day of the dead owl

Once it was Beautiful

But the lies of your lips were nothing but void without melody. You once sang to me, your voice could breeze my hair and make me feel warm, but the ink of your voice painted a mark on my face and not even rain can wash it away. 

I would have loved you, I would dream freedom for you, but you tied my hands and bonded my soul to your own prison.

Tribute for falondiiin and the rest of the elvhen pantheon ouo

anonymous asked:

does Alba celebrate Mothers Day?

Mother’s day…


…It is but courtesy of their words that a familiar sadness engulfs his person, and Alba is quick to shut himself away, quite literally.

Good job anon.


I do not.”

“I will be leaving now.”

xthebitchisbackx  asked:

If you could give your muse one gift, what would you give them? FOR ALL THE MUSES <3

(lmao why were all of my initial responses completely inappropriate ;) dayum Michelle why you gotta be so gorgeous ;) haha)

Missy: Her own TARDIS in the shape of a black Gucci handbagalso the Doctor being nice, and telling her she is always right for a full day —

Isobel: a new owl/ Rumsfeld back from the dead / Jareth XD ….. also Fraser fired so she could be Head Mistress :P

Sue:  Mac … even though she deserves SO much better than him; — also a bunch of cute stuff for her … baby …. ya know like little bonnets and booties.. and a leash — 

Lady: some kind of like super deadly untraceable poison that would be helpful in her line of work; — also Jim Gordon dead so she doesn’t have to explain an unfulfilled contract… 

Amanda: idek man her life is kinda perfect now ….. maybe Josh’s head on a silver platter; oh i know!!! Her dream wedding!!!! … to Barney …. to me …… to someone that deserves her!!

girl with a mind like a diamond a mix for jamie moriarty aka irene adler, because ive lost control of my life and marathoned season 1 of elementary in like 3 days

[ listen ]

miss murder afi // bombshell blonde owl city // love me dead ludo // a cheap and evil girl bree sharp // terrible things april smith // killer queen queen // short skirt long jacket cake // girl with one eye florence + the machine // power & control marina and the diamonds // in for the kill la roux // maneater nelly furtado // heavy metal lover lady gaga

DAY 7, Entry #1 "SOOS AND THE REAL GIRL" ✂ - Gracie
"I'm not sure you want to buy that game, sir. 
This is the third time someone's brought it back, 
and there's a note on it that says "destroy at all costs."
DAY 7, Entry #2 ✂ - classykatelyn
"Hello, friends. Hoo Ha the owl is dead. 
This next song goes out to my forever boyfriend, Soos."

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