day seven: reincarnation

Do you like fake marriage? Reincarnation? Well, me too, since I tried to pack as many tropes as I could into this sucker. 

This Lie That We’re Fixing To Die - Faraday/Vasquez (PG-13)

Faraday’s having nightmares about a man, a gunshot, and an explosion. It’s getting so bad that pretending to be married to the man he’s in love with for a mission almost seems like an improvement.

↳day seven: "the golden age"

It’s not Merlin who finds Arthur. 

It happens eventually. Whether or not it be fate. There’s a river’s edge, beyond thick, shadowing woods, wilder and greener than anyone’s known. Then again, Arthur remembers little of… that time.

A man picks roots there. He mumbles to himself, in languages long-lost, the stink of filthy living clinging to him. Stubble darkening his jaw. Arthur watches him hunch from a good distance, sitting on an overturned log, as the man occasionally picks at his teeth, cursing old gods, before Arthur turns away for home.

There shouldn’t be a point in this. Arthur has this life given now–a job in technical advising, friends that have never known the weight of a sword, nor the heat of spilled blood, or the mercy after a long, slow death.

But home feels miles back– scrambling about in the dark, reeking of sickly fragrant plants and dirt older than a boneyard under Merlin’s fingernails, glassy, blue eyes and a toothy smile– from Arthur’s warm bed at his flat.