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This is a tribute to my love Saix <3 I made this as a companion piece to the Axel I did last year, both of them are activating their final limits. Hope you like :) I’ll update the deviation with all of my headcanons and general gushing tomorrow. This is a link to Axel.

i was tagged by fuckyeahvirgybk to do the 20 beautiful people challenge thing. this photo is of me and my soulmate, taken a few weeks ago.

i want to tag all these beautiful people!
(ily all btw)

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I really, really loathe waiting and I am not good at it. (I am sometimes good at seeming to be good at it, but that involves outer calm masking my inner hyperactivity. It bears no relationship to actual calm.) 

Buying a much lighter/more portable laptop and an iPod with more storage is AWESOME…but also incredibly frustrating because now I have to wait a week to actually see and use them. Feels like the longest week ever. And yes, like Lorelai, I am sometimes two years old.

I’ve checked more than once since placing the order a few hours ago just in case there might be progress. Of what kind, considering I placed the order a few hours ago? I really don’t know. But something. Please, gods of technology, something?

(I love personal gadgets ridiculously much and haven’t been able to afford anything big in that category in the last four years, so this is HUGE. Waiting is terrible.)