day at the zoooo

Butterflies [UshiHina]

A/N: Haikyuu!! (Ushijima/Hinata) - 19. “HELP! I’m being chased by butterflies!!!” - I LOVE USHIHINA here you go dear, accept this piece of trash. I wrote it with a lot of love<3

Summary: Hinata and Ushijima have their first date, and it’s as awkward and full of flaws as a first date should be.

Word Count: 2340

“The zoo.” Ushijima said, repeating after Hinata as he stared down at the tickets in his hands. The shorty guy’s smile stiffened but his eyes kept sparkling ugh, how could a guy be so damn cute?

“Eh yes?” Hinata cocked his head, and Ushijima sniffed awkwardly and scratched his nose.

“Uhm, fine.” Did Hinata even realize this was going to be their first date? Ushijima had imagined it to be quite neutral, like the movies or just a fancy restaurant. But the zoo

“Yay!” Hinata made a happy dance around the court and Ushijima shook his head with a smile. That guy was really unbelievable. He wasn’t even sure how it exactly all happened, but somehow Hinata ended up coming over to Shiratorizawa a lot lately. The Karasuno player loved to play around on their court, to challenge Ushijima into blocking his spikes and the other way around, training together…

Right, challenges. That was how it started. They ran into each other and Hinata mockingly reminded Ushijima about that one time he caught the ball mid air before Ushijima could even touch it. Ushijima had coldly replied some silly answers, but there they were in the end, in their gym and with Hinata challenging Ushijima each time. And losing. 

Sure, Hinata may have caught the ball one time before him yippee, but that was with Ushijima caught off guard and with him being on guard, Hinata stood no chance in a one on one battle. It was a difference of all worlds: height, strength, skill, and even though Hinata was getting more and more skilled each time, he kept losing to his superior opponent. 

Now with Ushijima graduated and Hinata a better trained volleyball player, they still sometimes got together for their challenges that had become a ritual. A habit. Probably until Hinata was going to beat Ushijima and that day had yet to come. Not as a team because that downfall had become reality during the Spring High game, but in a one on one battle Hinata still had lots to learn to match Ushijima’s skills.

Throughout the times they spent together Ushijima had developed a serious crush on the boy though, and he thought he believed the feeling was mutual. He was about to ask Hinata out on a non-volleyball date sometime soon when Hinata was one step ahead of him and invited him to come…. to the zoo. 

“THE ZOOOO!” Hinata yelled when the day had actually come, and Ushijima walked after him and frowned at the smell of animals. 

“Come on, let’s get a map first and –” Ushijima had a hard time keeping up with Hinata who was already sprinting towards the first animals to check out. Was this gonna be their first  date? Seriously? Him hobbling after an overexcited kid at the zoo like some unlucky parent? Not gonna happen. That guy needed to tone down a bit. 

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