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Hello my dear Cyborg Queen! I hope that you and Cliff have an amazing day! In my book the story usually makes great leaps over time (like 7 years, then 3 years, then 5 years and so on). Because the goal is so massive, it has to take a long time and I wouldn't get my readers bored by writing every insignificant day or event. With that said, I believe it would just be stupid for every chapter to start with "X years later". What is your advice, oh wise one?

There are roughly a bajillion ways to tackle this, which I’m assuming you know because you’ve probably read lots of books with the same format. My personal favorite is the time stamp at the start of the chapter. Simple and effective. 


SS Fort Jams by Fang Island


fang island - tickle mountain

i am so frustrated abt finding a good leap day hatchling OH my god… i found a great one but then she was ON HOLD FOR ANOTHER USER AH

reblog this with your hatchlings pLEASE!!! under 60kt ideal but i can work w/ higher