t think straight. You felt your heart beating through your throat, the taste of your sweat on your lips as your tears stung your eyes, the thoughts of who was chasing you, who was trying to catch you, was far beyond your thoughts right now. All you could think of was how to lose them.

You could smell the freshly mowed grass you were running on as you screamed for your life, unsure of who would hear you, unaware of who might actually care. You weren’t going to try and knock on anyone’s door. That would take too long, it would give them enough time to decrease the gap you’ve put between you and them and catch you, and that was the last thing you wanted.

You wondered how you got into this situation, how you went from working at a coffee shop, a place where only few people frequently went, to running for your life from people who you didn’t know, who didn’t look harmless when they entered your shop.

And then, it went dark.

Let Me Be (Your Everlasting Light)

sterek bingo 2017: hogwarts au

this was stupidly fun to write, and it’s my first hogwarts au, so i feel like i passed some sort of line?

also on ao3


Stiles had never had the typical childhood. He was always a bit weird, only had one friend, and not the most normal of interests.

And then his mom died, and he was known as the weird kid whose dad was never home, only had one friend, and no mom.

And that was blessedly normal in comparison. He’d known of other kids that were weird, other kids that didn’t have many friends, whose parents overworked, who didn’t have parents. He wasn’t that different.

But then the letter came. He watched as his father read it over dozens of times with a pained twist in his eyes, then sitting him down at the kitchen table, pouring himself a glass of whiskey, and telling him about his mother. His mother, who was apparently a witch.

He didn’t know anyone else whose mother was a witch.

Then came the packing, and the hugs and the tears, and the train, and meeting Scott- who was no Heather, but maybe could be, someday. And everyone around him was just like him, in one way or another. He wasn’t the weird kid anymore; they all were, which made them all normal.

So of course something had to happen to give him back that title, and it happened his first damn day.

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Taking care of your Hive Worm

Low and behold Guardian!

You have returned from the Dreadnaught with treasure unimaginable and while you were leaving you happen to spot something from the corner of your eye.

A very curious looking sphere hidden deep in a corner. Thinking of this as another item you take it back into your home as a trophy.

There we are Guardian! We are safe back home on Earth and you decide to place your treasures on your table and start your normal routine, running a hot bath and getting some rest.


When you are done with your routine you notice that your ‘sphere’ is broken.

More or less.

It hatched.

Sadly for you you accidently picked up a Hive egg and now have a Hive worm!

Well now what do you do!? Do you kill it!? Sell it to the FWC for their weird and mysterious test?

Nah its just to damn cute.! Well Guardian I am here to tell you on how to care for your new pet! Just follow these steps and you wont kill it. Unintentionally that is.


Make a large nest for them! Of course not made of twigs and mud like birds you idiot! Grab some blankets and pillows! The softer the better! Hive Worms like soft things to rest on. 

Step 2

When you leave for a mission the Hive Worm will be scared and all alone! To prevent it from ‘flipping out’ leave the t.v. on and place a few of your plushies around for it to keep company. If you leave that t.v. on the worm will believe its not alone.

Step 3


They are very delicate, they are not like cats where they can land on their feet. If they hit a hard enough surface the impact might kill them. *Even a small drop, they’re squishy but they don’t bounce*

Step 4

Worms are hungry little shits and will eat just about anything.  They’ll fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton you name it, and of course they also eat meats and bones. So prepare to make daily trips back to the dreadnaught to get your Worm’s daily meal.

Step 5

They love to cuddle up to things. If your worm clings on to you, it is the worms way of saying that its accepted you as its mother. Congrats on that.

If it starts sliming..well it loves you. Just prepare yourself t clean up a huge stain off your cloths.

Step 6

Give them a nice warm bath every two days. Trust me on this because if they don’t get clean your apartment or whatever you live in is going to smell like the battle of Twilight Gap.

And your neighbors are going to think your a serial killer.

Step 7

Want your worm to travel with you? Carry a side bag with you with a soft lining on the inside. It doesn’t have to be stylish or anything it just has to be comfortable for your Worm.

Step 8

Worms grow VERY fast. With all that ‘yummy’ food your giving them they will probably be the size of a 30lb cat and will be the size of your torso!

Step 9

Worms dig. So if you are taking them outside, be cautious. If you take your eyes off of it within a second the worm will take its chance and dig into the ground. Then you going to have really big issues.

So if you have a back yard buy a large and deep enough pool to but sand in. Giant sand box and your worm can enjoy itself without escaping. Hell it will play peek a boo with you.

Don’t you dare play wack a worm.

Step 10

When the worm has reached its full size it will make a cocoon. How big? Well remember when you go down into the Shrine of Oryx and you see those big things clinging to the cave walls?

Yeah. That big.

That’s a warning that your Worm is going to be a Thrall within a few months! Its your decision if you want to get rid of it or keep it. *Hey if you keep it you get a pet that’s your size and wants to bite your face off or continue to love you. That’s your decision bro*

But hey it’d be awesome if you had a Knight as a side kick.


Just like any other normal pet just love them and they will love you in return. They’re just big squishy puppies.

For more helpful tips on how to care for your Hive Worm get in contact with a Warlock that has vast knowledge on the Hive or try to talk to a Wizard. The more you know, the better care for your pet Worm.

*Don’t go to Eris she will tell you to kill it…*

Dating Young Derek

Request: dating young Derek

A/N: I know I was supposed to post this about two days ago but trust me I’ve been wanting to start it for so long I just hadn’t had anytime but I finally wrote it so here you go! Oh and just a reminder that this is way back before the Hale house fire so like, way back. This one is a bit short because there’s no actual storyline, but you could always ask for another one. That’s all I guess. Hope you like it. x

Words: 755

I stood in front of the Hale house front door before knocking, but right before my knuckles made contact with the wood, I noticed it was open, so I just walked in.

I know it might be a bit rude, maybe even a lot, but I’ve known the Hale family for years now, and Talia loves me so I don’t think they’ll mind.

I went up the stairs to Derek’s room, but the door was wide open and no one was inside. I looked through the window in his room that showed the backyard and there he was.

So I went back down but this time I went to the backyard since I knew where Derek was now.

He was busy shooting basketballs into the hoop, and I don’t think he noticed my presence.

Derek tried shooting a couple of them, but failed miserably and he was getting tense. He lowered his head taking his breath getting tired, so I walked up behind him and hugged him from behind, causing him to jump a little.


“Woah, have you been here to whole time?” Derek asked and I curled the side of my lips as if I had been thinking, “Well, not the entire time, but I’ve been here long enough to know you’re not doing okay.” I explained waving my head towards the basketball shoot.

“I’m fine.” he said tensing up again, before turning around shooting the ball again, but this time wasn’t any different than the others, meaning he missed it, same as the three after that.

“Ugh!” Derek groaned holding his head and I held his hand, making him calm down a little. “Is this about tonight?” I asked, and he lowered his head. “It’s the full moon, ain’t it?” I asked making sure I didn’t have the wrong date, and he nodded his head.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you get through it just like I always have. So will Peter, and everyone else.” I said trying to comfort him, looking up at him since he was taller than me, no shock.

Derek let go of my hand pushing it away, “I don’t need your help! I don’t need anyone’s help.” He shouted, and I jumped at his sudden loud voice, “I don’t need anyone’s help.” He said in a lower voice this time, noticing how scared I looked.

“You know, just because you’re nervous about it doesn’t mean we can’t help you and that you push everyone around you away.” I said looking right at him.

“You-” Derek began but I quickly interrupted him, “If you say one thing about me being human and not some sort of shifting werewolf creature I will smack you in the face with a basketball.”

Yes, so I wasn’t that good at threatening, but I needed to make a point.

Derek looked around before looking back at me, “You’re right, I’m sorry.” He walked up to me and hugged me tightly. “It’s alright, you’re just scared.”

“I’m not scared…”

I raised both eyebrows at him, “Fine, you’re nervous.” I said smiling at how he tried to show that he wasn’t scared, even though I knew that deep down, he was pretty damn scared.

I took his hand into mine, “Don’t worry, I’m here for you, and I always will be.”


I smiled, “I promise.”

“Now,” I began as I grabbed the basketball off of the ground, “Why don’t you try again?” I handed him the ball, and he was a bit hesitant, but took it out of my hand after that.

Derek shot the ball but it hit the side of the basket and flew the other way, “It’s alright, it’s alright. You’ll get it.”

He took the ball again and stood in the same place, “Derek,”

“Focus, you know you can do it. You’re better than this.”

He closed his eyes focusing for a few seconds before opening them again and raising the ball up a little and throwing, shooting it right into the basket.

Derek turned around and hugged me very tightly, “Thank you.”

“Haha, it’s alright but um..” I trailed, not being able to breath because of how tight he was holding me. “I.. can’t….. breathe…” I spoke.

“Oh sorry,” he laughed hugging me again, softer this time. “Alright wolf boy, how about you go shower first, then we can hug all you want.” I said pushing him away. 

Derek rose an eyebrow at me and smirked, “Just hug?” He said smugly, and I rolled my eyes, “Oh my god, go!”

Hump Day Smut!

Happy Wednesday, my horny friends!

Ms. New Booty by @blushingsamgirl (Dean likes spanking dat ass.)

(Over)compensation by @saxxxology Battery Burner (This touched even my Dean!girl heart. Sammy gives it to ya rough just like you need it. Meow.)

More Than You Know by @sis-tafics (Last week’s Hump Day had two “Trust Me” fics, and this is the first one from Dean’s POV.)

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

Jumper Leads by @littlegreenplasticsoldier (So I’m confused because when Ali tried explaining this toy writing challenge thingy I thought it was supposed to be funny and bad but this is like…good? I mean I do not want any clamps on or near my own personal clitoris but considering it was about a toy I have no personal interest in, it was pretty hot.)

Business + Pleasure 2 by @klaineaholic (Part 2 literally only served to get me salivating for part 3. This is dangerous. Oh, and it’s Dean. Part 1 was on last week’s hump day and is linked on the fic. Catch up if you aren’t with us yet.)

One Way to Express Anger by @scorpiongirl1 (Sammy gets an angry beej.)

Here’s some links for answers to you Hump Day Smut related questions and Hump Day Smut Masterlist and Have You Read the One With…

Broken Home - Kylo Ren x fem!Reader (Part 3)

A/N: Sorry this took a while, hope you guys like it :3 It’s really nice
        talking with you guys ^-^
       I’ll finish as much ships as I can tonight after this, while posting some
      imagines too and answering some of your asks :3
     If you want to see more of something on this blog; don’t hesitate to
   message me or pop a suggestion in my ask box :3

Warnings: Mentions of death a few times…

Words: 1077

Broken Home; Part One - Here
Broken Home; Part Two - Here

It had been a week since Ben left, in your eyes he wasn’t the murderous, dark, cold-hearted Sith Lord that everyone made him out to be… He was your Ben. The one you grew up with, saw pain grow across his face numerous of times when he thought that his parents had left him with his uncle because they didn’t love him, always feeling isolated and alone.

The only person who understood the pain and suffering Ben was going through, was you. Luke was too blinded by the young Jedi’s he was training in the temple, he was too far away from home to go to his mother for comfort. Ben only had you.

When Supreme Leader Snoke had come to Ben and seduced him to the ways of the dark side, that’s when Ben had been crowned the name of ‘Kylo Ren’. Ben, or… Kylo had come back to the temple to explain everything that happened, too many thoughts running through your head which gave you a headache.

Kylo gave you a onetime offer, which you accepted; Join the knights of Ren. Well of course, you were blinded by love.

The next thing you had known, a few months later you and Kylo were slaughtering Padawans side by side; these younglings who you would train with now laying bloodied on the floor. You didn’t say anything as Kylo motioned for you to return back to The First Order ship with him as there was no sight or presence of Luke Skywalker.

After being on the Starkiller Base for four years, you had become close friends with a ginger around your age called Hux. You and Hux would talk on a regular basis and you would complain how you were fed up of this life, slicing up innocent families in innocent villages for no reason whatsoever.

One day though, after spewing up everything you’ve ate the night before from the Cantina; you sent a Stormtrooper to deliver a message to Hux telling him to meet you at the Med Bay ASAP. Kylo was out on a training programme and the only person you could trust at this moment was Hux.

As you sat on the edge of one of the beds in the Medical Bay, the sleek ginger standing across from the bed and the Medical Droid examining your pee sample. Honestly you were shaking, where would you go if you were pregnant? There was a price above your head! If you stayed then the Supreme Leader would want the child trained in the ways of the force.

You bit down a sob as the Medical Droid confirmed you were pregnant, it excused itself to give you some privacy and soon Hux’s arms were wrapped around you awkwardly. “Sh, don’t worry Y/N… we’ll figure something out so they’re not raised in a place like this” he cooed into your H/L, H/C locks.

You jolted up in from your sleep, clutching your hair. The same dream you had every night, it was like a nightmare carved into your skull reminding you what sick minded things you had done in the past, why was it still there?

You growled in frustration and kicked the blankets off you, then it happened, it just hit you like a ton of bricks. You didn’t have that dream last week when Ben was lying next to you, when you were in his arms and he was rubbing little circles on your shoulders like he did every time you had lay together in the same bed. It was him.

You quietly and quickly got out of bed and into the shower while bringing in a clean change of clothes for the day into the bathroom with you. Showering, drying, changing and towel drying your hair off quickly you made your way to General Organa’s quarters.

On approaching you went to knock but before you had the chance to knock, the doors opened and revealed the Resistance General herself. You looked at her with pure confusion in your eyes and she just chuckled and replied with “The force, Y/N” she sensed the adrenaline and worry in you, “What’s wrong? Has something been troubling you?”, You nodded to her reply and run a hand through your damp hair.

“I think I know how to stop these dreams, I’ll need a day or two but just trust me on this… and can you look after Agustin please?” You rushed almost tripping on your own words, Leia had nodded trying to comprehend and take in your rambling. Running down the halls towards the hangar and your X-Wing shouting a ‘Thank you’ over your shoulder.

Your X-Wing was slowly approaching the Starkiller Base, you gulped as a voice came through the headset;

“State your identity and purpose,” you heard a familiar voice through the coms.

“Now, now General, Don’t be a tease… Who else do you think would have the guts of a Bantha to fly an X-Wing, here?”

“Y/N? This is Bantha Fodder… What are you doing here?” Hux whisper shouted down his headset at his long term good friend, how did the Resistance let her get away with this?

“I need help, now give me access to your god damn hangar and meet I’ll meet you there in 15” You pleaded, Hux sighed down the headset and nodded towards the commanders on the bridge to grant you access.

Powering down the X-Wing in the First Order hangar you sighed remembering the last time you were treated as a guest, hopefully this time you won’t be treated as scum. Opening the hood of your X-Wing you had noticed someone had already placed a ladder for you to climb out.

When you had jumped down off the last step you had seen Hux and Phasma already waiting for you, a cheeky smirk already on the ginger General’s face. “Welcome home, Ms. L/N,” Captain Phasma saluted you. “Just for a couple of days Captain,” you thanked her and Hux motioned for you to follow him.

“Ren will be back on base tonight, he’s on an assignment. So if you need to talk to him I suggest to wait around for a while,” Hux informed while keeping his voice low so no one could listen in, “I would rather talk to you first, if you’re not too busy.” Rubbing your hands together.

“Not at all, like I told you before and I’ll tell you again; I’ll be the friend you need”



Masked Smile

Mystic Messenger “Short”, Jumin Han / MC, shouldn’t really spoil anything, angst, fluff, requested by Anonymous

//sorry this took so long, anon, I’ve been playing wayyy too many phone video games the past few days!! Will you find the kindness in your soul to forgive me? >.< I hope that the fact that it’s over 3.4k words will make you a bit happier!!

//ALSO this fic basically required me to name the MC so if you all see the name “Sasha Devore”, that’s you! (or MC or however you take it.)

Work has been bothering both you and Jumin greatly, and you need a way to relieve stress. A member of the RFA brings up a masquerade ball that is coming up for Jumin’s company, and you reluctantly accept the invitation to one of the greatest nights of your life.

Jumin stares the stacks of papers down as they face him ominously. Seriously, these are the only things holding me back, he thinks to himself with disdain as he looks back to his current document and continues reading over it. Jumin had agreed to the pact that, if he was able to find a consistency in his work schedule and neither of you were bogged down with work, you would finally accept his invitation to permanently move in with him. You had wanted to have some personal space and time after the incident with Elizabeth the 3rd, but you had promised wholeheartedly that you would return soon.

Jumin curses at himself, gripping his pen extremely tightly as his eyes close. He can’t handle it; your absence. He often feels empty, returning to a home that was without your warmth, retiring to a bed which was not already half occupied by your sleeping figure. He balls his other hand into a fist as he thinks about embracing you tightly… if only he could do that now.

He decides to opt for the second closest thing to your warmth, which was your voice. As he picks up his phone, about to dial your number, he realizes that the chatroom is alive and vibrant.

And you are there.

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Dear Diary,

It was late, it was dark, and nobody shared out Jekyll and Hyde feels, so…

IDEA: @goblinidiota et moi
FEDORA: @bobsytherabbit {go and love Natasha O’Keeffe for this character!!}
MUMMY ASSASSIN: @goblinidiota
MAKE-UP, CONCEPT, PHOTOGRAPHY: @erebusodora {catering by my lovely mum who totally understands when we go slightly mad in unison}

And - yeah, you can see the snow and frozen river on the background. I’ve been running about the city looking for the suitable places to shoot for two days, and trust me, it was FREEZING. Well, we can beautifully suffer for no logical reasons when we see the way to have some fun)))