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surreal update

today I:
-got a new phone since mine has been bricked for five days, got a new number and a new plan. this is a big deal because my ex-fiance has been refusing to give me admin access on what was our shared phone account, basically holding my number hostage into paying for her phone bill (as the money was coming out of my account). the phone company refused to address this; my only recourse was getting a new number (huge issue for many personal/professional reasons)

-after doing that, I went to the bank to stop payments on that side for what would now be the ex’s phone account only. when leaving, a wasp roughly three inches long flew into my car while I was getting ready to pull out. i shouted at the top of my lungs and jumped out of the car (I am badly allergic to bee stings and don’t know my status re: wasps. also: hey nature, what the fuck). unfortunately, it was already in reverse and my car began slowly rolling away in the bank parking lot. i jumped half-in and hung on the side, staring down this jurassic monster, this vicious mis-evolution while stomping blindly and furiously at the break pedal. finally, i got all the way in next to the winged embodiment of primeval evil and put the car in park. i immediately jumped back out and let the car idle for several minutes mostly out of the parking space while looking for the wasp - it had disappeared in the confusion

-in summation: new phone, new number, don’t know where the wasp is, almost a year later and I am about 90% free of my ex, logistically speaking. maybe I’ll live a happier, freer life. maybe I;ll fucking die when that eldritch insect from the realm of nightmares reappears when I’m actually driving. who knows? life is exciting!


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 

Jealous Girl.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Readers.

Warnings: SMUT. Jealousy, annoyed reader, PWP, unprotected sex (Kids, remmeber to wrap your presents). Public sex, me being a shameless hoe for Murder Daddy.

Word Count: 1262.

Rating: 18+


So… I wanted to write jealous reader. @sexylibrarian1 was ordering me to finish this so I could go and start writing that other thing (she knows what I’m talking about). Here you go, now you have something to complain about.

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