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The 10 Elements of a MAIN CHARACTER

To all the writers who have ever been told “Your characters have to be three dimensional!” or “They should be well-rounded!” and just felt like saying: “What does that even MEAN?! What goes into a 3-dimensional character? Specifically? And how do you go about creating one?!”

Good news. There’s a way. 

Great main characters – heroes, protagonists, deuteragonist, whatever you want to call them – have ten things in common. Ten things that are easily developed, once you know what to create within your character. So no one will ever be able to tell you “needs to be more three dimensional!” ever again. Ha. 

1) Weaknesses: Main characters should be flawed, but I’m not saying this because it will make them more realistic (though it will) – I’m saying they need to be flawed because if they’re not, they shouldn’t be a main character. Story is another word for change, or more accurately, character growth. Not character as in “fictional person”, character meaning “heart and soul”. Story is someone’s character changing, for better or worse. Main characters at the beginning of the story are lacking something vital, some knowledge of themselves, some knowledge of how to live a better life, and this void is ruining their lives. They must overcome these weaknesses, if they’re going to become complete, and reach a happy ending. There are two types of weaknesses: Psychological and Moral. Psychological ones only hurt the main character. Moral ones cause the main character to hurt other people. Easy.  

2) Goal: Characters exist because they want something. Desiring something, and the fight against opposition for that desire, is the lifeblood of story; and because character is story, it’s also desire that can breathe life into words on a page, and begin the process of creating a real person in a reader’s mind. It’s this ‘desire for something’ that sparks that first connection between reader and character. It makes us think “Well, now I have to find out if this person gets what they want.” This is a powerful link. (How many mediocre movies do we suffer through, when we could easily stop watching, because we’re still trapped by that question of “what happens?”) So if this is powerful enough to keep people watching an annoying movie, imagine how powerful it can be in an excellent story. 

Like in Up, the goal is to get the house to Paradise Falls.

3) Want: If the main character wants something, they want it for a darn good reason. Usually, they think that attaining the goal will fill the void they can sense in their lives, the deficiency they can feel, but don’t know how to fix. And they’re almost always wrong. Getting the goal doesn’t help anything; which is why, while pursuing that goal, they discover a deeper need that will heal them. Which brings us to …

4) Need/Elixir: Main characters are missing something, a weakness in their innermost selves is causing them to live a less-than-wonderful life. Through story, these main characters can be healed. Once they discover what’s missing, and accept it, and change the way they live to include this truth they’ve uncovered … they’re healed. Learning this truth, whatever it is, forms the purpose of the story for the main character. The reader, and the character, think the story is about achieving that big tangible goal the premise talks about; really, underneath it all, the story is about someone achieving a big intangible truth, that will ultimately save their life and future. Often, this need is exactly what the character fears or professes to hate. 

Like Finding Nemo, where Dory states exactly what Marlin needs to learn. 

5) Ghosts: 

Not this kind of ghosts.

Ghosts are events in your character’s past which mark the source of their weaknesses and strengths. Because these happened, the character became who they are. All we need to know about backstory are these moments, because who the character became is all we care about. There’s really only one ghost you absolutely need: the source of their moral and psychological weakness. Something happened that knocked the character’s world off kilter, and everything from that moment onward has been tainted by what happened. This moment haunts them (hence the name), and holds them back from uncovering that need that will heal their weaknesses. Pixar are masters of this: the source of Carl being stuck in the past, curmudgeonly, unable of loving anyone new? Ellie dying; his ghost. In Finding Nemo, the source of Marlin being suffocating, protective to the point of being harmful, possessive, and fearful? His wife and 99% of his children being eaten in front of him; his ghost. 

6) True Character: These are the strengths, values, convictions, fears, faults, beliefs, worldview, and outlook on life that make the main character who they truly are. 

7) Characterization: This is everything on the surface of a main character. The way they look, talk, act, etc. All of this originates from those deeper elements of their being, the strengths, values, ghosts, weaknesses, needs, that make them who they truly are. So often, you can think of this as a facade they’re projecting, a way to shield the the truth about themselves, how they wish to be perceived. The story, and the other characters, are slowly going to see deeper than this characterization, revealing more and more of the reasons it is the way it is. 

8) Arc: If the character is going to change from “Incomplete Person” to “Complete Person” there’s going to be a journey they go on to make that possible. The external story, the pursuit of that big tangible goal the premise is about, is causing an inner journey to take place. What they have to do in pursuit of that external goal will apply pressure to those weaknesses, and pressure causes change. This process has seven steps, but if I write it all here this post is going to be obscenely long. So I might wait and give this its own post.

9) Changed Person: Who is the character going to be at the end of this story? They better be different, or else the story didn’t work. How do they show how different they’ve become? What is the moral choice they make, that spins their trajectory from “the future doesn’t look so great” to “happily ever after”? This should be known right away, maybe even before anything else is settled about the character. This gives a distinct end goal, a way to work backwards, a destination in mind that you can navigate towards.  

10) Fascination and Illumination: The surface characterization, and the brief glimpses of the true character underneath create curiosity in the reader/audience. What the character says, and the implied subtext beneath the dialogue, creates a puzzle the audience wants to solve. Actions they take work the same way; if the writer indicates there’s deeper motivation behind why a character behaves in the way they do, we buy into solving that mystery right away. We can’t help it. “Who are you really? Why are you the way you are? And how is that going to effect the story?” These are all the unspoken, almost not consciously acknowledged, questions that fascinating characters provoke. Searching out meaning, connecting the dots to find the truth – we can’t resist this. We’re not fascinated by tons of backstory and exposition about a character; we’re fascinated by story, by mystery, by the technique of withholding information and having to interpret and hunt out the truth on our own.  So gradually, the story and the characters will force that character to reveal a little more, and a little more, until we have a complete picture of who this person is. Crucial that this information isn’t told up front. Gradually illuminate it. It’s just like getting to know a real person. 

So how does this work in a real character? Let’s take a look at Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert, because almost everybody has seen that movie. 

Moral Weaknesses: He’s selfish. He’s a little greedy. He’s a little rude. He uses his charisma and bravado to keep people at a distance from the real him. 

Psychological Weaknesses: Insecurity, fear of vulnerability, feels like the real him (Eugene) would be unwanted, unlovable, and have nothing – just like when he was an orphaned kid. Also, he doesn’t know who he wants to be, what he wants to live for. 

Goal: Flynn wants to get that crown. So he has to get Blondie to see the floating lights, so she’ll give it back to him, and then they can part ways as unlikely friends.  

Want: Why does he want the crown? What does it mean for him? He actually states it (reluctantly) in song: “I have dreams like you, no really. Just much less touchy feely. They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny. On an island that I own, tanned and rested and alone. Surrounded by enormous piles of money.” He senses there’s something off in his life, something is missing. But he mistakenly believes this missing piece is money, which will allow him to buy a lonely island, where he can live out his days as Flynn and no one will ever know Eugene. 

Need: “All those days chasing down a daydream. All those years living in a blur. All that time never truly seeing, things the way they were. Now she’s here, shining in the starlight. Now she’s here, suddenly I know. If she’s here, it’s crystal clear, I’m where I’m meant to go.” He wants a crown … he needs to fall in love with Rapunzel. He needs to love something more than himself, and find out that love isn’t something to fear and push away. He needs to abandon the 'Tales of Flynnagin Rider’ ambition, and get a more worthwhile, new dream. 

Ghost: The source of all of his weaknesses can be linked to his “little bit of a downer” childhood as an orphan. Interestingly, he isn’t aware of another facet of that ghost, and Rapunzel points it out to him. “Was he a thief too?” she asks. He looks taken aback, before answering “Uh, no.” Something’s gone wrong. The choices he’s making are not living up to that original role model.  

Characterization: Flynn’s charming, funny, smart, charismatic, and arrogant (in a somehow charming sort of way). He’s also rude, contemptuous, and sarcastic. All traits that help him keep up that 'swashbuckling rogue’ facade, and push people away from the real him. 

True Character: Underneath all that, he’s a Disney prince. That pretty much sums it up.  

Changed Person: “Started going by Eugene again, stopped thieving, and basically turned it all around.” He started the story as the guarded and evasive Flynn, he ends as the selfless and thoroughly-in-love Eugene. 

Fascination and Illumination: Imagine if everything about Flynn had been told, right up front. We know he’s an orphan, we know he’s upheld a fake reputation, we know he’s a kind and loving guy underneath it all, we even know about his “tales of Flynnagin” childhood dream. You know what happens? We like him … but we’re not interested in him. There’s nothing we need to find out. There’s no curiosity. And if there’s no curiosity, and nothing being illuminated, your story’s not going anywhere. So instead, we find out – alongside Rapunzel – more about Flynn as the story progresses. And that is how it should be. 


Developing characters in this way, I’ve found, really reduces worries about how “well-rounded” and three dimensional I’ve made them. They feel real to me. And besides helping me create characters, this ten element technique has also let me analyze characters I like, which is strangely fun. It’s a great way to figure out why a character works, what causes them to be so effective, and how you can go about creating them yourself. 

Yeah, I’m a bit of a nerd. 

But if you want, try it out. Develop a character. Analyze a character. You might find it as useful/fun as I do.


Poor Rapunzel. Look at your trauma, at your damage. You think that people can’t possibly understand the depth of your love, because the day after you turned eighteen, you found out that the one person you thought had loved you your whole life didn’t actually care about you at all. That every barb she stuck you with then laughed off was intended to inflict a wound.

Now, you’re stuck with this complex, thinking that every little thing you do that might go against that love you have means that they don’t understand it at all. You rejected Eugene’s proposal, so he must think you don’t love him. You failed to notice that Cassandra didn’t want you in the competition because she wanted to garner respect away from you, so you think she doesn’t know you respect her.

How many more people are going to hear this sort of sentiment from you? Don’t you know that anger and disappointment doesn’t wash away the love? You poor, abused girl.

Geeking Out with Part-Time Princess Hannah Barker

To see more of Hannah’s fairy tale-inspired life, follow @nxtures on Instagram.

Last weekend, 17-year-old Hannah Barker (@nxtures) traveled from Essex to Margate, England, to attend Geek 2017 — a three-day gaming festival for all ages. For Hannah, a student and part-time Disney princess, work and play don’t look much different: “The cosplay masquerade was the highlight for me,” she says of the event, which housed retro games, virtual reality and more inside Dreamland, an amusement park that dates back to the 1800s. “I dressed up as Rapunzel. It’s the first costume I ever made myself. I’ve added lights and 1,000 rhinestones to the skirt by hand. Eventually, my dream is to design costumes for Disneyland.”

favorite things my intro lit professor said this past semester, with no context:

  • “today we’re handing out an award for the worst Bible father”
  • “ah, my son, go fuck yourself”
  • “someone else read, I’m tired of hearing the sound of my own voice. I’m kidding, that will never happen. but seriously. someone.” 
  • “okay! phallus doesn’t work, gotta have a life now”
  • “I would have loved if Santa Claus was a poet, he would have written some wild Freudian Rudolph poems”
  • “it’s parching time”
  • “don’t talk to me about Barbie Rapunzel. I’ve watched Barbie Rapunzel four times.”
  • “if you’re gonna get flayed, it might as well be elaborate”
  • “come on guys I too am tired and hungry but this class is going to be so boring if none of you talk”
  • “and Quilty won the internet that day”
  • “I see them now, all of your little post-it notes of hate”

What I love most about tangled before ever after

  • how in love eugene and rapunzel are? like the amount of trust and love in their relationship is so heart warming? i want a relationship like that one day?
  • how all of eugene’s pals, all those bad guys from the bar are in his room enjoying the palace life with him
  • cassandra and how close she and rapunzel are??
  • cassandra’s knife collection and the fact that beneath the prim lady in waiting exterior she’s a total badass
  • cassandra’s owl
  • cassandra calling her raps
  • just the homey feel of the castle and how rapunzel is finally living with a loving family and the love of her life like i want that?
  • eugene and how happy he is to finally have food and a place to live and a family after wandering the streets for years
  • like their story is so heartwarming and pure? i want to live their lives tbh
Disability in YA Lit: The Lunar Chronicles

I finished The Lunar Chronicles last week (YA steampunk fairytale series) and can I just say: read it. There’s no LGBTQ characters, unfortunately, but almost everyone is disabled, and the series deals with it really well. 

Also, much of the main cast is PoC; Cinderella and Prince Charming, the two central characters, are both Chinese, living in New Beijing. Winter, the most beautiful princess in the all the land, is a black woman with natural hair. A lot of other characters are dark-skinned as well, though with unspecified nationalities (I mean, a lot of them are from the literal moon, so it gets a bit hand-wavy.) 

The point though, is that whiteness isn’t portrayed as the pinnacle of beauty, and a black woman - who usually wouldn’t be portrayed as soft and gentle and a darling of the people - is a princess, sheltered and protected and very much loved (well, by all but the evil queen, but it is a fairy tale after all.)

When it comes to disability, this whole series is a treat. To start with, Cinder is a cyborg who has two prosthetic limbs, and a variety of other mechanical parts. The first book deals in depth with the stigma she faces as a cyborg, as well as the day-to-day difficulties she deals with because she doesn’t have the mobility equipment she needs. 

Next up we have Cress (Rapunzel, basically.) She’s a programmer who’s locked away in a satellite orbiting earth for most of her life, tasked with spying on the Earthens for the Lunar queen. She’s brilliant, obviously, but also very, very anxious. (mild/general spoilers ahead)

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Excerpts from a journal I kept while working on Rapunzel. I needed to believe in her as if she were real so I documented my life and thoughts when I was at home not doing anything in particular and translated them into Rapunzel’s world. When it came time to paint her murals I felt like I had a good idea of what she would be thinking about while she was painting.

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spontaneousam  asked:

Can you write a Daddy!Jensen head canon for him watching Disney movies with the kids and softly singing along to all of the songs because he doesn't want anyone to hear him? Please and thank you 😊

JJ was between his feet, the twins on either side of his thighs, reclined in their boppy pillows and a bottle propped on their tiny fists. This was it, this was what he’d waited his entire life for. 

Yeah, he was tired, he’d changed more diapers today alone than he ever had with JJ, and he’d been watching the same three Disney movies on repeat for days on end, but this was… perfect.

JJ began smacking the back of his calf, squealing as “I See The Light” began, the lanterns floating across the giant television screen signaling the start of the same song he’d already heard twice today. Rapunzel stared off into the glowing night sky and the melody poured from the speakers.

Between his knees, his daughter sang every word, whether she could pronounce it correctly or not. Looking from one twin to the other, he realized Zeppelin was practically chugging his bottle and already needed to be burped.

Positioning Arrow’s bottle just so, he let it rest at an angle where she could keep drinking without a problem. Lifting his son, he eased Zep down onto his shoulder and lightly patted his back. Before long, Flynn Rider’s part started and Jensen smiled when JJ’s voice stopped. 

“You, daddy!” She squeaked. 

“No, not this time baby.” He gave her a smile, but started humming along. 

By the third line, Zeppelin had given a hearty burp and was nestled back into his pillow, eyes falling closed the second the bottle hit his lips. Jensen smiled and lifted Arrow, repeating the process with her. Very softly, his deep voice came out as he sang along.

JJ looked up at her father with stars in her eyes and the biggest smile on her face. She loved when she caught him singing with her movies, even if it was really quiet. Standing up, she started parading around the room and doing her best ballerina moves, despite never having taken a class in her short almost four years. His wife rounded the corner and took in the sight before her eyes, snapping a picture when Jensen had laid Arrow back down.

He couldn’t reach the remote. He could sleep for days and probably still feel tired. He was singing Disney songs and had spit up all over his shoulder. 

Jensen Ackles was living the dream.

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all the reasons Fitzherbert P.I. ROCKED MY WORLD!!!

  • What is it with eugene and leaning against something while holding an apple??
  • The lil’ arm touch Rapunzel does when she stands next to eugene to look at the painting of robin the 11th!!!
  • ‘hold the pastry’
  • the pAIN IN HIS VOICE WHEN HE SAYS ‘so you guys AGREE with Cassandra??’
  • ‘I am capable of being more than a handsome, devil-may-care rogue. IN FACT, I can be a handsome, devil-may-care anything I want!’
  • *smugly* ‘math’
  • *later, angrily* ‘gah, math!’
  • The fact that eugene goes through every job on the job advertisement board without losing heart I mean what a guy
  • ‘impressive cobblery’ OKAY! So can we talk about the fact that eugene has talent as a cobbler and was only fired because he’d robbed the cobbler in the past…?
  • Eugene terrifying pascal awake from his nap was adorable
  • ‘no one calls me ‘genius’ and gets away with it!’
  • Literally any time eugene demonstrated his skills – cunning, agility, speed, strength, thinking outside the box/thinking on his feet… and my heart leapt <3
  • Acknowledging that he has issues with authority \o/
  • The fact that as soon as he decided to try and be a guard, he went to go and discuss it with Rapunzel! I just love their supportive relationship oh my gosh ;-;
  • The cass/eugene banter in this episode is NEXT LEVEL
  • ‘I was great in school. Easiest three days of my life!’
  • Eugene’s expression when he lines up for guard training???? The lil’ smile and the wide, hopeful eyes…………..…. I need a minute
  • ‘you’ll be sweatin’ tears and crying SWEAT’ oh my god
  • Also the green/grey (??) shirt thing that trainee guards wear? Oh gosh GOLLY does eugene look good in that
  • Just. Shorty. That is all
  • ‘You know, I’ve never said this to another man… but you have handsome teeth’ EUGENE WTF?!!?1 I am in love with this line
  • Eugene doing one-armed push ups while winking *fans self*
  • Cass and max exchanging impressed looks during eugene’s training <3
  • Cass and max getting lowkey annoyed when the captain wasn’t being fair !!!
  • Eugene doing push ups with the BIGGEST GUARD on his BACK *fans self all over again* dat boi strong af
  • Cass getting EVEN MORE ANNOYED when the guards kept playing ‘pranks’ on eugene
  • Arianna being her amazing self as usual
  • Okay but how sad eugene was when he thought he didn’t have a chance of passing the final? Like he REALLY wants to prove that he’s useful and can still DO THINGS and just… I wanna give him a hug in that scene
  • ‘you know, for someone who spent most of his life breaking the rules to get what he wants, you’re having an awful lot of trouble dealing with someone who is breaking the rules to get what he wants’ Cassandra you absolute BABE
  • Max being SUPER HAPPY when eugene sasses the captain
  • The way he dealt with those three guards at the end of the obstacle course??? Indiana jones much??
  • Ohhhh bless those other two trainees celebrating eugene’s success uwu
  • Cassandra actually looking impressed!
  • The height difference between eugene and the captain…. Wow
  • Eugene blowing off his dungeon duties (because ‘math’) so he can go visit Rapunzel ^.^
  • ‘heeyyy blondie, I see you went with the simple choice of . . . beautiful’ (and how happy that made Rapunzel!!)
  • ‘I worked it all out in the old brainium’
  • ‘why don’t you drown your sorrows in a yam’ that part KILLED me
  • ‘who wants to be a guard anyway???’ sour grapes eugene!!!!
  • Shorty just… pulling a fish out of his beard
  • Cass being on eugene’s side and deciding to help him
  • Please give me more of eugene, max and cass busting criminals together bc I loved every second of that
  • The suave af way eugene saved the painting while saying ‘YEAH, baby!’
  • ‘his Italian was TERRIBLE! Subject-verb agreement was way off!’ EUGENE KNOWS ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Honourable Professor Fitzherbert
  • I am so incredibly happy with the fact that he gets to teach ‘thinking like a thief’ to the guards and pass on his knowledge and skills and just!!! Yes!

tl;dr wholesome episode 100/10 have already watched twice

anonymous asked:

Is it me or are the writers are making Eugene's character worse? In the last two episodes (excluding Fitzherbert PI) the writers focused so much on building Rapunzel's arc, making her and Cass more compatible as friends, and ignoring Eugene's trope from the movie. In my opinion, he acted so dumb in the last episode, and I'm beginning to dislike what they are doing to him

I don’t agree with you at all.

First of all, you can’t exclude “Fitzherbert P.I.” and keep a sound argument, since it’s one of the last two episodes. There have been four episodes since the movie, and in two of them, he acted strong and serious and capable, and in the other two, he was being silly, goofy, and a little lax in judgement, and they have been staggered. That’s two and two. It seems to me that, when his arc is the B plot of the episode, he’s sillier, and when he’s the focus, it gets more down to brass tacks.

Well, guess what? He’s the focus (or one of them) of the next two episodes, “Cassandra v. Eugene” and “Return of Strongbow,” so I anticipate more character growth from him.

The way I see it, Eugene hasn’t been relaxed and genuinely happy in years. As the song “Life After Happily Ever After” tells us, he’s finally feeling content and secure, and it’s possible he hasn’t truly felt like this since he was a child. Within the three days that the story of Tangled takes place, we only start to catch a glimmer of what he’s like when he drops his guard. At the campfire, he goes ahead and tells Rapunzel a little about his childhood, but then catches himself and makes an excuse to get away (gather more firewood), because he needs to compose himself again, put some of those walls back up. Even just after “I See the Light,” in the middle of leaning in to kiss the girl he’s just realized he’s completely crazy about and is willing to change for, he stops because he spots the Stabbingtons. He’s so on his guard all the time that he can’t even be completely lost in this romantic moment.

So, what we’re seeing in Tangled the Series is what a goofball he actually is when he’s happy. He’s basically already resigned himself that the people of Corona don’t like him, and he’s not trying to impress them. The only people who’s opinions he cares about are Rapunzel’s and her parents’ (especially Frederic, since Arianna doesn’t seem to intimidate him - you know, I’d really like some one-on-one time with Arianna and Eugene). He’s been Flynn Rider for so long, and now he’s been given permission (by Rapunzel, and more importantly by himself) to be Eugene. So he’s just going for the gusto. He’s allowing himself to feel everything the way Rapunzel does - full force, with the dials turned up to 11. Does this mean he acts goofy and kind of dumb sometimes? Sure! But he’s actually living now instead of just surviving. So long as Rapunzel is happy with him, he’s happy with who he is.

And the fact of the matter is, he’s still rediscovering who Eugene is. Chances are very good that he’s spent at least half of his life being Flynn Rider as a full-time, in character gig. That’s a good way to lose yourself, to no longer be in touch with your opinions vs. your character’s. As a writer and role player, I can assure you that it’s very easy to get swept away in your character’s emotions. And Flynn? Flynn tried his hardest not to feel much. He approached all of life’s situations with swagger and bravado, but also with ambivalence. If it didn’t help him achieve his end, he didn’t really care about it. He only helped Rapunzel at first because she was holding the crown hostage. He only told the thugs about his dream because he was being threatened with physical violence. Even when he approached the Stabbingtons to return the crown, he started off with a joke, trying to keep the situation safe and emotionless. Eugene has always been hidden behind Flynn’s confidence.

So fear not, dear anon. I think it’s too early in the series for you to “dislike what they’re doing to him,” because I have every reason to believe you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Piano Tiles (M)

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Requested: hey! can i request a scenario of jungkook being a rich kid who has one of his legs is leg failure , basically cant walk without a cane , And he falls in love with a normal girl , also if u can , LIT IT Up with smut ’ thank u ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, SmUT

Words: 9.2k (wth)

A/N: Unedited. Don’t ever ever ever let me au or write smut again. This hurt my heart so much. (also, i couldn’t find a gif of this kid that wasn’t a meme smh)

“There’s a difference between being led down a path

And walking one,”

Life is a game of cause and effect; small actions can result in broad results. A smile can brighten someone’s day, an offhand comment can ruin another’s demeanor. Arriving a half second too late, turning left instead of right, left instead of right; it only takes one step in another direction to change a course completely.

It only takes a pin to pop a tire.

Two large brown eyes stare back at their observer, perched on the far side of the office and belonging to a shaky little chihuahua, forever frozen in time beneath the encouraging script It’s the Little Things That Count!

The poster pet would surely whimper if it could at the ice cold gaze belonging to the second contender in the staring contest; a girl, slumped in a desk chair, chin rested on her folded arms, a restless leg bouncing beneath the tabletop. The girl sighs, rolling onto one cheek spare a glance at her phone.


Scowling, the girl moves a thumb to unlock the device when then end of a pen comes down on her nose, a sharp pain that sends her reeling backwards in her chair.

Shit, ouch!

Another smack to the back of her wrist prompts her to drop the phone, wincing it drops screen first onto the table.

“No phones,” Her antagonizer growls, towering over the desk and leering at the girl, face twisted in a feeble attempt at an intimidating scowl. “And watch your language,”

The girl sighs exasperatedly, shifting in her seat to a more leisurely position and propping her feet on the desk. “Oh, shut up Namjoon-,”

“-That’s Namjoon-ssi to you-,”

“You’re just a consultant,” She retorts, a smirk playing on her lips at the way his face drops. “And I can say whatever the hell I want,”

Reaching for her phone once more, she finds herself suddenly pulled away from the desk, feet slamming to the ground as Namjoon forces her attention on him with violently jerk at her chair.

“Hey,” He exclaims, taking a patronizing stance with one hand on his hip. “I’m here to help you. You already know what the deal is. You get a job or you have to move-,”

The girl deserts her cool demeanor to whine, “But Namjoon! I don’t have time for that shit; my next recital is in a few weeks and I’ve got to practice!”

Namjoon only plucks at his bowtie with a dismissive raise of an eyebrow, immune to the pouting and puppy dog eyes that would rival those of the poster chihuahua. “How do you think you’re gonna pay for that performing arts school, eh? You can’t live in my guest room forever,” he reasons.

The girl seethes, “I’m working just enough shifts at the diner that I can pay for my half of the rent. I don’t see that the problem  is.”

“That doesn’t mean you can live with me forever.” It’s Namjoon’s turn to sigh, leaning back against the desk to observe his friend over the bridge of his nose with quizzical eye. “Don’t you think it’s time to move on? Everyone else we know has; college education or not.” He laments.

The girl levels to his gaze with a challenging look, the lie slipping off her tongue as easy as water. “I like where I am right now.”

“You’re a bad liar, Y/N,” The older man scoffs, regarding her with a disbelieving shake of his head. “But if you want to get into that school so much, you’ll take my offer.”

The girl grimaces and drops her gaze to the floor, fingers fumbling with the hem of her shirt. “I really don’t think I have the time, Namjoon,”

“Y/N I’m not just asking you because I want you out,” Y/N snorts apathetically and Namjoon crouches to her level, cautiously taking one hand in his. “I’m asking you as a friend, because I’m worried,”

At this the girl meets his eyes once more with a reluctant nod of her head, before shaking off his hand to snatch up her phone and bag.

Namjoon watches her storm for the door with mild satisfaction, a smile on his lips despite her seeming ungratefulness.

He calls after her, “You’re going to thank me one day,”

The girl hesitates at the door, but refuses to turn around as she throws over her shoulder, “That bowtie looks ridiculous on you,”

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From the journal I kept while developing Rapunzel for Tangled: trying to get inside the head of the 18 yr old girl who’d lived her whole childhood locked inside a tower.

What does Rapunzel feel about being an adult? What does being an adult represent? Does this mean leaving behind the childhood stories (monsters outside the tower etc…) she’s believed her whole life?

What does being an adult woman mean to Rapunzel?

The Cassandra Effect

Why are fandoms on tumblr determined to find something to complain about regardless of whether the negative energy that results is even worth it? Have you ever considered the amount of time spent analysing characters compared with the amount of time we actually get to spend with them? How about the fact that a really well-written character is not, traditionally speaking, supposed to be a “perfect smol” who can do no wrong? 

I don’t know about you, but in my day, the challenges our favourite characters faced was part of the fun because it mimicked… you know. Real life. Oh! The title character has an issue with people of East Asian descent? Welp. That’s eighty shades of uncomfortable! But… it’s also more likely than someone who’s automatically inclusive and has zero prejudice whatsoever because that person does not exist. My least favourite show in the world growing up was Ghost Whisperer because Jennifer Love Hewitt played a perfectly lovely lady in a perfectly lovely storyline with overly sentimental I mean perfectly lovely resolutions and nothing interesting ever happened and it sucked.

I hate to break it to you guys, but real life is a lot more like this imperfect fairy tale than you think. Without conflict, without people who express different opinions or whose attitudes stand in stark contrast with those around them, we would have no progress. Diversity is essential to life on earth –and I don’t mean diversity when it comes to ethnicity, physical appearance, or socioeconomic background. I mean the Other Stuff. The nitty-gritty stuff people don’t actually like to talk about on tumblr. 

Stuff like mental fortitude. Emotional complexity. 

Spiritual gusto.

Cassandra, let’s all admit, has flaws. She is not a perfect character with perfect behaviour and she is not supposed to be. The Tangled Team has always demonstrated a remarkable sensitivity when it comes to making our beloved characters feel real, have they not? Showing us a side of somebody that isn’t exactly pretty isn’t “questionable” or “problematic”. Those are labels used to dismiss complex behaviour. The 21st Century Internet Slang version of “Bad” and “Evil”. Cassandra’s attitude isn’t an “issue” the creators should have to scramble to adjust or fix – it’s humanity

(Also: for the record? I’m pretty sure Disney just came out with a princess movie not too long ago about how repressing your emotions can have disastrous consequences sooooooo… )

Here’s the thing. There is nobody on earth who hasn’t, at some point in their lives, been a total jackass to somebody else, even for a moment. You could come up with an endless array of reasons for a person’s behaviour and that still wouldn’t change the fact that they are, at the end of the day, still a person – with all the messy, sticky, unpleasantness that sometimes comes along with that. People (and, by extension, well-written, well-rounded characters) are individuals with free will, choice, and their own life experiences to draw from that, hey, might not actually be so different from yours if you think about it. “Calling someone out” does not change the fact that people learn and grow as they live their lives (or, in this case, as the story progresses!). Not simply as a result of being told they’re wrong or they need to change.

Rapunzel had to adapt to her circumstances in order to survive. Cassandra’s way of life has always worked very well for her. Comparing the two is not only impossible but unfair! They’re two different characters, and any discussion about development ought to take that into consideration.

Perhaps the reason people take such an issue with her is because they refuse to see themselves in her. I mean… Eugene did steal the crown. I wouldn’t exactly be jumping up and down to have him at my bffs wedding if I were her either. 

The 2ps as Disney Princesses

2p America: Moana (Moana)

“If I go, there’s just no telling how far I’ll go!”

2p China: Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

“Who said my dreams had to stay dreams?”

2p England: Snow White (Snow White)

“You’re never too old to be young!”

2p France: Mulan (Mulan)

“Maybe I just wanted to see someone worthwhile when I looked in the mirror. But I was wrong. I’m nothing.”

2p Russia: Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

“The only way to get what you want in life is through hard work.”

2p Canada, Belle (Beuaty and the Beast)

“I’m not sure I really fit in here… There’s just no one I can talk to.

2p Italy, Merida (Brave)

“Our fait lives within us, you just need to be brave enough to see it.”

2p Germany, Rapunzel (Tangled)


2p Japan, Kida (Atlantas) 

“We are like stone the ocean beats against. Each year a little more of us is worn away.”

2p Romano, Meg (Hercules)

“I’m a damsel. I’m in distress. I can handle this, have a nice day.”

2p Austria, Elsa (Frozen)

“Let the storm rage on! The cold never bothered me anyway.”

2p Prussia, Sally (A Nightmare Before Christmas)

“I sense there’s something in the wind. I sense there’s tragedy at hand. And though I’d like to stand by him, I can’t shake this feeling we have. The worst is beyond the bend. And does he know my feelings for him? And will he see how much he means to me?”


Okay, I assiduously followed the U.S. election, but we don’t talk about it much anymore here, in our media. We’re too preoccupied with our own elections happening next may… I can only hope that France will not follow this extremist path.

I still don’t, and probably never will, understand the hate, the intolerance, the sectarianism… I just feel we all are part of a bigger whole.

It sounds cliché and cheesy but i just want to say that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, be brave and grab a hug, sometimes life is awful but there will be better days.


This scene actually made me laugh. At my school there’s a guy who’s a year older than me, but is a fellow band student, and I talk to him quite a bit. One day I asked him if we were friends, and as a joke he said, “No”. After that we literally started greeting each other with “Hi, not friend!” “Hi, not friend.” So yeah, when I first saw this, it totally cracked me up 😆