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YOU ALL! YOU ALL are to blame with your drawings and talking about Momo dancing, singing, listening to some songs, etc… XDD And then BAM. Lady Gaga’s Telephone hit me like a freight train. She holds a sandwich in the video, so… XD This ist trash over 9000, but here you have it, this was so fun, hahaha. Pls don’t take this serious. *grins*

Soooo. Imagine Momo getting angry over He Tian, starts shouting at his picture, ends up singing and accidentally presses “call” (Honestly, boy, what did you smoke to not realize that you’re the one telephoning him). He Tian’s like “WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCKING. FUCK.” But listening in sheer awe, until Guanshan runs out of breath from all the rampage and… BONER ALERT. (I know, I know, I officially went nuts XD)

Guanshan’s Mom saves the day and He Tian can’t stay mad.

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omg drunk keith is so cute. what would happen if keith got drunk for the first time infornt of the kids when they are teen. Somehow I think lance would have blast/could not believe that this is his daddy. And would it escalate if Shiro wasn't there?(Keith doesn't seem to have any impulse control when drunk) btw I love the little knb picture when I go to your askbox it's adorable!

LMAO Yes! Drunk Keith is worse than Shiro tbh. XD 

[The Voltron Family]  Shiro was away to attend one of those conferences for doctors outside of the state and Keith was missing him so bad. It has been 8 days now and Keith didn’t wanna be clingy but sometimes he just missed Shiro’s kisses and cuddles.

The kids were at a party of a friend of theirs and it was only 9pm but Keith drove there anyway to pick them up, despite saying he’d pick them up at 10, they were teens now after all. They earned it after acing all their exams. Keith arrived at the party and he entered frowning. Ugh. Teenagers are too rowdy at parties. Back in my days…crap, I sound like an old man.

He went looking for his three kids when some dude came up to him.

Some Dude: *offers a cup of beer* Whoa. You’re a new pretty face. Might I offer you some beer?
Keith: *glares* I’m a wine type of person and I’m old enough to be your father.
Some Dude: *chuckles* Right. Of course. I’m guessing you’re about 25 or 27 by the looks of it? *gives Keith a once over* *points at the leather jacket* *whistles* Nice.
Keith: *ignores* Where’s Lance, Pidge and Hunk? *looks around*
Some Dude: They’re by the library last time I saw them. 
Keith: Thanks. *leaves*
Some Dude: Hey! I have wine. Can’t have a guest walking around without a drink of their choice. *smiles*
Keith: *stops* Do you have 1947 Cheval Blanc?
Some Dude: *blinks* What? I have no idea what you’re talking about but we could check it out by the bar? *points at the bar* The bartender might know. *eyes Keith* You looked so stressed, man. You okay?
Keith: *sighs* I am the epitome of stress. 
Some Dude: Awww, sorry for hitting on you, man.
Keith: It’s fine.
Some Dude: I’m Leonard. Finals are over but you’re probably the type to stress over results, huh? Forget about it tonight. C’mon, let’s get you a drink. You need it. *places an arm around Keith’s shoulder*
Keith: Oh boy, do I. *rubs temples* 

Lance, Hunk and Pidge were about to leave the house to wait for their Daddy Keith to arrive to pick them up when Pidge spotted something.

Pidge: Oh sweet baby mac and cheese. Is that Dad by the bar?
Hunk and Lance: *turns around and sees Keith*

Keith was drunk and he was ranting and ranting to their poor friend Leonard who had to hear everything. The three teens approached the bar.

Keith: And then he would usually surprise me to a lunch date when he visits me at work. *sobs while taking another drink* Such a wonderful man and now… *hiccups* He’s not even here with me. 
Leonard: Oh damn. You have a bad case of love sickness.
Keith: *nods* I do and I hate the fact he’s out there somewhere miles away and I’m here like a mess. *turns to his side and sees a girl* *cups her face and leans in*
Hunk: Is Dad drunk?! *shocked* He would NEVER do THAT! 
Pidge: Dude, we gotta do something!
Lance: No no, wait, you guys. Let’s see what happens first. *amused* I’ve never seen Daddy Keith drunk—ever.
Girl: *smirks at Keith* Hey, pretty boy.
Keith: *scrunches his nose* Pretty boy. You’re not Shiro. *frowns* He calls me pretty boy when we snuggle at night. *cries* *hugs the girl* I miss him so much. I want to see him. *turns to another person* Do you know where Shiro is? He’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Have you seen him?
Pidge: Wow. He got drunk because of Daddy Shiro.
Keith: *gets up from his seat* *wobbles as he walks towards the dance floor*
Hunk: Uh, guys, should we do something now?
Keith: *walks randomly to every guy and cups their face to look at them* *shakes head* Nope. Not Shiro. Not you. Too short. Too tall. Too lanky. Not my type. Leave. 
Lance: Are you guys seeing this? *laughs* This is GOLD. 
Hunk: No. This is horrifying! Daddy Keith’s so broken.
Some other random dude: *walks up to Keith dancing* Hey, sexy.
Keith: *glares at him* What are you doing?
Some other random dude: *chuckles* Thought we could have some fun tonight. *touches Keith’s arm*
Keith: *grips the guy’s hand* Don’t. You. Dare. Touch. Me. Only one man can touch me.
Some other random dude: *grins* Shit, that’s hot. I could be that—
Pidge: Dad! *shouts and approaches Keith*
Keith: *turns head* *smiles* Oh, baby girl. I came looking for you and *sees Lance and Hunk* your brothers.
Some other random dude: *looks at the three teens* Hey, I saw him first.
Keith: No, you didn’t. *glares* Shiro saw me first.  
Some other random dude: Who the heck is Shiro? 
Hunk, Lance and Pidge: Our Dad.
Keith: My husband.
Some other random dude: What the shit, dude? You’re married?!
Keith: I am. *teary eyed* And I miss him. I miss my husband. *sobs as he wipes his tears* I… *walks wobbling*
Hunk: I got you, Dad. *catches Keith and embraces him*
Keith: *sobs* I miss Takashi Shirogane. Bring me Takashi Shirogane. I love Takashi Shirogane. *clings to Hunk*

Hunk drove them all back home and they put Keith to bed. The following morning, Pidge handed him the phone. Shiro was on Skype.

Shiro: Hey, sweetheart. Good morning.
Keith: Shiro. *whispers*
Shiro: I heard what happened last night. *frowns*
Keith: Oh my god. *groans* 
Shiro: *chuckles* Hey, I think it’s nice to know you rejected everyone’s advances because they weren’t me.
Keith: *whispers not looking at Shiro* I only want you.
Shiro: *flushes* Keith, you’re not playing fair.
Keith: It’s true though.
Shiro: Why don’t we go out tonight on a date?
Keith: *shocked* *looks up* Tonight?
Shiro: *smiles* Yeah, I’m coming home, pretty boy.

The Original Batgirl

Prompt: for requests i was thinking that batmom was the original batgirl but “retired” after Dick came and all of the batfam is on patrol and something happens so batmom has to get back in the swing of things to help. Please and thank you. PS you’re my favorite blog.

Requested by: Anon

    You’re sore. Pain achingly sore. Your husband does not seem to understand this. So when he stars kissing your neck, you feel no guilt in pinching his nose and twisting. The grimace of pain is enough to get you to release, and a moment later his smirk is back in place. “That bad?”

    You sigh, “I haven’t done that stuff in years Bruce, close to a decade.”

    He pulls you into his arms, “Well I’m here to let you know you’ve still got it.”

    You laugh, “I barely fit into my old uniform Bruce. I’m lucky I didn’t get myself killed, plus I don’t think I’ll be able to move for days. I’m getting too old for this crap.”

    Bruce laughs, “You’re six months younger than me.”

    You smile, “Exactly, you’re ancient.” You both laugh before going quiet. Years ago it had been the norm, for you to be at his side. You were the Batgirl, and he was the Batman. The two of you had whipped the streets of Gotham into shape. You’d been the best team around, right up until Killer Croc had nearly taken off your leg.

The wound had left you with permanent nerve damage. It had required three surgeries and years of physical therapy. You’d settled for working the computers during those two years. You had still trained where you could. You ran, and did strength training until you were back at physical peak. You’d learned rather quickly, that no matter what you did, you’d never be back to your former fighting self.

You came home from patrols with painful flare ups. You could barely walk some days. Bruce had decided the both of you would retire. You hadn’t talked to him for three days after that. Gotham needed the Batman. Hell, it needed Batgirl, but you weren’t an option any longer.

You had become technical support, and you’d become the best in the business.

    Still, when the signal had gone out that night. When you’d found out exactly where Jason had gone, you hadn’t been able to stop yourself. With Bruce out on League business you’d taken on the mission yourself. You’d barely gotten your son out in time.

    He’d been beaten and broken, but he was alive. Which was more than you could say for Joker when you got your hands on him. You’d spent several days in the hospital riding high on the adrenaline, until Bruce had forced you to get some rest.Which was why you were in a hotel room, with your husband wrapped around you like a blanket.

    “I’m out of the game Bruce.”

    He kisses you, “You’re never out darling. You’re the best. You’re the Original Batgirl.”


It was the bitter cold nipping at his ears that caught Jungkook off guard as he made his way through the barren campus to class.

‘Ah, I definitely underdressed,’he quietly chided himself as the chilly winds tousled his hair around–  granted, that’s what he got for not checking the weather when he rolled out of bed a half an hour earlier. A cardigan was definitely not enough. It was surprisingly cold for what was supposed to be a spring morning– a steaming cup of hot coffee was the only thing to provide some sort of solace to his hands as he also forgot to wear gloves. Yet as much as he disliked the cold, he disliked morning classes even more. But alas, it was the only block of time he could fit in his schedule – the woes of being a double major.

And so, it was his rambling thoughts that accompanied him to class that morning. ‘I guess the only good thing about morning classes is how quiet it is, he mused as he opened the doors to the main building, finally reaching his destination. He always appreciated silence, as it was one of the rarer thing to come by these days. There was a strange sense of tranquility that the morning brought, only to be filled with the bustling chatter of college students as gradually filled up the streets to go to class as the day went on.

Upon entering the classroom, he took a preliminary scan of the seats. Much to his chagrin, a good chunk of the seats in the area that he usually sat had already been occupied by his fellow students.

Maybe getting coffee right before class was a mistake– especially considering that he woke up late.

Actually no, that was a silly thought. If he had to be honest to himself he hadn’t, he probably wouldn’t survive the morning without– the caffeinated drink was a necessity these days more than a want. Ah, but it was his own fault for staying up so late the prior night to begin with …

As he bantered back and forth with his conscience, his footsteps made way to the back row with fewer people where his eyes fell upon a young man clad in all black. But what Jungkook noticed was not the attire nor the presence of the other – rather, it was the drink sitting in front of the bespeckled young man.

It was from the very same cafe as the drink he had in his hand– one of his favorite spots. The cafe in question was one of the hidden gems he had found – not that many people knew about it as it was off campus. It was actually next to one of the dance studios he attended, but even that was a bit far from the college grounds. 

“Excuse me,” he addressed the raven haired male with an inquisitive smile, taking a small step forward as if to make his presence known in the least intrusive way possible. There was a brief pause as the eyes behind the pair of glasses met his own, “is this seat taken?” – First Meeting

// College!AU JK based off of @ask-architectyoongi‘s AU!  :D

Attempted some sort of character sheet and wrote a drabble based off of what could have been JK & Suga’s first time meeting????? I got a bit carried away with it sorry LOL/LOOKSAWAY >___>

Every Day Life

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:   890
Requested Anonymous:  I’ve had like a ridiculously terrible day. I got yelled at by one of my clients today in front of everyone. Like my other clients, my coworkers. And it was something that wasn’t even valid. I mean what they were yelling about wasn’t even true. And I’m trying not to just fade into a dissociative state. Anyways. If you’re still taking requests, I’d love to see something where the reader has a mundane job and goes home and vents to Dean about something and he’s just super amazing and supportive 

         You walked into the bunker, just wanting to go take a bath and go to bed. You just needed to relax. Somehow.

           “Hey, Baby,” Dean smiled when he saw.

           “Hi,” you walked by where he stood and continued down the hallway to your room to get your clothes and go take a bath.

           “Bad day?” Dean asked, following you.

           “Just the same old crap,” you sighed, walking into the bedroom.

           “Wanna talk about it?” he asked.

           “Can I just take a bath first?” you asked, “I don’t feel like talking right now,” you gave him a pleading look.

           Dean nodded, putting his hands on your hips, “Of course. I’ll go get your bath going. I’ll let you relax. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.”

           You sighed, putting your forehead against his shoulder, “Thank you.”

           Dean kissed your head, “I love you.”

           “I love you too.”

           Dean kissed you again before leaving the room to go run you a bath while you got your pajamas to change into.

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Sometimes I wish I was born in the old timey days even knowing that women were treated like crap. It’s just that I spend my time online with both work and friendships. It feels like life passes by me. At least in the days of kingdoms, before electricity, depending on the country I was from I would’ve worked the fields, partied in the tavern, fight, or die by random chance. No idea. It just seems more appealing to me for some reason. If I could at least take a one week vacation there, I’d really like it.

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May I ask what Bad Karma is? Is it a story you're making, and, if so, will we get to see it at some point?

Bad Karma is a story I’ve created for my thesis project! I’ve spent the last year working on the pitch packet for it. Unfortunately I have no immediate plans to make anything with it, as I’d like to pitch it to a few studios one day. But if you’re interested, I’ve stayed pretty active over on instagram! (@cottonprojectt) I want to post something a bit more cohesive once it’s all done and approved, but right now that’s the best way to follow the project. 

The story follows Karma and Roman, two grumpy anti-heroes who take on the city of Portland’s unsavory characters in order to complete a pact they struck between them. Karma, a celestial agent of bad luck tasked with punishing individuals who have made too many selfish choices, has blackmailed roped high school gossip king Roman Gates into doing a sizable portion of her job for her. If she starts turning out good numbers, she can get a promotion to be an agent of good luck, which she wants more than anything. Desperate for his life to be normal again, Roman uses his talent for digging up other people’s secrets so that he can fulfill the pact they made as quickly as possible.

Mostly they’re just grumpy buttheads who have a whole lot to learn about what it means to be honest, open, and fair. And I love them very dearly!*

* this is old art–Roman is pointier these days.

"I can't even" Thursday

•There are some seriously dumb people on my FB today and it has taken so much self control to not just straight up call them out, and tell them just how ridiculous they are.

•also- to the girl that posted 14..yes, I said 14 (I counted) selfies that look very similar…..WHY?! You’re an adult! You don’t post that many selfies in one friggin’ day! Who does that??! I thought 13 year olds did that crap. Dear Lord! I can’t even begin to comprehend why someone would be compelled to post that many photos of JUST themselves, doing almost the same pose, in a single day.

•i’m not in the mood for dumb crap today. (As you can tell)

•I have a headache and it needs to go away.

•took my daughter to see “Beauty and The Beast” today. I had already seen it with my boyfriend a couple weeks back. She liked it. She loves going to the movies.

•I have labs tomorrow. More than likely they’ll give me a shot to boost my counts again. “Fun”

•How was your Thursday?
What’d you do?
What’d you eat?
Who’d you kiss?
Where did you go?
What made you smile?
Tell me.


**edit** I’m sorry…she just posted 8 more selfies. That brings it up to 22. TWENTY TWO SELFIES, people!! Whyyyyy?!

@ bandom tumblr, I swear to god, it’s like every single day there is some fresh drama and everyone hates someone new and we all have to pick sides or get dragged all to hell or whatever, but like… can you please for the love of god find your chill???  Literally everyone is problematic in some way, but YOU’RE STILL ALLOWED TO LIKE THEM.  Furthermore, LET OTHER PEOPLE LIKE WHATEVER THEY LIKE AND SHUT THE EFF UP ABOUT IT, JEsus LORD.  And it really should go without saying that you shouldn’t send death threats to anyone - I don’t care who they are or what they’ve done, no one deserves that.  I know most of you are like 13-17, but even you should know better.  Stop causing drama just for the sake of drama, jfc

in which Jimin overworks himself and Jungkook waits up for him

jikook / 1,143 words / Rated  G / AO3

Jimin comes back to the dorms completely worn. He feels kind of noodle-y with his limbs stretched and shaking and over-exerted while also feeling tense, like he can’t unbunch his shoulders. His drooping eyes are screaming at him to go to sleep, and mentally, he feels like a deflated balloon that’s sunk to the floor as the helium slowly leaks out of it.

Basically, he’s tired, he’s cranky, he hasn’t rested all year day, and he would really like a shower and a 12 year long nap.

He comes in the door as quietly as possible, seeing as it’s almost four in the morning, and drops his work out bag by the door. He toes his shoes off and lets both his jacket and his snap back drop to the floor, since he’s not sure he’d be able to remember where the hat and coat rack are if he even cared to try.

Jimin drags his feet toward the kitchen where the light over the sink remains on. He’s focused entirely on the fridge and thinking about downing one of his chocolate protein shakes when he spots Jungkook slumped over the kitchen table, his head resting on his arms and a blanket over his shoulders.

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Wrong Number [sneak peek]

Part of this fic

7:02pm  [to Percy]

Annabeth Chase: Hey sorry, I got busy.
Annabeth Chase: I kind of had a long day too, had to help Piper with her final project.
Annabeth Chase: And I have to finish packing.
Annabeth Chase: *voice note*
Percy: Man, I had a really good nap
Percy: right, you leave tomorrow
Percy: and you sound really stressed.
Percy: you okay?
Annabeth Chase: Yeah, just kind of worried about tomorrow.
Percy: Do you drink tea?
Annabeth Chase: sometimes, Piper is a tea girl, I’m more of a coffee addict.
Percy: i think you need to drink tea right now
Annabeth Chase: Is this your wisdom of being a barista?
Percy: Been working there since i was 16
Percy: Might have learn some stuff about coffee and tea
Annabeth Chase: How old are you?
Percy: 19, 20 in a few months
Percy: you?
Annabeth Chase: I turn 20 in July
Percy: Your older than me
Percy: Can I call you grandma?
Annabeth Chase: Only if you want me to block you.
Percy: Go and make your tea, grumpy

9:27pm [from Percy]

Percy: What does seaweed say when it’s stuck at the bottom of the sea?
Percy: Kelp! Kelp!
Annabeth Chase: why are we friends again?
Percy: Because you drunk texted me by accident
Percy: and here we are now
Percy: with you telling me that we indeed are friends
Annabeth Chase: Go to sleep, idiot.