day in the life

in my last exam, everyone finished early because my teacher forgot to print half the questions lmao so we were all quietly chatting. i was on my phone, when the girl sitting behind me in class casually asks me, “when are you going to upload the next chapter?” and i go from ????? to !!!!!!.  i showed her my ao3 account a couple months ago cuz we both rlly liked bnha, and i thought, oh, did she read it, and apparently she’s been reading demolition lovers ever since i first posted it in february. back when i showed her my account, she recognized my user but she????? didn’t say anything?????? not till today?????

she told me she was surprised cuz the girl sitting in front of her in class, the one who was the go-to chatting buddy, was the author of the tddk fic she read and loved.

it’s a small world.

anonymous asked:

what kind of chemistry do you do?

I’m an inorganic synthetic chemist who specializes in a few heavy metals and a specific type of structure using different flexible ligands (I’m afraid I can’t be less vague; my research is specialized enough that it would be rather identifiable).

In general, I design molecules with my metal/ligand components and synthesize (or attempt to synthesize) them in lab. I then work the compounds up through crystallization so I can utilize single crystal x-ray diffraction on an instrument like this:

This bombards the crystal with x-rays and allows me to collect data to produce a structure of the molecule, which gives me bond lengths, angles, etc. This is the crystal I’m currently running (it’s huge and awful, really, but I just need to confirm what it is before I care about a better collection). The crystal looks enormous on the screen - and it is large by my usual standards - but in actuality, the loop the crystals sit on are quite small:

The crystals go on the very tip of that loop, so I do a lot of work under a microscope.

It’s a pretty neat process (when reactions behave), and for the most part I do enjoy my work. Bonus perk is that many of my compounds display luminescence, so I keep a black light handy:

monday motivation

I once read “The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” To me this was important to read. Being fit and healthy doesn’t just mean going to the gym 6 times a week for an hour or two a day. Being fit and healthy can mean waking up early to eat a balanced breakfast, walking with friends, swimming, running, hiking, dancing, yoga. To be happy with your journey finding something you love and finding balance is major key. Listen to your body and find something you love and that makes you happy. Once you find that, then strive to make it a routine. You do not have to go to a gym to be “fit.” Listen to your body and love what you do.


I must admit, this is a fun kind of post to put together. I’m sorry I forgot to time stamp all the photos but here’s a description of what I did last monday. 

I woke up, got dressed and opened my window. I took the first photo labeled at 7:52am. As I had a class at 10 am and I wanted to get ready for a presentation we had to make, I made some coffee and sat on my desk. I printed some documents and took the photo labeled at 8:44 am

After my class one of my classmates and I bought lunch and went to my apartment, we made coffee and had lunch while we made a list of what to buy, as we were going to a big supermarket to buy bulk (we were able to buy more items between the both of us, save money and then divide the items). 

We took the bus to her house -photo labeled at 3:33pm (15hs)- and then drove to the supermarket, were we stayed until past 6pm. Then we drove back to my apartment. There we planned our following steps for our research project and we finished at about 10pm. 

And that was that! Not an usual day but I promise I’ll do this again on a more usual day :)