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Are you ready? #NOCTISWEEK starts in 1 day!

August 24 || Day 1: Favorite Scene / On the road / To my younger self
August 25 || Day 2: Favorite Quote / Dreams / Royal Duties
August 26 || Day 3: Favorite Trait / Growth / Treasured Memories
August 27 || Day 4: Favorite Relationship / Burden / In another life (AU)
August 28 || Day 5: Favorite Fight / Identity Crisis / Words Left Unspoken
August 29 || Day 6: Safe Haven / Influence / A year like this
August 30 || Day 7: Free choice / Happy Birthday

Remember to follow the rules and tag your entry with #noctisweek within the first five tags so we can see and reblog it. If you have any questions let us know!

Some days I am too afraid
that I might miss life
while trying to portray it.
That I am too deep in thoughts
of colour and beauty
to actually see the shades
right in front of me.
—  // being an artist

This is your daily reminder to do something that makes you happy today. Drink some tea, water or coffee if you want. Study a little extra so you ace that exam. Curl up with a good book or a watch your favorite movie. Listen to your favorite songs before you go to sleep. You are doing so great.

You are the silence before sunrise,
you are the thunder of a storm,
you are the darkness of a night sky,
you are the sun keeping me warm.
—  // 28 words poem