day of the rangers

Historical Interpretation Problems

For those of you just joining us, the only important context that you need for this story is that, in my day job, I work as a park ranger and a big part of my job is working with third graders on class field trips. Today, I was leading an interpretive program for a bunch of kids and I had ONE kid who was a real obnoxious little shit.  Just a real show-boating class clown, the sort of kid who not only has to shout things out constantly but also has to jump out of his chair to do a little pseudo-hula dance.  Not sure what it is about attention whore kids, they all think the hula dance is instant comedy gold and they will do it any chance they get. You know the sort of kid: Lives for attention, drinks it up like the little shit he is when his classmates laugh at his antics, shouts out weird “jokes” that are mostly just allusions to cartoons and pop culture shit that’s relevant to third graders.

I called on him to answer a question at one point and he started hemming and hawing to great dramatic effect, jumping out of his seat and parading up and down while theatrically stroking his chin as if he was PONDERING THIS ISSUE so hard. One of the parent chaperones tells him to just answer already and the kid shouts “THIS IS MY THING! THIS IS HOW IS DO THINGS!” So I finally have enough and just say “You’re done, buddy, sit down” and call on someone else to answer. You should have seen that little shit’s face. It looked like no one had ever shut him down ever before in his life.

After the program, I had all the kids lined up and I was making small talk with them while waiting for their teacher to return. I noticed one of the kids was dressed up as a chef; turns out that today was “career day” so they were all dressed up as what they wanted to be when they grew up, but, since most of them just wanted to be teachers and authors and other jobs without distinctive uniforms, they were just wearing normal clothes.

I went down the line asking each kid what they wanted to be. Lots of teachers, lots of football players, one “professional Minecraft gamer.”

And the obnoxious shitty kid is all “YOUTUBER!!!!!!!”

And I’m all “….yeah, I can see that.”

He’ll probably be a millionaire, the little asshole.

Lance: *telling a joke* :0 

Keith, with trouble understanding jokes: :/??? 

Lance: *explaining the joke so it’s easier to understand instead of laughing at Keith’s confusion* :0!!! :)!! 

Keith: XD!!!! 


Shadows of Almia valentines: Good Guy Edition™
These are somewhat inspired by @firefrostflare who made like actual Good ones? These are bad on purpose I mean just look at that comic sans. I’m so sorry (I’m not actually sorry)

Explaining how I came up with these would take a while so feel free to ask because some of them may not be obvious! Please ask me I’m so lonely and I just want to be cool and relevant

Every year on Valentine’s day Keith smiles because he gets a letter from a secret admirer and every year on Valentine’s day Lance smiles because the blush and smile of the cute boy who sits in front of him are thanks to him

I was trying a different way of coloring and wanted to do something cute c: