day of silence

Ok everyone we have a problom.

This girl from my school district was told that she would not be allowed to proceed with her school day along with other students from Indian Valley Middle School Souderton Pennsylvania for painting her face and choosing to participate in the LGBT Day of Silence, additionally some of the students were allegedly threatened with suspension if they did not comply with removing any evidence of their support including rainbow ribbons and opting out of the Day of Silence. There is no rule in the district saying you can’t where face paint or pins. Proven through the fact that people have been known to where face paint on school days where there is a game or pep rally. People can where pins and ribbons for autism awarded month and breast cancer awareness but whereing a rainbow is ‘grounds for suspension’ Personally I participated in this event at the high school and was allowed to continue with my day. The district has the same dress code for every school. Therefor they had no right to threaten suspension for doing something that would be allowed any other day as long as it was with different colors. I don’t usually post things like this but I ask you to reblog this so that we can show them that we will not stand for this and it is taking away our right to stand up for what we believe in.

Things I learned from my first day of silence:

-That even in the most liberal places, there is a LOT of push back 

-That even in silence, you can find alternate methods.

-That everyone that can support one another and that ya’ll are strong. 

-That we can never give up and must not let silence reign. 

Participated in Day of Silence yesterday, and it was disappointing to see that only a small amount of people partook in the event, but it was comforting to see how supportive and understanding and accommodating people were after I handed them the paper above.