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these posts might be annoying, but from the start of 2016 when i started watching and drawing ml to now- this show and this fandom has pushed me to draw so much more than i used to and ive improved heaps because of it, so thank you!! 

I think many of you would enjoy knowing that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (a phrase that is not going to get old anytime soon) has a polydactyl ginger cat which has now got its own Twitter account. All hail Paddles the First Cat. 

They’ve been in the papers almost non-stop since the fall of Fittes House. Lockwood, well-suited as always for the spotlight, enjoys the prestige and publicity of it all. Lucy just enjoys how happy it makes him. And, when warranted, she also enjoys teasing him for it.

Today, for example. They’re on the sofa in the living room a little after noon. Lockwood’s got his head in Lucy’s lap as he reads a feature piece titled A.J. Lockwood: The Man Behind the Mystery. For her part, Lucy is supposed to be writing up last night’s case. Instead, she’s watching Lockwood read and running the fingers of one hand slowly through his hair. He’s all but glowing with satisfaction today, making it difficult for Lucy to focus on anything but him.

She suspects this was his plan all along.

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anyone else remember that weird period on this website where edgy (and probably fake) stories about being mean to kids were super popular? like that one about a guy at a bakery who was in line right in front of a mother and a child who was being impatient and crying because he wanted pie, and the grown-ass man reacted to that by buying ALL the pies and everyone thought it was hilarious and it got thousands of notes along with every other post like that about making a childs day worse just because they were acting like a child in public? Why did we as a website let that to be a thing how did we allow that to become popular??


October: I fail to see where the flaw in my logic is

Carter: its not-..its just-..I dont think-…nevermind..

((Personal note from the mod: Joking aside here I do what to say that I am very happy for you and congratulations on getting married! As someone who is also married let me tell you that its ok to be nervous, I was too! But I can say that all my worry was for nothing as we had a beautiful wedding and it was honestly so much fun, even tho I feel like it went by so fast! Enjoy your special day and be sure you remember to eat something at your wedding, you’ll need the energy for all the dancing ;3 Best of you and your partner and cheers to the following happy life together!)) 

Dadvid appreciation week Day 1: The Moment Where David Became Dadvid.

I’m vet excited to be able to participate in the first DAW. I decided to redraw the scene from parents day as I feel that moment solidified their relationship in canon.

(Please don’t tag as shipping) 

Probably gonna be scarce this week since my work has blocked tumblr on their VPN again but also (and slightly more important) because the project that I’ve been working on for the last four months, the project that has extremely high stakes for me both in the eyes of my management and business partners, is going live this weekend.

So I am, naturally, a bit of a hot mess right now. All well-wishes and positive vibes are extremely appreciated.



[ar-ee-veest; French a-ree-veest

1. a person who has recently acquired unaccustomed status, wealth, or success, especially by dubious means and without earning concomitant esteem.

1900-1905; Arriviste comes from French, from arriver, “to arrive,” from (assumed) Vulgar Latin arripare, “to reach the shore,” from Latin ad-, “to, toward” + ripa, “shore.”

“He excavates enough dirt that, midway through the book, the reader loses sympathy with Bernays, who comes across as an insufferable egotist and insecure, name-dropping arriviste.”
- Ron Chernow, New York Times

Much as I really, REALLY don’t want to jump to conclusions based on one scene, I think Hazel may be less evil than we anticipated.

Sure, the scene where he’s not happy with what Adam did doesn’t speak for his entire character, he’s obviously evil enough to be part of Salem’s inner circle and play on the same team as Watts, Cinder and Tyrian, but the few things we actually see him do don’t exactly scream “evil”.

He’s hardly done anything thus far, but the few times we’ve seen him do anything, it’s either directly helpful to the heroes (getting Oscar a ticket for Haven Academy, whether he knew Ozpin was there or not) or at least moral (scolding Adam for killing Sienna when it wasn’t necessary and looking extremely pissed off that he went that far).

Establishing character is important to a story, and so far, these pretty much qualify as Hazel’s establishing character moments. So far, he’s shaping up to have a heart, unlike Watts, Tyrian, and Cinder.  

Made it through a whole set at work and only cried once. I count that as a win.

Peds was fine but my nicu shift is what got to me. There’s this irrational jealousy and amplified sense of loss when you’re surrounded by newborns and know that it will never be yours. Sharing the joys with new parents and teaching them how to care for their beautiful new life… It just hurts. I still love it, but it’s a quieter love today.