day of the dead holiday

New York. Decoration Day, 1868, Lincoln Monument, Union Square. 1876. 

Decoration day was a long standing tradition used to remember a families ancestors and a Sunday in spring every year, the graves would be cleaned and decorated. at the end of the CIvil War, which caused the deaths of over 600,000 americans when the population of the entire country was only 31 million, Decoration day became associated more with remembering war dead, and became a Nationally recognised holiday. The name Memorial Day first was used in 1882, and after the Second World War, became the preferred title.

Despite many claims to the contrary, on May 26, 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation stating Memorial Day began 100 years before in Waterloo New York. 

Hack The Planet: Sombra Stuff


Sombra’s base skins are named after natural colors:

Cidro (Citrus) / Incendio (Fire) / Mar (Sea) / Noche (Night) 

Her “Azucar” skin (Lit. “Sugar”) is based on the sugar skulls commonly associated on the skulls created for Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), a very popular holiday in Mexico. These skulls are called ‘calaveras’ (Lit. “Skull”) and are created as offerings to the deceased. Sombra’s trademark hacking symbols (the skull) is based on the sugar calaveras as well.

Her “Los Muertos” skin is based on an in-universe gang known as Los Muertos (Lit. “The Dead”) that terrorize the city of El Dorado and like to wear glow-in-the-dark tattoos that make them resemble skeletons. 

Both her Azucar and Los Muertos skins have glow-in-the-dark tattoos, but Azucar’s is patterned on white sugar skulls while Los Muertos’ is patterned on neon skeletons.

Sombra used to be a member of Los Muertos, where she single-handedly leaked vital LumeriCo information and started a public overthrow of the power company.

Sombra was a member of the gang from a very young age, using her small stature and unassuming looks to steal data and give it to Los Muertos. Although some members of the gang show anti-omnic tendencies, most art of the gang shows that omnics can join if they want

Sombra’s voice line “Mess with the Best and Die like the Rest” is a reference to the movie “Hackers”, for obvious reasons. “Hack the Planet” is also from that movie.

Sombra’s playful ‘Boop’ she does to Katya Volskaya in “Infiltration” is actually a thinly veiled threat. Katya does this ‘boop’ to her daughter a sign of affection. Sombra did it to Katya to show that she has been watching the mother and daughter and can easily do more damage if she would like to.

Sombra’s “Amused” emote where she draws a data-chunked circle in the air while music plays, then laughs dismissively and disables it has a long history. During the “Quien es Sombra?” ARG, Overwatch players were desperately trying to figure out who Sombra is and where she was from. This led to people frantically searching the game for anything that could possibly lead to Sombra’s whereabouts. Some users on the Overwatch reddit found some texture artifacts in the skybox of El Dorado, with most believing it to be some kind of code or cipher. This was called “the Skycode”. Everyone was trying to decrypt it every way, from 3D visualization to language ciphers to data compilation, but nothing was working. Then some users decided to try and make the data into a song, and this is where the “Amused” song comes from. the theory that the Skycode was an encrypted song was very popular, but in the end the Skycode artifact was just that: an artifact. It had nothing to do with Sombra at all and was simply a quirk of Overwatch’s graphics engine. Thus, the “Amused” emote.

Sombra’s ammo counter on her gun is in Hexcode, a common data type used in coding and hacking. Her gun holds 60 bullets, with her counter listing “3 C (60 in hex)” then counting down through the values from there. Her full value table, with each bullet being one value, is below:

3 C (60) | 3 B (59) | 3 A (58) | 3 9 (57) | 3 8 (56) | 3 7 (55) | 3 6 (54) | 3 5 (53)

3 4 (52) | 3 3 (51) | 3 2 (50) | 3 1 (49) | 3 0 (48) | 2 F (47) | 2 E (46) | 2 D (45)

2 C (44) | 2 B (43) | 2 A (42) | 2 9 (41) | 2 8 (40) | 2 7 (39) | 2 6 (38) | 2 5 (37)

2 4 (36) | 2 3 (35) | 2 2 (34) | 2 1 (33) | 2 0 (32)| 1 F (31) | 1 E (30) | 1 D (29)

1 C (28) | 1 B (27) | 1 A (26) | 1 9 (25) | 1 8 (24) | 1 7 (23) | 1 6 (22) | 1 5 (21)

1 4 (20) | 1 3 (19) | 1 2 (18) | 1 1 (17) | 1 0 (16) | 0 F (15) | 0 E (14) | 0 D (13)

0 C (12) | 0 B (11) | 0 A (10) | 0 9 (9) | 0 8 (8) | 0 7 (7) | 0 6 (6) | 0 5 (5) |

0 4 (4) | 0 3 (3) | 0 2 (2) | 0 1 (1) | 0 0 (0)

Sombra’s Translocater is based on stolen and reworked tech from Tracer’s Chronal Accelerator. Sometimes when you Translocate as Sombra, she’ll say a sarcastic “Cheers, Luv!”. Also, during prematch banter, Sombra will say “Sometimes I feel sick after I translocate. I’m sure you know what mean, eh Tracer?” to which Tracer replies “Wouldn’t be a problem if you disappeared forever.”


The Signs as Holidays

Aries: Day of the Dead

Taurus: Thanksgiving

Gemini: St. Patrick’s Day 

Cancer: Christmas

Leo: 4th of July

Virgo: Easter

Libra: New Years

Scorpio: Halloween

Sagittarius: April Fools

Capricorn: Earth Day

Aquarius: Hanukkah

Pisces: Valentines Day

Secular Witch Wheel of the Year ideas

So you want to celebrate your own wheel of the year, but you are not Wiccan (or maybe not a Celtic Polytheist or Heathen Polytheist when it comes to the specific Celtic or Heathen holidays)?  Why not try making your own wheel of the year to celebrate nature or your own holidays?

Note:  It’s important that if you do this, you do not try to make your own holiday yet still call it by another name.  For instance: if you make a holiday around February 1st and give your own attributes to it, it’s important to not call it “Imbolc”.  Imbolc is a specific holiday with its own customs used to celebrate Brigid.  If you want to celebrate Imbolc, then celebrate Imbolc.  If you’re not celebrating Imbolc, don’t call it Imbolc.  Make sense?

Second Note: The solstice and equinox holidays will be named as such, and the cross quarter holidays will be referred to as “mid-x”. Note, this is a bit different than what you may be used to since the solstice holidays are sometimes referred to as such. Ex: summer solstice as “mid-summer”. For the purposes of this post, only the cross quarter days will be referred to in that way. Just fyi to avoid confusion. I’m referring to them as “mid” because they are in the middle of the season.

Now, onto the ideas:

⛤ Winter Solstice (Usually somewhere between Dec 20th-22nd): Celebrate family, holiday cheer, resolve any old issues you’ve had this year, look back on the year and what you have done. What have you learned?? You can also celebrate this as a time of new beginnings.  Since the sun is returning and the days will be growing longer: you can view this as your new year.  Make witchy resolutions, or any new year resolutions!! Celebrate winter festivities and the return of the sun

⛤ Mid-winter (Feb. 1st-2nd): I view this holiday as a time for purification.  Get rid of any bad habits.  Cleanse yourself and your house.  Do some spring cleaning. Celebrate the growing strength of the sun, and celebrate the coming spring as well!!

⛤ Spring Equinox (Typically between March 19th-21st): I view this time of year as a time for growth.  This corresponds with the growing signs of spring in the environment.  The days getting warmer, etc.  Take the time to do spells that correspond with your growth as witch or just as a human being.  This time is heavily associated with fertility. But this could be fertility of many things - talents, the mind, imagination, projects, etc! Try out new things, practice the things you love to do, etc. Maybe even grow a garden as well.  Remember the new years resolution you made at the Winter Solstice? Now would be the time to make sure you’re bringing the list to fruition! Also, celebrate spring festivities!

⛤ Mid-Spring (May 1st-2nd):  For me, this time of year is about life and love. Celebrate life by helping others around you: donate food, money, or your time. This holiday can be a time for charity and giving to others. I specifically view this time as a celebration of life and the living because the opposite cross quarter day would be Mid-Autumn (Halloween), which is a day to celebrate the dead. You can also spend this holiday appreciating the life of nature by spending time outside, building a bonfire, going for a walk, or tending/creating a garden. You can also celebrate this holiday as a holiday for love - spend time with your loved ones! Do something special for them. For other’s, this time of year may also correspond with sex as well. Oh, and celebrate the coming of summer time!!

⛤ Summer Solstice (Typically between June 20th-22nd):  For me, this is a time for power.  Celebrate your power and magic as a witch.  I personally believe this is the day of the year when the power of the earth is strongest.  Some view this time as a day when the veil between worlds thins. Especially in regards to the Fae. So you could take advantage of that. Also, celebrate summer!  Woohoo Summer!!! Spend your days at the pool, hanging out outside….or inside where there’s air conditioning. Whatever works for you.

⛤ Mid-Summer (August 1st-2nd): First harvest.  Time for feasting.  Reap what you have sown so far throughout the year.  I correspond this holiday with food - specifically grain. Celebrate the earth and the food that it provides you. Also, celebrate the coming of Fall!! (My favorite season of the year)

⛤ Autumn Equinox (Typically between Sept 21st-24th): Second Harvest. Witchy Thanksgiving.  List all the things you are thankful for, and celebrate them! Do some Autumn festivities, and celebrate Autumn (arguably the best time of the year ;)

⛤ Mid-Autumn/Halloween (October 31st-November 2nd): The final harvest. The opposite of Mid-Spring which celebrates life, Mid-Autumn celebrates the dead/our ancestors. Do something nice to remember those who have past. Also, celebrate the coming of winter!

Feel free to use my ideas for your celebrations :)


Comfirmed: Disney Mexican boys like red sweaters and jeans.

Haha, but in all seriousness, I actually really like the trailer for Coco. I know it’s really sad Book of Life didn’t get as much attention as it should have, but if nothing else I’m glad Pixar is taking on the Day of the Dead holiday. It’ll hopefully bring more attention to Mexican culture, sort of like Moana did for the Polynesian culture.

Although the hype behind it is much less than Moana, which I hope changes.

21 Day Kemetic Challenge!

Hello and welcome to the 21 day Kemetic Challenge! Feel free to do as much or as little of it as you wish! And if any questions don’t quite apply to you, you can always answer them hypothetically and say what you would do if it did apply! Most importantly though, have fun!

Day 1: What drew you to kemeticism? When did you realize that it was for you?

Day 2: Are you a reconstructionist, revivalist, or more modern kemetic, and why?

Day 3: Are you practicing independently or with a group or community? Why did you choose this? Do you think it would ever change?

Day 4: Which gods are you devoted to or worship? And which other ones are you interested in in any way?

Day 5: How do you communicate with your gods? Can you hear their voices in your head as thoughts, do you get feelings or emotions, or anything else?

Day 6: Talk about your relationships with your gods. How do you build these relationships? What are they like to you?

Day 7: What kinds of things do you offer to your gods? What do they like? Do you give universal offerings, or something for each one separately?

Day 8: Are there any activities that you devote to your gods?

Day 9: Do you devote music or playlists to your gods? What kind of music do you play for them?

Day 10: Are there any gods you work with or talk to that you’re not devoted to or worship?

Day 11: Talk about your shrine. Is it digital or physical, or both? What kinds of things are on it? Do you make any of it yourself?

Day 12: Have you set up any other devotional items or spaces around your room or house?

Day 13: Are there any jewelry or objects you wear or carry?

Day 14: Do you own any kemetic or egyptian books? Are they digital or physical or both?

Day 15: How important to you is correct terminology?

Day 16: Are there any rituals that you regularly perform?

Day 17: Do you honor your ancestors or the dead in general, or no?

Day 18: Are there any holidays you celebrate? Which ones?

Day 19: Do you use heka in any way? How do you utilize it?

Day 20: Do you keep a journal for your journey and experiences?

Day 21: And to top it all off with a bang, how do you live in Ma’at? What kinds of things do you do or say or believe that help you with this? Talk a little about your lifestyle and what you do to live in Ma’at.

And that’s it! Thanks for participating!

Dethklok Birthdays.

Skwisgaar doesn’t remember exactly when his birthday is, as ‘birthdays’ in his childhood consisted of his mother tossing a random gift to him as she goes to fuck another man. He remembers it’s in May, so he makes it easy on himself and celebrates it May 1.

Toki doesn’t remember when his birthday is either, as his parents weren’t exactly forthcoming with that information and celebrating birthdays was regarded as a sin in that religion anyway. He chooses to celebrate it August 6, the day he joined Dethklok (and in real life the day Metalocalypse premiered).

Murderface was born April 1. He doesn’t like being reminded that he’s an April Fool’s baby, as it just contributes to the feeling that his life is one cosmic joke.

Pickles was born December 27. He doesn’t like being reminded that he was born near Christmas, as it contributes to his feelings of being the unfavorite of his family (he never got a proper birthday party, and his Christmas gifts were expected to double as birthday presents, while Seth, who was born in March, got lavish birthday parties and triple the gifts he ever got).

Nathan was born on the most brutal of holidays-October 31. No, not Halloween, though you can be forgiven for thinking that. The first day of the Day of the Dead holiday.

(Just for fun: Offdensen was born January 31 cause fuck it, my favorite character gets my birthday.)

The Book of Life - Animal Symbols + Mexican Culture

Unfortunately, Manolo is not included, as I was not able to locate the proper GIF of him for the post.

María Posada - Mexican Creole Hairless Pig

In the film, María is always accompanied by her pet pig, Chuy. The pig was a symbol of virility, strength, and fertility in ancient Chinese cultures. The boar is even among the animals in the Chinese zodiac where it is considered a symbol of sincerity, honesty, and determination. 

The Mexican Creole hairless pig is a unique genotype that is believed to have been introduced to Mexico during the Spanish conquest. 

In Mexico, swets known as “piggy cookies” in English, and “little pigs” in Spanish, are known by many names — cerditos, cochinitos, marranitos or puerquitos. Sweetened with unprocessed cane sugar and honey, and spiced with cinnamon, the cutout cookies puff when you bake them. Mexico-born chef Pati Jinich describes the cookies as a cross between a cookie and a sweet roll, and as “breads, little fluffy breads”.

“They just taste so sweet, in a mellow way, and comforting because they’re so puffy and fluffy and like nothing I ever tasted before,” she says. “But at the same time, it tasted to me like my home country.”

After visiting a gas station in Mexico City, where the sweets were being sold, Jinich started noticing the cookies everywhere — not in big cities, but small towns. Still, she couldn’t find a recipe. “Everybody cooks by eye; you add a little, you mix a little,” she says.

“Piggy cookies” are just one among many pan dulce recipes. Pan dulce (lit. “sweet bread”) is one of the poster treats in Mexico and other Latin American countries. One of the first non-native foods that was introduced to Mexico by Spain was wheat, a Spanish religious necessity. 

The creation of sweet bread was influenced by the French and Spaniards, who were the ones that introduced baked goods such as crispy rolls, baguettes, and sweet pastries to Mexico. This inspired the indigenous peoples to create different types of pan dulces such as besos, conchas, and cuernos amongst others. The bread is considered to be one of Mexico’s most inexpensive treats, and is consumed daily as breakfast or late supper, known as merienda.

Joaquín Mondragon - Criollo Horse

For Joaquín, he shares a close companionship with his gray horse, Plata. The horse symbolizes power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, and freedom. Due to its natural companionship with man in both work and art, the Horse easily wins a special seat in history, ranking high marks of honor, reverence and symbolism. Serving man in war, mobility, productivity, agriculture, development of all kinds, the Horse is by far one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilization.

The Criollo horse is a breed that originated in Brazil, and later spread to Mexico. It may have the best endurance of any horse breed in the world, next to the Arabian. The hardy Criollos were descendants of Spanish stock introduced by Spanish colonists. The breed dates back to a 1535, shipment of 100 Andalusian (PRE) stallions coming from Cadiz, Spain, to the Rio de la Plata. During the Revolution, many of these horses were killed, and breeding had all but stopped, resulting in near extinction of the Mexican Criollo horse.

Since their arrival aboard Spanish ships, horses have been part of the story of the New World. In Mexico, there is perhaps no better representative of the country’s combined cultures and history than the horse trained for “charreria,” the Mexican version of a rodeo.

Horses competing in this embellished display of skills once necessary to ranch life, must be agile, well-tempered and intelligent — able to execute the commands of their charros, the horsemen whose traditional riding suits and wide-brimmed sombreros are part of the cultural iconography. For the charro, his horse is as inseparable from himself as it is from the history of Mexico. "We were conquered by horses, we gained our independence with horses, we made our Revolution with horses and we continue to love horses,“ said charro Daniel Flores Yeverino.

La Muerte - Monarch Butterfly

This butterfly is symbolic of lightness of being and elevation from the heaviness of tensions. This animal represents those who invite joy and bliss into their lives. Butterflies often have bright colors, and by extension, they are associated with life and brightness. The message of this animal is to lighten up, and add more color to your life. Those with a butterfly as a personal symbol often have a “colorful personality”.

In many traditions around the world, the butterfly is a symbol of the soul or soul world. For example, in Chinese symbology, it can represent immortality. For the Japanese, a white butterfly symbolizes the soul the departed ones. In Ancient Greece, butterflies represent the psyche or soul, and its attribute of immortality.

The Monarch butterflies arrive in Mexico each year in late-October. Their arrival coincides with Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead); one of Mexico’s most important holidays. During the annual Day of the Dead holiday, deceased relatives are believed to return home where they’re honored with feasts, celebrations and elaborate ofrendas (offerings). According to local legend, the Monarch butterflies arriving in Mexico at this time of the year are believed to be the souls of the deceased returning to earth.

Xibalba - Viper Snake

The snake represents wisdom, healing, elusiveness, manipulation of lightning, transformation or shapeshifting, exploration of the mysteries of life, primitive or elemental energy, protection from religious persecution, creative power, immortality, and the afterlife. 

On the deepest level, the snake’s skin shedding symbolizes death and rebirth, an idea which is depicted by the image of a snake swallowing its own tail - a symbol of eternity. The Snakes medicine is not to be treated lightly. Its meaning touches on the deepest mysteries in life. If you are ready to shed your own skin, Snake is ready and waiting to guide you through the spiral path of transformation. On a material level snake is vitality, on an emotional level ambition and dreams, on a mental level intellect and power, and on the highest level, the spiritual level wisdom, understanding and wholeness.

To the Mexicas, the snake represented wisdom, and it had strong connotations with the”feathered serpent” god, Quetzalcoatl. At its simplest, the symbolism of snake-and-skull in Mexican mythology is a timeless message of impermanence. The symbolism of the snake or rattlesnake is another extension of the unique Mexican perspective on life, death and the transition between the two.

Mexican mythology indicates the snake is a symbol of veneration, worship and honor. Often a symbol of great power, resurrection and rebirth, the snake continues to be a powerful emblem of renewal and transition. The snake is also recognized as a symbol of humanity as a whole. Interestingly, the Mexican perspective provides hope for mankind to aspire to great heights as it correlates the shedding of the serpent’s skin, to man’s ability to change his own circumstances and overcome adversity.


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I can’t even modern history

Hollywood Undead Asks

I know there’s a few of these going about but i was bored and decided to make one. Sorry if there’s any repeated questions, I did try.

Undead: What was the first song you heard by Hollywood Undead?

Sell Your Soul: Will you always fight for what you believe in?

Scene for Dummies: Ever went through a scene phase?

Dead in Ditches: Ever used a gun?

Turn of the Lights: Do you like any of Jeffree Star’s songs?

Christmas in Hollywood: Do you like Christmas?

Everywhere I Go: What countries have you travelled too?

No Other Place: What is your favourite place?

No. 5: What are you like when you’re drunk?

Young: What did you want to be when you were younger?

Black Dahlia: Ever wanted to kill someone that you loved?

This Love, This Hate: Have you ever been lied to?

Bottle and a Gun: Who’s your favourite comedian?

California: Ever been to Hollywood?

City: What is your favourite city?

The Diary: Ever successfully managed to keep a diary?

Pimpin’: Ever cheated on someone?

Paradise Lost: Ever moved house?

Pain: Do you have a high pain threshold?

The Natives: Do you like your home country?

Knife Called Lust: Ever been in love with someone who didn’t love you back?

The Loss: Ever lost someone close to you?

Dove and Grenade: What band merchandise do you have?

Tear It Up: Are you carefree?

El Urgencia: Ever met a celebrity?

Bitches: Ever spoke about someone behind their back?

The Kids: Do you want children? How many?

Circles: Have you ever not been able to get out of a situation?

Been to Hell: Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

Apologize: Do you believe in second chances?

Comin’ in Hot: Do you drink alcohol regularly?

My Town: Do you want to move out of your town?

I Don’t Wanna Die: Ever been near death?

Hear Me Now: Ever felt ignored?

Gangsta Sexy: Do you find piercings attractive?

Glory: What do you want to be remembered for?

Lights Out: Are you scared of the dark?

Coming Back Down: Who are you most scared of losing?

Bullet: Ever had suicidal thought?

Levitate: Have you ever thought that you had magical powers?

Pour Me: What is your favourite drink?

Tendencies: What type of person are you?

Mother Murder: Ever seriously wanted to murder someone?

Lump Your Head: Have you ever been in a fight?

Le Deux: Who is your two favourite members of the band?

S.C.A.V.A.: Do you think that Scarlet and Ava are adorable?

Street Dreams: Do you remember your dreams?

Dead Bite: Do you like Halloween?

From the Ground: Do you like gardening?

Another Way Out: Ever got lost?

Lion: What’s your favourite animal?

We Are: What is your friends like?

Pigskin: What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Rain: What is your favourite weather?

Kill Everyone: Do you hate anyone?

Believe: What always keeps you going?

Up in Smoke: Have you ever smoked?

Outside: Do you enjoy being outside?

Medicine: Do you like the taste of medicine?

One More Bottle: Can you come up with comebacks quickly?

Delish: What’s your favourite food?

I Am: What is your job? Are you still at school?

New Day: Do you prefer day or night?

Usual Suspects: Ever been arrested?

How We Roll: Can you drive?

Day of the Dead: What is your favourite holiday?

War Child: Do you like parties?

Dark Places: Did you ever believe in monsters?

Take Me Home: Do you feel as if you belong where you are?

Gravity: Do you find space interesting?

Does Everybody in the World Have: Would you keep everyone you’re friends with in your life? to Die

Disease: Ever been in hospital?

Party By Myself: Do you enjoy staying in alone?

Live Forever: Would you like to be immortal?

Save Me: Ever been addicted to something?

Guzzle, Guzzle: Ever done drugs?

I’ll Be There: Do you have someone that depends on you?

Let Go: Let Go by Hollywood Undead or Let It Go by Lorene Drive?

Ghost: Do you believe in the paranormal?

Sing: What is your favourite song by Hollywood Undead?

Fuck the World: What do you hate the most about the planet?