day of the dead artwork


Skelita Calaveras.
Mega Post.

Here are some of the fan arts I have made of her trought the years, she is one of my favorite characters not only because Im proudly mexican but because she represents a big community of hispanic heritage in Monster High, and she is totally amazing!!!!
I think its a good time to share the best of them all together. Thank you so much for  your support and kindness!!!!

In Mexico is a tradition make a “altar” from the persons that you loved or you admired and now they’re dead. in the night they come again like spirits to see what do you put in the altar ( this last one is just a myth).

So, here. I just drew a thing to this day (it’s transparent). Happy Day of the Dead.

“Day of the Dead” by Christopher Lovell

I want to share this special moment with all of you that have been so supporting and kind with my work. This morning I was sorprised by Monster High brand sharing my artwork on ther social media (facebook, instagram and twitter) cant be more excited and emotional! This is such an honor for me!

Thank u so much to all of you that have been there too!!!! 

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I hope you have a wonderfull day!!!!!!!