day in the life

Hoist the colors

“Wha’colors they flyin’?”

“Geah…Iss’bloodeh col’out ‘ere…m’nipples ahr gonna cut’sails.”

“I dinna ask ‘bout th’state of yer nipples Golden. Wha’colors are they flyin’?”

The tall Highlander, Golden peeled her eyes from the hidden horizon line and looked down at her much smaller captain. Droplets of near frozen rain suspended on the midland commander’s black hair and pearled the surface of her sun faded hat. Their eyes met, the highlander frowned before peering through her risen spyglass catching hints of a ghosting ship through the thick winter fog.

“Black cap’n.”

“Secondary colors?”

Golden squinted waiting for the passing clouds to shift in favor of the question.

“Green…an’ whi’ looks like.” Golden pulled back, muttering a string of obscenities that matched Elldys’ next to her.

“Those ain’t our colors.”

“Aye, all’ands cap’n?”

“Aye.” Elldys agreed, her face growing dark as the mist’s frozen mood, her bicolored eyes searching those dense clouds around them. “All hands.”

The acknowledgement was all it took to send the highlander thundering across the planks, her alto tenor carrying out the higher order of authority and urgency and a crew of miscreants streaming forward to obey.

Pirates skirted the black day, obscured on the horizon, but none that were part of Elldys’s treaties. Enemies then, a second scavenger hunting in unclaimed territory.

“You leave that ship whole me blighters!” Their raven haired captain’s voice carried like a siren in the mist. “I always wanted a third ship!”

Before the gunfire, before magic and steel clashed against the decks, the mists relayed the hooping and hollering of the Serpent’s Rise crew.

This is what they lived for

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Day in the life of an Outsiders fan

When we see Wade’s situation

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When Asa brings his A game
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When Big Foster does something evil
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When Hasil does or says something sweet
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When Sasil is going through trials and tribulations
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When Sally Ann is happy
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When we found out what Sally Ann’s brother does
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When we see Haylie

When Lady Ray is on screen
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When G’win tries to help but then pulls a Lori Grimes
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When Little Foster seems vulnerable

When the Asa/G’win/Lil Foster love triangle starts up again
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