day to day planner

Busy day ahead, which is why I tried, for the first time in my entire life, to schedule what the hours of my day would look like. So far, I’m successful in following the schedule. I think this works well because I am used to cramming, and knowing the deadline I set for myself is looming near motivates me to do things quickly. 💕

Note: Apparently, I forgot how to spell cyclothymia 🙈

161113 | 1/100 days of productivity

So I decided to start experimenting with daily spreads instead of my usual weekly ones and here is the result of my first one! I am also starting 1/100 days of productivity today because I’ve been feeling really unmotivated lately and I am hoping this helps me get focused and stay on track (and be more active here on tumblr and on ig hehe). 

the week is going so fast… there were four hours of architecture on Monday, but it was so interesting, now i want more. I’ve never thought that i can like it so much. But sitting and listening without opportunity to move is pretty hard. As you know, we have to do breaks every ~40 minutes to stay concentrated.

I’ve ordered some books about architecture and now i can’t wait to take them from the book store! oh Saturday please come~`