day drawing challenge

Fill-a-Page February day 09!

I spent way longer on this than I should have done, but oh well. It just wasn’t working so I kept prodding instead of leaving it, and Keith kept getting ~softer~ each time lmao


where would you first eat a bungeoppang?
based off of this

click for better quality viewing heh

Ahhh! I’ve passed the midway point for the 7 Day Phanart Challenge by @chillphann​!!

Day 5: Same Age
“I really think that 14 year old Dan and 14 year old Phil would’ve gotten along quite well.”
“I think they’d’ve been friends!” |||


Pulled this list together as a challenge prompt for all forms of art. Drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, writing, photography, etc.

  1. Ghost
  2. Zombie
  3. Goblin
  4. Imp/Demon
  5. Chainsaw
  6. Vampire
  7. Werewolf
  8. Pumpkin
  9. One of the 7 Sins
  10. Relax - Make something you want.
  11. Skeleton, or other undead
  12. Eyeball
  13. Alien
  14. Corvidae (Raven or Crow)
  15. Reaper
  16. Witch
  17. Robotic Gore
  18. Blood Moon
  19. Doll
  20. Relax - Make something you want.
  21. Poison
  22. Candy Gore
  23. Amulet
  24. Lich
  25. Mask
  26. Spider, or large insect(s)
  27. Cthulhu, or Kraken, or Tentacles
  28. Cryptid, such as a Skinwalker, Mothman, Wendigo, Bigfoot, etc
  29. Torture or Transformation
  30. Vivisection/Dissection, Medical, or Experimentation
  31. Your costume or relax! Enjoy Halloween & Day of the Dead. 


NOV 1. Mourning
NOV 2. Celebration

I tried making the prompts increase in difficulty as you go along. Have fun!


I have a sketchbook-hoarding problem, i.e. I’ll get a sketchbook, fill 3 pages with lopsided circles and half-erased head drawings, then get discouraged by my fear of “ruining” a nice clean book with crappy scribbles and stash it away in my Drawer of Shame™.  Gotta fix that.  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Want to take on this challenge yourself?  DEWIT.  Just tag me or your post with #ssirenia so that I can see your awesome art!  >:D