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#BlackWomenAtWork uncovers the everyday struggles black women face at work

Black women are fed up with the way they are treated in the workplace so they are sharing their experiences on Twitter.

Activist Brittany Packnett kicked off the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork in response to the disrespectful ways in which two prominent black women were treated by public figures throughout the day. 

As a way to help address these issues, Packnett encouraged black women online to share some of their real-life experiences at work.  

“I wanted the hashtag to make the invisible visible, to challenge non-black people to stand with black women not just when this happens on television, but in the cube right next to them,” she said. “I’m also glad stories of triumph and achievement got shared through the hashtag as well ― black women are more than just our woes, we are triumphant.”

Uptown Girls (2003) directed by Boaz Yakin

Today felt like a dream

I still can’t believe that I was a part of the movie franchise that changed my life.

I was in the same room as Anna Kendrick, who waved at me twice. I met Chrissie Fit and gave her a birthday card, which she posted on Snapchat, and she hugged me. Rebel Wilson basically did an entire stand up comedy routine to entertain us between takes. She’s so funny, and she’s super sweet. Anna Camp and Brittany Snow looked like angels. Ester Dean is perfect. Kelley, Shelley, Hana, and Hailee kept making everyone smile throughout the day. All of these women were right in front of me, singing and performing. It was absolutely amazing.

They all care about each other, and it shows. Seeing the bond they share was my favorite part.

I made a lot of new friends today, too. This fandom is amazing.

Today was the best.

Time travel ¡¡¡

 …always faberry

1. Magical Mystery Tour by  poetzproblem

It’s impossible to keep pretending that this future, or dream, or whatever it turns out to be, isn’t exactly what she wants.

2. My Best Intentions Keep Making a Mess by kbs_was_here

Maybe Quinn’s the one who needs to get it right. And she’s going to keep reliving the same day until she does.

3.Ten Minutes To Change Your Life by AeonUS

   Ten Minutes To Change Your Life by AeonUS

Quinn thinks its just kitschy gift from Brittany, but she’s really been given the gift of time travel. Unfortunately its only for ten minutes, and there’s so much she wants to tell Rachel.

4. Ten Years, Two Thousand Stomach Aches by PrettyLittlePoutyMouth

A prompt from Saywhatbuck about the fickle flow of time. For Faberry Week Day 1: Second Chances. Mostly deals with the episode On My Way, and only canon compliant through Season 3.

5. The Crash by padme789

Time Travel!Quinn with a twist. Quinn/Older Rachel. While recovering from her accident Quinn is placed under the care of one of the more radical doctors in Lima. With his eccentric and what some would say out-of-date methods Quinn is pulled from reality, and given a chance to view the world after her ‘death’. Will include Rachel’s POV.

6. Simple Parts by FlyingFleshEater

That awkward moment when you travel thirty years forward in time and find out you’re married to your high school nemesis? Yeah, it totally sucks…except…maybe it doesn’t.

7One Year Later by FlyingFleshEater

Quinn Fabray is thankful for time travel. Sequel to Simple Parts 

8Somebody Save Me by DAgron01

Harmony, Sugar, and Rory travel back in time because someone unexpected needed their help. Can they accomplish what they were sent there to do? It could mean the difference between life and death if they are unsuccessful. Spoilers through 3X08

9.The Time Travelling Wifeby Talwyn

Quinn is getting married but a desperate call to Rachel in the middle of the night may just mean things don’t work out as everyone thinks they will. Warning: Minor mentions of physical abuse and murder.

10. La decisionby sara-nadia

Quinn regresa a través del tiempo justo en el momento en que iba a quedar embarazada, lo hara? o no?, cambiara las decisiones que hizo ahora que ya sabe lo que va a ocurrir.

11. I Loved You First  by thesameasmine

Faberry Time-travel fic. Slightly A/U-ish “You and I are married in the future. Yes I know it’s difficult to understand. I mean, me… gay? But yes, it’s been almost three years.”

12. The Way Back by nahnah4

In the year 2024 Quinn wakes up and finds herself in a hospital without a clue of what happened. She’s supposed to be somewhere else doing something important: impeding Rachel Berry’s wedding. Set immediately after “On my way” then it’s AU. Two time frames, one story. Faberry with lots of Brittana.

13. The Little Time Traveler by Cygnus07

A little girl appears at Mckinley High one day and claims that she’s Quinn’s daughter. But Quinn doesn’t believe her plus the girl won’t even reveal who her father is.

14. Past Mistakes by InvisiMeg

Rachel makes a wish and finds herself in a place she never thought she’d be again. Now she’s she reliving her senior year, trying to fix everything that went wrong and trying to find what she’s been missing in her life.

15. Curative Coma by Light-Ace

For Day 3 of Faberry Week: Time Travel. Of all the things to be grateful for, Quinn never suspected a coma would make the list.

16. Day after day by Writeaboutus

Quinn didn’t make a wish. Nothing life altering happened. She had no fairy god mother. So why is it that she keeps waking up to live the same day over and over again? Slightly AU Faberry with side Brittanna.

17. Glad You Came by ImaginaryPoet

Quinn’s accident has torn a hole in the space-time continuum. She finds herself back in sophomore year, pre-pregnancy, pre-chaos, pre-Finchel. Will she use her knowledge of the future to finally make things right? M for language

18. Un viaje en el tiempo by  yulen cero

Ver la foto de Rachel Barbra Berry en el vestíbulo de aquella casa para ancianos me hacía quererla más cada vez que visitaba al abuelo, había sólo un problema: Ella había vivido en los años treinta y había muerto hace quince. Será que me la encontraría en otra vida? No, yo iría a la suya.

“If you had $86,400 in your account and someone stole $10 from you, would you be upset and throw the remaining amount $86,390 away at the person who took your $10?

Of course not! The same way we have 86,400 seconds each day.

Don’t let someone’s negative 10 seconds ruin the remaining 86,390 seconds of your day.”

This is how I will be living the rest of my life!!!


DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 32: Kobra Paige
Born: October 14th, 1988 (Canada)

Bands/Projects: Kobra and the Lotus (2009 – present)

Collaborations: Tony Gabriele’s Orbynot (2012); Metal All Stars (2014); Kamelot (live 2015 – present)

At the age of 7, Kobra started classical singing lessons and classical piano and after attending a Judas Priest concert at age of 15, she decided that Metal was the right place for her voice and her passion.

Personal life:
Born as Brittany Paige, she legally changed her name to Kobra Paige in 2011.
She is dating Tommy Karevik, singer of the band Kamelot.

ID #47593

Name: Brittany
Age: 25
Country: United States

Hi I’m Brittany! Just looking for others to reconnect with during these tough post-grad times. I enjoy lots of netflix shows. Some of my favorites include The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Arrested Development. I’m always in intrigue to read more books (mostly fictional). I’d also love to get to know other people’s music and what helps them get through the day.

Honestly, just looking for someone to share thoughts with helping each other out with any life difficulties. I’m always available to listen

Preferences: 23-30

anonymous asked:

Kara and R are in a relationship and K gets really jealous because a girl flirts with reader. Then Kara break up with R but one night Kara has sex with R but she regret its so she makes R leave.

Originally posted by phebobuffay

“You can’t stay here.  Get out.”

“What?” you sat up, covering yourself with Kara’s sheets, and frowned in confusion.  The blonde had disappeared to take a shower after the events that had followed her taking you back to her apartment and you had nearly drifted off to sleep while she was gone.

“You can’t stay here,” Kara repeated.

“What the hell?”

“I’m sorry, but we shouldn’t have done this.  It was a mistake.”

The Kryptonian didn’t look in your direction as she collected your clothes from the floor and tossed them onto the bed.  With a disgusted sigh, you stood up and dressed.

“You know what, Kara?  I hope you finally get over yourself enough to stop pushing everyone away.  Your little secret isn’t that hard to figure out and it never mattered to me.  What mattered was that you lied to me every day about it and then acted like I was the dishonest one when I told you that nothing happened between Brittany and I.”

“Y-you knew?” Kara sputtered as you pulled on your sneakers.  Instead of granting her an explanation, you stood up and took your keys from her nightstand.

“Have a great life.”

I’m sitting at home
in my mermaid tail blanket
with a bowl of mac and cheese
Grey’s Anatomy on the Netflix
and a cider in my belly. 

And I am so freaking happy.

Which leads me to the post I promised about my presence (or lack thereof) here on the tumblrs. 

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The wedding

It had been a long time since we dated and what felt like longer still since we had an actual conversation that included more than just pleasantries. I knew that he had gotten engaged, to some random girl he met in New York, not a dancer, not a preformer, a lawyer actually and a very sweet girl. I was half shocked when I got the wedding invitation in the mail, I didn’t know why he would invite me, probably because it would be wierd if he hadn’t, or because I’m amazingly close with his brother and sister in law, as is another ex girlfriend he also invited. A funny world, a funny small world it is that we all live in.

Sharna POV
I stepped out of the car cautiously, I half expected someone to run up to me saying that I wasn’t invited after all, that why on earth could I expect a wedding invitation from him of all people, that this was all a joke and I should just leave now. But that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen throughout the entire ceremony, although beforehand I was assaulted by my wonderful best friend Peta but her and Maks had matters to attend to being the family of the groom and couldn’t chat for long. It didn’t happen as they walked out of the church, holding hands, smitten looks. It didn’t happen as I showed up at the reception and ate and made small talk with some ex cast mates and friends of the bride.

So here I find myself, sitting alone at my table, not finding the courage to get up and dance or really do much of anything. When I see someone pull over a chair and sit next to me.

“Hey Shar.” I turn and look at, possibly the only other person who understands me in this moment. 

“Hey Jen, longtime no see” She looks away slightly embarrassed.

“Yeah sorry about that it’s just with everything I…” she trailed off. I understood what she meant though, her and Val had been off and on for several years before he started to date me and I always knew he broke her heart.

“I understand” she flashed me a quick smile.

“It’s wierd being here.” She said looking around the venue. “I always kind of assumed it was going to be one of us.” I looked at her getting why she has come over here.

“Me too, I just always thought he was going to get his life together and ask one of us, it didn’t have to be me, but to not even marry a dancer, she just seems so foreign” she nodded.

“I’m sure you’ve talked to Peta too but she says she’s really nice when you get to know her.” I had forgotten that Jenna and Peta were so close, once I stared dating Val I wasn’t as close to her anymore. I forgot Peta wasn’t the same way.  But Peta hadn’t spoken to me about Val’s new wife and I don’t know exactly if that meant anything, I suppose I never asked either.

“It hurts a little, not badly, not as much as it would’ve a year ago but it stings. I don’t know if I’ll ever completely stop feeling at least something for him”

“He’s wierd like that, he draws you in and makes you feel like you’re all that matter and it’s all so dramatic in the moment and when it ends it’s like a piece of you has been ripped away.” She spoke with the words I couldn’t form, as if she was reading my thoughts.

“I hope they are happy together, no matter what happened between us I want him to be happy.” She smiled and raised her glass.

“I’ll cheers to that!” We clinked our glasses and smiled. “I suppose that’s why he invited us, it’s such a big step in your life and he was such a big part of my life, it would feel wierd if he just wasn’t there” I nodded softly.

The rest of the night passed slowly, I know that Jenna left early, but I couldn’t bear to follow, who leaves a wedding early?


I thought about that night in passing moments over the next years, when I felt the worst or most alone. Until three years later, I hadn’t spoken to most of the people from the show in almost five years, save for an occasional phone call from Peta every month or so. It stung a bit to no longer talk to those I was so close to, but I had new friends and I loved them. But it made a certain phone call much stranger.

One day around twelve in the afternoon I revived a call from and unknown number I vauguely recognized. It was Jenna.

“Hey Sharna it’s Jenna I had a question for you and I know we haven’t spoken since well. Since Val’s wedding but it’s sort of about that and only you can answer it.” She was calm and composed but I could hear a tone of panic in her voice.

“Hey Jen,” I said quite taken aback, she was not who I expected, “ what do you need?”

“I’m getting married today,” this conversation was getting stranger by the minute. “to Artem, I love him and he is so so wonderful, Lindsay is maid of honor, Peta, Brittany and both my sisters are my bridesmaids, I’m so happy Sharna, so happy” I didn’t quite understand why she was calling me.

“I’m happy for you”

“But keep questioning myself, Sharna I have been in love with Val for most of my adult life, he was my first true love, but I love Artem more than I have ever loved Val.” I was throughly confused at this point. “ he called me you know?”

“What? Who called you when?”

“Val, on the day he got married, he called me and asked about, well you, and me but he was talking about how much he had hurt the two of us, and that he was so sorry for everything and he told me that a small part of him would always love us and that if we said it back he would run away with either one of us. He would run from his fiancé and never look back. But I knew it was just wedding nerves, I knew that he loved that girl more than he ever loved us. It hurt but I told him I didn’t love him, it was a lie, and the hardest lie I have ever told but I knew it was right. Sharna I need you to be that person for me. No one else understands like you do. I need you to tell me that Val doesn’t love me, that he isn’t going to come back like before, that he isn’t in love either one of us. Because I love Artem and I want to marry him.”

I was shocked. Completely and utterly flabbergasted. But she was right I knew where she was coming from, Val had a grip on me for too long, so I composed myself and said, finally believeing it myself. “Val isn’t in love with us. Jenna he is not coming back for you. You love Artem. He is a great guy and you are going to be happy with him. Marry the man you love Jenna” It felt so nice to say that. I knew in my heart that I was saying Jenna’s name but it felt like I was talking to myself. If she could move on I knew that I could too.

“Thank you” she wispered and the phone fell silent.

Two years later I got a letter, inside was a baby announcement for a one “May Anna Chigvintsev”. She was a precious little girl with her mothers eyes and her fathers head, scribbled on the corner of the paper was, written in her mothers scrawl, “thank you, for everything, raise a glass to happiness”. I looked down at the little girls face, and at her bearing my name, and smiled. Before addressiging an envelope cordially inviting Jenna and Artem Chigvintsev to the marriage of Sharna Burgess and James Hinchcliffe

A/n thanks so much for reading. I have had this idea for a while now and I hope I did it justice. I’m a massive valenna stan but you can’t doubt chmergesses chemistry, so I settled for neither of them, oops. Thanks again hope you enjoyed! Xoxo R 💕💕

Brittana/HeYa Fanfiction Recs

i’ll teach you to dance by monochromeheartbeat

Three years after graduation, Santana Lopez and her roommates, Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, attend a dance class in NYC. Follows most of the events in Glee if Brittany had never gone to WMHS.

room 47 by Little-Normandy

AU. Santana Lopez is engaged to her high school sweetheart Sam Evans. With her wedding 3 months away, Santana begins to get stressed, pressuring her relationship and is also stuck in a dead end job. Her friend Quinn advises her to seek counsel from sex therapist and relationship counselor Brittany Pierce.

dance on our graves by pleasant-hell

At first the only person you see is a little girl standing there, her long blonde hair in braided pigtails. Then you finally see who is standing with her. Brittany nervously shifts her weight from one foot to the other, “Uh, hi Santana.”

we become who we are when we fall in love by summerkid

Sent to live with her aunt in Texas, Santana comes face to face with a past she thought was long gone. She is shown the beauty in life through the eyes of her childhood best friend, Brittany, who ultimately shows her that life and love are one and the same… by making her feel it. AU

i need a medic by Gorshenin

AU. Army!Brittana. It’s wrong on so many levels. It’s fraternization, it’s unprofessional, it could cost you your rank, your career, and worse-hers; but you can’t stay away. You need her and it has nothing to do with the palpitations in your chest.

agendas unspoken by K311yS

She hasn’t let go of your hand yet and you don’t pull away. You do smile though, widely, because there’s just something about her that’s so pleasing to you. You don’t want to let go of her hand, you want to hold on and see where it leads you. “Nice to meet you, Santana Lopez,” you finally reply, and you honestly mean it.

if only you could see what i see by FrogsRcool

I wanted to follow her. So bad. She was the most interesting person I’d ever seen in my entire life and I didn’t even know why. Brittana.

the latte girl by lorgeous

Life throws curve balls at us every day… Heather just looked at this as another barrier in her journey that she had to leap over. What if Heather was never casted on Glee? A Heya RPF.

outsiders by Little-Normandy

AU. Brittany is a new student who transfers to McKinley. She meet’s Santana and the pair do not get along. Canon characterization mostly in tact.

the journal by silverdoe14

AU Brittana. Brittany Pierce is an attorney’s receptionist at a major NY law firm. Santana Lopez is the new, challenging lawyer Brittany has been chosen to work for. Brittany finds a very old journal and begins writing in it to reveal some of the feelings she could never ever tell her new boss. No outside glee characters, crackshipping, etc.

paperweight by heyho

AU. The problem isn’t that Santana wants to hire new employees. She’s overwhelmed at work, you can’t fault her for that. The problem is she wants a certain blonde employee in more ways than just professionally. Side Faberry and Kurtbastian.

2859 by Halfrobotchicken

Santana Lopez is a publicist in New York trying to rein in the biggest ego the city’s ever seen. Brittany Pierce is attempting to create the next big thing in Seattle. They’re 2859 miles apart, but one wrong number just might change everything.

clockwork by Gorshenin

AU. They said she was just a pretty face, a model fed lines to sell a product. But if you squinted, there was more to Santana Lopez than they gave her credit for, and reporter Brittany Pierce was going to get to the bottom of it. Brittana/Faberry

the perfect record by SinfulPerfection

Brittany has kissed every person in Glee Club. This is the story of how she did it, and how her relationship with Santana developed as a result. A little bit of Brittany/everyone and a lot of BRITTANA.

hate that i love you by peach83

It seemed so simple. In return for her ancestral house sold by her scheming friends, Heather agreed to fake-marry Hollywood playgirl Naya Rivera and stay married for a year to tone down the actress’ notoriety. Until real feelings got involved.

Today, I met the love of my life.

It began on August 15th, 2016 - that is, the day my life would be changed forever. She was instantly amazing to talk to, and when she send me the first selfie I’d see of her, I was instantly taken aback: she was gorgeous. 

Fast forward to November, and we were taking what was an online friendship to the next level. I was turning 18 on the 9th, and on the 11th, she and I became official girlfriends. :)

Skyping, texting, and phone calls every day for nearly 7 months, until finally I come to her home town for college orientation. I see her text, saying that she’s here. I walk out and see her trashed car (Poor Phoebe), and know it’s her. Walking up, she gets out, and my heart drops. With a simple hey, hug, and then my first kiss, I knew that @thisgingerlovesbechloe was the love of my life. 

Brittany, there is no one I’d rather be with. No one. I love you so so much!