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Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

  Lessons Learned (S14E08)

Unfortunately all the work that I did today is under the hood stuff. There’s been some minor tweaks to how turrets work, but everything else has been AI programming and refactoring to get AI working.

If you saw my previous post, the code isn’t quite written the way I outlined, but the general idea is there. That said, I need to find a way to organize the code better because for the more complex behaviors I’ll definitely need it to be written more like how I outlined it.

The two flight actions (turn towards and auto throttle) are finished. The idle mission is basically finished. The escort mission is implemented in a very basic way that exposed the shortcomings of doing this AI stuff the quick and dirty method. I have a ship following me around, but that’s all it can do.

Incidentally, this is the closest to a working formation AI I’ve ever written, which is pretty cool. It wasn’t my goal, but rather came out as a natural consequence of the auto throttle action. I think with some minor tweaks I could actually get a pretty robust formation AI. However that’s not important at the moment for what I need so I’ll have to tackle that at a later point.

Okay, I feel I have to ask: if your business isn’t generating enough money to pay you enough to live on… that a good business? Really?

(also, bonus points for breaking out the sarcastic quote marks in paragraph one at the very idea of workers having rights)

I’m going to preempt this by saying that I will finish Another Trip Around the Sun on the same schedule as I have been. This will not affect Another Trip at all. But after that, I think I’m going to take a long hiatus. I am tired. I am very tired. And it seems like I’ve been tired for a long time. I work two jobs, around 56 hours a week, and I need the money, so that’s fine I guess, but I just don’t have the energy to write a lot when I get home. I used to write at work sometimes on my breaks, but then I took on too many responsibilities, and now it seems like I’m drowning. I’ve been pushing through, writing even though I’m exhausted, because there were no other options. I want to write, desperately, but I need to work. So I’ve been tired-working for a while now, and then last week one of my managers came to me, saying that come mid-august our whole department is being let go. And it was like a light that I hadn’t even realized had been missing, came on, and I felt relief. I need a break like I need air, and though I am sad (really, really very sad) that our department is closing, I didn’t realize how much strain I’d been under until I could see an end to it. So, I’ve decided to cut myself a little slack. I think I’ll start up writing again, more, when I’m not working seven days a week. So, come the end of August, or early September, I should have more things to publish, once I lose one of my jobs, but until then, I’m going to finish Another Trip Around the Sun, because I can’t bear not to and I owe you all so much, but after that I’m going on an emotional vacation. 

   ❛ ohhh, stop worryin’, everything’s fine. i’ve got a towel, don’t i? ‘nothing t’ fear when your towel is near’, that’s what i say.