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Early little thing for V-Day while wearing some pretty bewb supportive shirts ahaha!
My Promptis feels burn strong! I even made a little head-canon for myself where Prompto gets a tattoo of the Virgo constellation on his neck where he has the most freckles. Noctis drew along to connect the dots for his zodiac sign one day as a joke and Prompto got permanent ink over it for him <3 I have fluffy feels and I wanted to share them with you all @^▽^@

Skeleton Island
James Flint
Skeleton Island

“The story, as it was recounted to me, is that Avery was the first Englishman to find the island. The Spanish had been using it to conduct illicit transactions for decades. Avery plans to lie in wait for them. He and his crew of 44 arrive and sail inland.
But as they move up the inlet, they see something most unexpected.
She was Spanish, but not one of the ships they’d been hunting. This ship had been there far longer than that. Captain’s log identifies her having set sail from Havana in 1636. 31 souls aboard. Avery finds the remains of all 31.
Brutally so.
Evidence that a number of them had been dismembered while still alive.

All 31 bodies were found still on the ship, locked inside the hold.
Locked from within.
They ate each other alive.
Avery claimed to have seen the log. It said that the crew had refused to go inland to forage for food or for fresh water. That the first men in had returned, reporting sounds coming from the forest.
The men said it sounded to them…
… like the voice of God…
… warning them to stay away…”

He disbelieved me. He continued to resist. Corralling him took great effort. But the closer we got to Savannah, his resistance began to diminish. I couldn’t say why. I wasn’t expecting it. Perhaps he’d finally reached the limits of his physical ability to fight. Or perhaps, as the promise of seeing Thomas grew closer, he grew more comfortable letting go of this man he’d created in response to his loss. The man whose mind I’d come to know so well; whose mind I had in some ways incorporated into my own. It was a strange experience to see something from it so unexpected.

He chose to believe it, because he wasn’t the man that I’d come to know at all. But one who had existed beforehand, waking from a long and terrible nightmare. Reorienting to the daylight.

—  John Silver, talking about James Mcgraw and tearing my GODDAMN HEART OUT, 4x10