day of the dead tutorial

I’m not dead, I swear! Grad school liiiiife.

But I thought I’d share: This is One Day Brightener Lotion that I bought in Tokyo for roughly $9, though there are several online and ebay sellers that aren’t too much more expensive.

You just rub it in like a regular lotion and it blends in really nicely. It’s not dramatically pale to the point where it looks super fake like cream make-up or foundation can be and once it dries it doesn’t rub off easily. I did try rubbing it hard on some black fabric and there was some residue, but it should be fine for light contact with clothes. Easy soap and water removal; there’s no bleaching agent or lasting effect. 

I wouldn’t use it for sheet-white characters, but for a ‘hasn’t seen the sun in 200 years’ look, it’s pretty nice! I’ll be using it for Tsurumaru at Katsu. I have no idea what it’d look like on darker skintones, admittedly. …Where’s my housemate…