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Lol i gotta say, at least there's plenty of room for shipping with destiel. I mean not that you can't ship whatever you want for whatever reason, regardless of weather or not it actually makes sense in canon, but my friend ships Kirk/Spock big time, and just grumbles in a corner of despair every time canon gets further and further away from it with every Spock/Uhura scene:P She's always telling me "hey at least one half your OTP isn't full speed ahead being set up with someone else."

Huh. Yeah. I hadn’t really thought about it from that angle before. I know loads of people who ship all sorts of stuff that’s a lot farther from canon then destiel is. I mean, personally, I’ve never shipped a non-canon ship before.

I think from day 1 watching Castle, practically everyone assumed Castle and Beckett would get together eventually, right? Their relationship development was securely in the plot structure from the outset, despite them both having relationships with other people during the course of the show. A huge number of women auditioned for the part, and I read somewhere that Nathan Fillion read with dozens of women for “chemistry.” The entire series was structured around the two of them, together.

Kirk/Spock was written from the start of TOS as a very close friendship. I have no idea if there was supposed to be a “more than friends” vibe to their friendship (I’ve watched Star Trek, but I wouldn’t say I was really ever in the fandom, so I could be wrong about that…). I do know that the ship is one of the oldest and longest-running out there, though. I can’t imagine what it must be like to see it blatantly rewritten into something else.

Then again, I also know a lot of destiel shippers have felt the same way about Dean and Cas. And just like Castle and Beckett, Dean and Cas have had some periods of time when they were “on the outs,” or separated for long periods of time, or in relationships with other people. Right up to the last few episodes of the series, they were separated due to Kate trying to protect Castle. They spent most of the final season living separately with her trying to bring down the last of the evil organization that had conspired to have her mother killed. That had been going on since the first season, and numerous times throughout the series they thought they’d finally gotten the “Big Bad,” only to discover a bigger big bad lurking in the shadows. It had been the source of most of the interpersonal tension between Kate and Castle since like the second episode of the series.

*Sorry I keep comparing everything to Castle when you’d contrasted it to TOS, but really, I started watching both that and Supernatural around the same time, and I saw A GAZILLION parallels to how Castle/Beckett was being written and how Dean/Cas was being written, so I find it a useful comparison*

For years there was a will they/won’t they thing going on. Castle told her he loved her after she was shot by a sniper and whether she would live or die was the season finale cliffhanger. She lived, but pushed him away for a bunch of reasons and pretended she didn’t remember anything after being shot. Castle finds out she lied about not remembering and pushes her away, feeling hurt that she’d not only rejected him but did it by lying to him instead of telling him.

They finally do get together, but only after a LOT more misunderstandings and self-sacrifices and “doing what they had to do” (a lot of those “bad choices” due to Kate’s decades-long personal struggle with her mother’s murder and her quest to catch her killers that I mentioned above).

So, in a lot of ways their relationship is excruciatingly similar to Dean and Cas’s, when you erase the personal details of the Actually Canon Happy Ending Couple with Dean and Cas’s.

Lifelong struggle with a shadowy organization who killed their mother at an early age? Only to find out it wasn’t a “lone gunman” but a huge conspiracy that gets bigger and bigger the more they begin to tear away at it? And a quirky dude who’s got some strange but powerful connections of his own, who initially they’re reluctant to work with (and they’re even suspected of BEING evil at the start by the first person).

Is that Supernatural or Castle?

The very first case of the series, Castle comes across Kate’s radar because he’s a suspect in a series of murders set up to look like killings from his novels. Castle’s buddy-buddy with people from all levels of government and law enforcement and it’s his connections to the power structure that runs so close to the corrupt political structure that Kate has been fighting her whole life that FINALLY begins to kick open some doors for her to get some traction on her mother’s killers.

And if those are all considered ROMANTIC TROPES when applied to Castle and Beckett, why are they not considered romantic tropes when applied to Dean and Castiel, who actually have a LONGER history of this exact same sort of dynamic between them?

i still can;t belee that when i was lil , on picture day , my mom dressed me up in a fluorescent orange , stripped turtleneck , WITH my sailor moon jean vest on top , all the while havin lil braids on my round ass head w colourful elastics at the ends , wearin the ugliest brown circle glasses known 2 man and smilin w my multiple cavity-ridden silver teeth like why was the 90′s like that 4 me



Hello everybody ✌ we are finally days from day fashion show. But today we the pop-in staff and @xaphiresimblr decide to give you a little sneak peek from our collection this models are beautiful but we wanna keep everything secret. Thank you once again to Will Clark for taking the photos.


Are our last models from the fashion show here in tokyo our pop-in staff prepare this girls to show off our collection. Thank you so much for the support 🌻🌻🌻🌻

Our Sweet-Moon collection is really sexy and we hope you guys like it.

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Pieces I Wore: Toronto Mens Fashion Week Day 1

I typically would post a photo of me wearing the clothes and just write about what I wore or why I wore it. This time I am delving into a little deconstruction, posting pictures of the clothes I planned on wearing for the event of the day. Yesterday was the first day of shows for Toronto Mens Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. As they have changed venues I didn’t really know what to expect and because Toronto summer this year is a bit more hotter than usual, I decided to go a bit more relaxed. White ripped jeans and shirt, topped with a kimono, and sneakers. 


Clutch: Coach

Pants and shirt: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Nike

Kimono: Unknown