day of percussion

what the instruments do the night before a Big Concert™
  • french horn: the only ones who are well rested and prepared for the concert
  • tuba: runs around screaming
  • euphonium / baritone: looks to see what the tubas are doing, and then Not That
  • flute: gets 12 hours of sleep they don't deserve
  • mellophone: gets ice cream and ignore their problems
  • trumpet: perfecting the solo and outfit well into the night
  • trombone: stays up until 3am for no reason
  • piccolo: night terrors about intonation. 1 hour of sleep at best
  • saxophone: awesome jazz
  • clarinet: stress out about disappointing their conductor/parents/selves
  • oboe: frantically making reeds
  • bassoon: frantically thinking about making reeds but being too lazy to actually make them
  • percussion: either high at Denny's or running around with the tubas
  • piano: cursing Chopin
band tropes

flute/piccolo: stone cold bitch. will kill a man for a solo.

clarinet: absolute nerds. chill 99% of the time.

french horn: Yikes. they’re either a mess or hella salty. or both.

trumpet: there’s like ten million of them. and they all think they’re the best in the band.

alto/tenor sax: they don’t have any friends, but they’re pretty nice.

bari sax: dedicated. very strong willed.

trombone: still laughs at shitty 2009 memes. wears velcro shoes. Avoid At All Costs.

baritone: they don’t practice, and yet? they don’t mess up. except for “wait, is this A flat or sharp? first valve or second? what?”

tuba: they are not kind. usually annoyed with the rest of the band.

percussion: half of them don’t give a fuck, the other half give a fuck AGGRESSIVELY

The Instruments as Christmas Songs
  • Trumpets: I'm Gettin' Nuttin for Christmas
  • Saxophones: I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  • Trombones: I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas
  • Flutes: Mary Did You Know?
  • Clarinets: All I Want For Christmas is You
  • Double Reeds: Silent Night
  • Mellophones: Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Percussion: Little Drummer Boy
  • Baritones: Baby It's Cold Outside
  • Tuba: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Instead of doing an actual love song, why not rave to two awful MIDI vibraphones? 

This is a Valentine present for anyone and everyone, but @nico-nasty…will you be my Bro-valentine? Because the bromance is so strong It just won a weightlifting competition in Iceland without steroids. 

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So my HS wind ensemble played Lightning Field this past year (2016). Everyday in class my director writes what we are playing on the board, but one day he decided to draw a picture instead. I took a picture of his drawing and sent it to John Mackey through Twitter. Five minutes into the class, John Mackey retweets my tweet and responds to me 🙌🏽 Later that day, my percussion director saw John Mackey’s retweet of my tweet and posted it on Facebook. Long story short, my tweet was famous for a day 😭

clexa AU where Lexa is a street performing drummer and Clarke is a street artist who sets up across the street and Clarke (not so secretly) draws Lexa all the time and one day she leaves a sketch in Lexa’s drum case and just beats it out of there without a word and the next day Lexa gives it back and Clarke is hurt at first until she sees Lexa’s number written on the back 

so, Day of Percussion...let's break it down.
  • learned so much
  • never realized there’s so much to percussion.
  • I plan to be fucking amazing.
  • realized i don’t really like xylo synth…i don’t like midi.
  • never realized how good I was….I’m much more confident
  • got complimented by friggin’ MCM vets and the “best” snare player in the country praised us too.
  • felt very section leader-y; I LIKE IT.
  • I told my assistant band director/ instructor about our drama problem… :D
  • I BOUGHT MY FIRST PAIR OF MALLETS. it’s red with birch. 
  • thanks to piano, I have better sight reading skills. I told my mom her investment isn’t wasted. 
  • I’ve been amazed sooo much today. 
  • I have came to a goal: I wanna do DCI or something in college….hopefully.
  • so apparently in the percussion world well….in some high schooler’s book confident=cocky… losers… confident=PLAY THAT BITCH RIGHT AND MAKE IT YOUR’S!!

I’m just you know….everything else right now doesn’t compare my day today.


Percussion Harmonica Rifle crafted by Johnathon Browning, father of John Browning, and also carried by him during the Mormon Exodus.

from Rock Island Auctions;

According to renowned firearms expert and author Norm Flayderman very few of these unusual rifles are known to exist, and they are “rarely seen or traded on the open market place.” This example is one-of-a-kind and was manufactured in the 1840s in Illinois in either Quincy or Nauvoo. Its history can be traced back to members of the Browning family who stated that it was passed down from father to son for generations directly from Jonathan Browning who carried the rifle with him while walking with the wagon train from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Utah due to the violent persecution of the Latter Day Saints sanctioned by state governments in the East. Browning was trained in gunsmithing and blacksmithing in Tennessee. He opened his own shop in Quincy, Illinois, and designed his “slide action” rifle in 1834. He was Quincy’s justice of the peace and personally knew Abraham Lincoln when he was still a young lawyer on the Illinois court circuit. He converted to Mormonism after personally meeting Joseph Smith and his followers in nearby Nauvoo. Hostility towards Mormons in Quincy caused him to sell his property and join his fellow Latter Day Saints in Nauvoo in 1842. There he continued to build firearms that helped the Mormons protect themselves from violent persecution. Soon though, the violence escalated and Smith himself was gunned down. The remaining Mormons were driven from Illinois. Browning temporarily settled in Council Bluffs, Iowa, before joining the Mormon migration to Utah in 1852. During that migration this rifle no doubt provided a sense of security during the dangerous journey of 1,000+ miles on foot. Once settled in Ogden, he and his sons repaired the firearms of other settlers until he died in 1879. He was the father of the famed American firearms innovator John Moses Browning famous for his numerous designs that led to the creation of many iconic firearms including multiple Winchester lever actions, the Browning Auto-5, Colt Model 1911, Browning Auto Rifle, Browning .50 caliber machine gun, and the Browning Hi-Power.