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Fuck coworkers. My bitchy coworker (so deemed because she's just generally been an ass to everyone including myself on multiple occasions in the past) always asks me if I want to cover her morning shifts for her. Now this would be all well and good if I didn't have class every day. And I've told her this. Many times. But for some reason she thinks I'm lying to her about having class every morning? Lady I'm not saying no just to spite you, although if you keep this needless blaming up I might.

Stop explaining to her why. Just tell her straight up “No. It will always be no. That no will never change. I don’t owe you anything, so no”. Also, why is it so damn common for her to pull this shit? Does she have availability being ignored or is she just that one lazy coworker that never wants to work the morning shift? -Abby

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reading dab anon's anecdotes brought me back to my senior prom when the prom king did a double dab when he was crowned and the teacher dabbed back ASDFGHJKL

lololololololol there’s a girl who walks past my CS class every day and always, without fail, dabs. the teacher never sees her bc of where the door is but every day i cringe. we truly have a magical relationship

Chissa’ se un giorno tocchera’ a mia Figlia.
Se anche lei verra’ stuprata dai compagni del suo ragazzo, se verra’ aggredita mentre tornera’ a casa dai suoi viaggi e lasciata sul ciglio della strada a morire assiderata.
Chissa’ se un giorno avro’ un figlio diversamente intelligente e verra’ stuprato dai suoi coetanei.
Picchiato dalle sue insegnanti, massacrato e gettato dal piano di un hotel in Spagna dai suoi compagni di classe strafatti di qualcosa.
Se da questo silenzio spezzato dalle urla dentro i vicoli e le immagini sfocate del pronto soccorso ci sara’ mai pace.
Ci sara’ mai giustizia.
Ci sara’ morte.
Se questo Paese attaccato disperatamente al passato a un Dio e all'oscuro che ricopre la verita’ accettera’ di prevenire la morte di ogni Donna.


97/100 Days of Productivity

My class notes on analysing Bach chorales turned out unexpectedly aesthetic.

I’m a day late posting this as my internet was playing up yesterday and I couldn’t get tumblr to load. But today I’m up a lot earlier than I usually manage at weekends so I have high hopes for the day. I also have a new revision timetable in place to help me really focus for my upcoming speaking and harmony exams, which I’ll hopefully be uploading a picture of soon.

Nearly done with 100 Days of Productivity, but I think I’m going to carry on a bit past 100 because there were a number of days on this when I didn’t have a pic to upload or I couldn’t really call myself productive that day. Maybe 110 Days of Productivity or something, I haven’t decided yet.

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A very cute girl in my Spanish class found and friend requested me on Facebook, that got me super heart eyes, then the next day at class we exchanged glances multiple times. I won't get my hopes up but I wonder how/why she friend requested me out of nowhere 💕✨

um probably cause you’re cute af and she wants a piece ;)))

Please remember that today Jin is ALSO graduating.  He’s graduating from having to wake up at ass o’clock in the morning to drive a grumpy, half-asleep Kookie to school.